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3 IT Stats That Show Why Hosting Services are High Priority
Apr 18, 2017
We’ve been digging deep into The 2017 State of IT from Spiceworks, which reflects the attitudes and opinions of nearly 900 IT buyers as well as data from within its IT-based social network. Here are three stats that point towards the rising importance of hosting services for most businesses. 2% — the expected decrease in […] The post 3 IT Stats That Show Why Hosting Services are High Priority appeared first on Codero Blog.
The Factors That Should Drive Your Hosting Decisions
Apr 11, 2017
Let’s look at how you might select hosting options based on the factors that matter most to your business. Of course, none of these factors exist in a vacuum. In reality, the wisest choice for your business will be one that strikes the best balance for your unique needs. The X-Factor: Performance Here, we’re talking […] The post The Factors That Should Drive Your Hosting Decisions appeared first on Codero Blog.
Can You Handle Hosting In-House? Here’s How to Know.
Apr 05, 2017
Email, websites, apps, and data are crucial to most businesses today. And that means servers. Managing, maintaining, and optimizing those servers is a time-consuming proposition — one that will only expand as your business grows. Many SMBs feel that the way to keep costs low and control high is to keep everything in-house. But as […] The post Can You Handle Hosting In-House? Here’s How to Know. appeared first on Codero Blog.
Is your AWS truly Resilient?
Mar 28, 2017
If you host critical company infrastructure solely on a public cloud like AWS or Azure, you might be wondering how resilient that infrastructure is. After a major AWS outage, their largest region (Virginia) was affected for hours a few weeks ago. Large organizations like SnapChat and NetFlix were affected, as were many small- to medium-sized […] The post Is your AWS truly Resilient? appeared first on Codero Blog.
Did A Single Keystroke Take Down Amazon?
Mar 21, 2017
The current readout on the eastern region outage of Amazon’s popular AWS cloud service is that it was caused by single technician’s errant command.  The four hour outage caused downtime for many large websites and apps that depend on the service – including Netflix, Slack, and the SEC. It also made headlines in all the […] The post Did A Single Keystroke Take Down Amazon? appeared first on Codero Blog.
Is Your Online Backup Compliant?
Mar 15, 2017
Compliance Regulations for Data Nowadays online backup has become in vogue thanks to a combination of faster, cheaper bandwidth and the increased need for off-site backups. In fact, in many ways online backups have greatly improved the practice of disaster recovery. However, if your company is one that falls under any regulation or standards body, it could […] The post Is Your Online Backup Compliant? appeared first on Codero Blog.
Management tools that will make cloud computing pay off
Feb 09, 2017
If you’re looking at lowering your IT costs by shifting more workloads to the cloud, you’re definitely on to something. Operating in the cloud – particularly hybrid cloud – can reduce infrastructure costs, allow you to “pay as you go” for many services and save your business money in other important ways. But. (And it’s […] The post Management tools that will make cloud computing pay off appeared first on Codero Blog.
3 big problems with lack of visibility in the cloud
Feb 02, 2017
According to a recent survey of IT professionals, 75% report they lack visibility into their hybrid clouds. That’s cause for concern, because a lack of visibility into resources in the cloud can lead to poor management of those resources – which in turn can lead to a variety of unwanted and potentially disastrous consequences. Here […] The post 3 big problems with lack of visibility in the cloud appeared first on Codero Blog.
Don’t let cloud sprawl wipe out your cost savings
Jan 31, 2017
Ever carried a balance on a cash-back credit card? No? Congratulations – you’re a better money manager than a lot of us! But if you have, then you’re probably familiar with that feeling you get when you realize you just paid more in interest than you got back in cash. It’s the same feeling you […] The post Don’t let cloud sprawl wipe out your cost savings appeared first on Codero Blog.
8 Critical Elements of a Successful Hybrid Cloud Implementation – Part 2
Jan 26, 2017
Note: This article is part two of a two-part series addressing eight essentials for a hybrid cloud implementation. Click here for the first article. Furthermore, this article presents supplementary information from the Codero whitepaper “A Comprehensive Overview of the Hybrid Cloud” which can be downloaded here. Hybrid cloud computing can deliver business agility and reduce operating […] The post 8 Critical Elements of a Successful Hybrid Cloud Implementation – Part 2 appeared first on Codero Blog.
8 Critical Elements of a Successful Hybrid Cloud Implementation – Part 1
Jan 24, 2017
Note: This article is part one of a two-part series addressing essentials to a hybrid cloud implementation. For more info, download the Codero whitepaper “A Comprehensive Overview of the Hybrid Cloud”. Businesses looking for the best of both public and private cloud often choose a hybrid cloud environment. The benefits of a hybrid cloud are substantial […] The post 8 Critical Elements of a Successful Hybrid Cloud Implementation – Part 1 appeared first on Codero Blog.
5 Key Concerns in Evaluating Hybrid Cloud Solutions
Jan 19, 2017
Implementing a hybrid cloud is an intricate process, requiring good planning and even better execution. Choosing a cloud provider can be a challenge in and of itself. The landscape of cloud vendors is highly varied – from the startups to the huge players and everything in between. It’s especially important to find a hybrid cloud […] The post 5 Key Concerns in Evaluating Hybrid Cloud Solutions appeared first on Codero Blog.
The 5 Biggest Considerations in Adopting a Hybrid Cloud Environment
Jan 17, 2017
Hybrid cloud adoption is up from 58% to 71% year-over-year, according to the RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud Report. There’s ample evidence that hybrid cloud will be the platform of choice for enterprises in the near future because of the wide array of benefits offered, including: Scalability Reduce cost by utilizing public cloud usage […] The post The 5 Biggest Considerations in Adopting a Hybrid Cloud Environment appeared first on Codero Blog.
The Coming IoT DDoS Storm
Jan 12, 2017
There are many discussions in recent events regarding the threat of vulnerable IoT devices. Part of the scare here is the ability of nefarious actors to unleash these devices in controlled botnets in strategic Denial of Service attacks. This is a very tangible threat that has manifested in a number of recent attacks including a […] The post The Coming IoT DDoS Storm appeared first on Codero Blog.
The Cloud Crystal Ball – A Round Up of Predictions for 2017
Jan 09, 2017
Each new year heralds a round of prognostications, with various industry analysts and writers scratching their heads about what happened last year and what may happen this year. We’ve rounded up a list of predictions for you to consider – time will tell who had the best view into the crystal ball when it comes […] The post The Cloud Crystal Ball – A Round Up of Predictions for 2017 appeared first on Codero Blog.
Hosting in the Age of DDoS
Jan 04, 2017
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have been around for years, but lately the threat potential has risen for a variety of reasons. One of the primary factors is the propagation of minimally secured Internet of Things (IoT) devices. DDoS attacks were initially simple to execute and protect against, but the attacks have become more […] The post Hosting in the Age of DDoS appeared first on Codero Blog.
The 5 Signs of a Lazy Host
Oct 12, 2016
Is your host lazy? Here’s your 5 signs. Bandwidth and disk space are only a couple of critical decisions to be made when deciding on the ideal hosting partner. Simply put, hosting has many moving parts, and they all need to work in unison to deliver a first-rate, continuous service. Choosing a low cost provider […] The post The 5 Signs of a Lazy Host appeared first on Codero Blog.
Codero Customer Highlight– Hen’s Teeth Network, Art Zemon
Sep 22, 2016
In its 15th year of business, Codero customer Hen’s Teeth Network is a “soup to nuts” provider of web design and web hosting company. Looking for more features, reliability, and better performance, owner Art Zemon moved his company to Codero’s infrastructure from Rackspace in 2013. Art has been really impressed with his Codero experience, specifically […] The post Codero Customer Highlight– Hen’s Teeth Network, Art Zemon appeared first on Codero Blog.
VMware – What does it do and why hosting customers need it.
Sep 12, 2016
Not long ago VMware revolutionized computing forever. Its virtualization software allowed companies to stack greater workloads than ever before onto enterprise servers. Moreover, it had widespread appeal thanks to an agnostic approach to working across numerous operating systems and hardware platforms. Fast forward to today’s world of enterprise computing. VMware has transferred ownership a few […] The post VMware – What does it do and why hosting customers need it. appeared first on Codero Blog.
When a Private Cloud is the Answer
Aug 23, 2016
For those that have as little as a casual awareness of the private cloud, its benefits stand out immediately. Flexible, powerful, easy-to-use, global, and cheap, cloud services have had a transformative and measurable impact on businesses for a number of years. We can thank marketing efforts as well as visible elements of consumer technology all […] The post When a Private Cloud is the Answer appeared first on Codero Blog.
The Risk of No Data Security
Aug 18, 2016
Every day, small businesses lose data on dedicated and cloud servers for a number of reasons, but the most incidents occur due to no data security. With the available technology options and services of today, those are unnecessary risks. These scenarios can affect a company strategically, financially, and even legally.  Minimizing risk is one reason […] The post The Risk of No Data Security appeared first on Codero Blog.
The Risk of No Data Security
Aug 18, 2016
Every day, small businesses lose data on dedicated and cloud servers for a number of reasons, but the most incidents occur due to no data security. With the available technology options and services of today, those are unnecessary risks. These scenarios can affect a company strategically, financially, and even legally.  Minimizing risk is one reason […] The post The Risk of No Data Security appeared first on Codero Blog.
Critical Systems? You need High Availability
Aug 11, 2016
More than ever, modern technologies are a critical part of the world around us. Integrated into business, entertainment,health and countless other applications, anything that impacts the availability of technology services can affect work productivity, affect the bottom line, affect health, or cause major inconveniences. When it comes to business, there is little doubt that the […] The post Critical Systems? You need High Availability appeared first on Codero Blog.
Basic Security For Advanced Protection
Aug 09, 2016
Computer infrastructure is the backbone for companies across the land. Continuity is a must, therefore the efforts to avoid downtime and data loss is the substance of every systems administrator. Getting to launch an application and rapid time to deployment are often primary points focus in IT initiatives – for a variety of good reasons. […] The post Basic Security For Advanced Protection appeared first on Codero Blog.
RURAL TELECOM features Codero CEO discussing Cloud in Rural America.
Aug 03, 2016
Rural Telecom Magazine decided to highlight the need for cloud and hosting solutions in rural areas. Please review the article published in this month’s publication in which they highlighted Codero CEO, Emil Sayegh, to discuss the technology challenges and the available solutions.  Rural Telecom is published by NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association six times a year. BRINGING THE CLOUD TO […] The post RURAL TELECOM features Codero CEO discussing Cloud in Rural America. appeared first on Codero Blog.
Celebrate System Administrator Day with Codero
Jul 29, 2016
Every dog has its day and the same goes for SysAdmins. Once a year, System Administrators can look forward to an entire day that is focused on the important role they play on organizations around the world. This international celebration (also known as SysAdmin Day for short), was begun in 1999, making this the 17th […] The post Celebrate System Administrator Day with Codero appeared first on Codero Blog.
Customer Highlight: Cyber Innovation Solutions, Rickey Jones
Jul 25, 2016
Codero customer Cyber Innovation Solutions (CIS) is an innovative IT outsourcing provider, serving small and mid-size businesses. Sharing many of Codero’s core values, the company prides itself on service, support and technology innovation. CIS has multiple lines of business and relies on Codero to host its live streaming business. We recently had the opportunity to […] The post Customer Highlight: Cyber Innovation Solutions, Rickey Jones appeared first on Codero Blog.
Using Plesk with Your Codero Infrastructure
Jul 21, 2016
Last week, we told you all about how user-friendly the Plesk control panel is, and why it’s the only tool you’ll ever need to manage many aspects of your server, including the files, applications, and email hosted on your server. Whether you’re a developer, designer, system administrator, or simply a business owner, Plesk is the ideal […]
The Simple Power of Plesk and Codero: Easily Build, Secure, and Run Your Websites & Applications
Jul 13, 2016
Codero has maintained a partnership with Plesk for well over a decade; this user-friendly platform has proven to be an invaluable tool for many of our innovative, tech savvy customers, and when combined with the power of Codero’s world-class Dedicated and Cloud Hosting, managing websites and applications has never been easier. What is Plesk & […]
The Sweet Science of Big Data and IoT
Jul 05, 2016
In a number of ways, the “Internet of Things” is a perfect description for the phenomenon that it aims to describe. The wide spectrum of applications that this radical technology incorporates is vast and it is growing with every passing day. For some, the word “things” in IOT may sound like a bit of a […]
Cloud Independence Day
Jul 01, 2016
This day and every day that follows should be Cloud Independence Day. Each July, we celebrate the shared spirit of our American forefathers and the freedoms we hold dear thanks to the bravery of generations of Americans before us. Freedoms are present in many ways throughout our daily lives, so it is easy to assume […]
Codero Receives Industry Award for “Best Uptime Guarantee”
Jun 30, 2016
A testament to our commitment to providing exceptional service, Codero was recently honored with the prestigious 2016 Best Uptime Guarantee industry award from HostingAdvice. Reliability is a mission-critical feature in hosting, and for providers that means uptime. Coupled with our tireless efforts towards providing world-class hosting infrastructure and support, this award is a reflection of […]
The De Facto Hosting Solution for the Future of IoT and Big Data
Jun 29, 2016
A good strategy is the key to incorporating the challenges of growth and the evolution of technology. In IoT, shooting for the present state can and will wind up in a giant ‘bird’s nest’ of complexity and capacity issues, as IoT growth will be explosive. Fortunately, the solution for much of this is surprisingly simple […]
Django Girls – Codero Supporting Women in Tech
Jun 24, 2016
A grassroots organization that helps to grow the number of women in technology careers in Kansas City (near Codero’s headquarters in Overland Park), Kansas City Women in Technology (KCWiT) is on an ongoing mission to grow the number of women in technology careers in Kansas City. About Django Girls To serve this mission, KCWiT is […]
Woven in Codero’s DNA: How a 100% Uptime Guarantee, an On-Demand Hybrid Cloud, and a Culture of Customer Support Breed Success
Jun 23, 2016
Syndicated via: ? Emil Sayegh, a pioneer of cloud computing, was a top executive at major companies such as Rackspace and Hewlitt-Packard and got both companies’ cloud offerings off the ground. Less than five years ago, however, he left for a company less than a tenth of the size of the tech giants. Codero had […]
Codero Culture Snapshot: A Day in the Life of a Codero Employee
Jun 17, 2016
Company culture is more important than ever, and while it has always been a critical component of an organization’s very foundation, it’s quickly become a “must-have” rather than a “nice-to-have.” What Exactly is ‘Company Culture?’ Often implied, company culture develops organically over time from the collective traits of the organization’s employees. It refers to the […]
Hosting Success is a Plan, Not an Accident
Jun 08, 2016
Some weeks ago, we were treated to a pair of stories that would probably win the “Darwin Award” version in the category of internet hosting. First, an anonymous administrator at an unnamed hosting provider shared his story in an online community of how he allegedly committed a powerful command that wiped out the sites of […]
IoT: Growing Up Hybrid
Jun 02, 2016
There’s an art and a science science behind the Internet of Things (IoT) and in incorporating the tremendous data that this modern phenomenon generates. In its brief but remarkable history, IoT has been deployed in some fairly simplistic and classic architecture schemes. What lies beyond the immediate, will prove that in some cases, major IoT […]
The Codero Knowledge Base: Solving Your Technical Questions and Beyond
May 26, 2016
Want to know how to make the most of your infrastructure? Visit The Codero Knowledge Base, a robust source of expert information and tips designed to address the latest and most popular tech questions and concerns. From database management to control panel functionality and everything in between, The Codero Knowledge Base is an invaluable resource […]
Choices Matter as GE Joins the Cloud ‘Party’
May 17, 2016
In its 123-year history, the General Electric Company (GE) has been behind some of the greatest technological innovations known to man. From the days of Edison to the conglomerate corporation it is today, the company is a trendsetter that helps define the global market. Now, ten years after the world started moving to the cloud, […]
SkillNet: Talent Management that Works for Growing Businesses
May 12, 2016
SkillNet recently switched to Codero from DataPipe to power its robust platform, and has experienced considerably superior performance: “Moving to Codero was one of the best decisions we made for our business. Codero provided expert service and support when we needed it. Our platform is running very fast and reliably.” –Michael Kritzman, Founder & CEO, […]
Fog Computing is in the News!
May 10, 2016
Mainstream news outlets have picked up a “new” concept in cloud computing, and are now touting the term “fog computing” (just last month, FOXBusiness published Forget the Cloud – ‘The Fog’ Is the Next Big Thing). This so-called future technology is the bright hybrid cloud frontier, where computing will be moving from the centralized data […]
The Hosting Darwin Award Goes to…
May 03, 2016
The low end hosting industry took a couple of black eyes this past week when stories circulated around the web over the accidental loss of customer information. It didn’t happen just once, it happened twice. It all started with a post on Server Fault , where an unidentified user called Bleemboy asked: “I run a small hosting […]
The “Hosting” and “Cloud” Tug of War
Apr 26, 2016
The abuse of the word “cloud”: A brief history Does anybody host anymore or are we all just supposed to act like we only sell cloud now? If you follow the general trends in the hosting/cloud industry, you would have to believe that hosting is becoming extinct, as everyone is “cloud washing” (the purposeful, and […]
Celebrate Arbor Day with Codero Green Hosting
Apr 25, 2016
In honor of Arbor Day this Friday, we wanted to reinforce Codero’s evergreen commitment to sustainable actions. Born from our own employees’ desire to bridge the gap between their personal environmental values and those of the ones they serve, Codero has proudly established and maintained the following since 2010 (check out the case study here): […]
Adaptive DDoS Attacks Demand Next-Gen Defense
Apr 22, 2016
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks aren’t infamous for their sophistication; however, they’re increasing adaptability warrants a fresh look at the evolving anatomy of these dynamic threats. What is a DDoS attack? A DDoS attack is an attempt to consume one or more finite resources on a target computer or network of computers. These attack […]
Telecom Reseller Podcast: Introducing Codero
Apr 21, 2016
Want to learn more about what we do and how we’ve blazed a trail in our channel market? Check out this short podcast featuring Doug Green, Publisher of Telecom Reseller, as he interviews Codero’s CEO, Emil Sayegh. With roots dating back to 1992, Codero has evolved into a global company with state-of-the-art data centers earning the […]
Vault 1440 Moves to Codero From Colocation, Experiences Significant Growth and Lower Expenses
Apr 20, 2016
“Codero is a great alternative to AWS and Azure, particularly for small companies that need a good partner who is easy to work with.”   – Darrin S. Lee, President of Vault 1440  OVERVIEW Managing a SaaS platform comes with its own challenges—but when your hosting partner can’t grow with your business, it can seem like an insurmountable […]
What the Industry is Saying About Codero’s Expansion Into the RLEC & ILEC Markets
Apr 11, 2016
Since announcing Codero’s success with incorporating 32 RLECs and ILECs, several noteworthy industry media outlets picked up the press release—here’s what they had to say: ? “It’s been quite a year for Codero Hosting, which says that it now has extended its hosting infrastructure and services to rural and regional markets across the country. What made Codero go […]
Following Acquisition, Codero Hosting Successfully Incorporated in 32 RLECS and ILECS to Power IT in Rural Markets Across the U.S.
Apr 07, 2016
Today, we’re taking a look back at the progress we’ve made with the strategic investment partnership we forged with our RLEC and ILEC partners across the country. As we approach the one-year anniversary of the launch of the partnership and the impact its had on Codero and our RLEC partners, we are proud to officially announce that  this […]
April Fool’s Day—Never Forget
Apr 02, 2016
Codero is a team of passionate hosting nerds—we geek out over the latest hypervisors and believe Linux is an OS of Epoch proportions. Our enthusiasm may not be shared by all, but we also find ways to get our kicks through more “mainstream” mediums. Take this for example, an email our CEO, Emil Sayegh, sent on April 1 at 5:50AM CST:   […]
Introducing: Codero Human Servers
Apr 01, 2016
At Codero, we’re always on a mission to innovate and expand our product offerings in order to best serve our customers. We regularly solicit feedback from and listen to not only our current customers, but also prospective customers as well to ensure they’re receiving the best possible service. Our dedication to this ongoing effort inspired […]
Tipping Point for AWS? What SMBs Can Learn from Dropbox’s Move from the Amazon Cloud
Mar 29, 2016
A cautionary tale has emerged in the realm of Amazon’s cloud services, and it is filled with the consequence of technology choice versus business benefits. This is a lesson that all start-ups, SMBs, and mid-sized enterprises should heed and learn from. Online storage provider Dropbox has confirmed that it is pulling up its stakes that […]
Bringing the Cloud to All of America
Mar 24, 2016
Public health, education, high-tech farming and agriculture, seismic data collection, oil exploration and production, clean energy generation and management, transportation, and disaster management are examples of the many industries that require intense computing resources, often in rural America. SMBs in rural areas, just like in the major cities, are becoming increasingly reliant on cloud services as […]
Cybersecurity: 5-Step Plan to Address Threats & Prevent Liability
Mar 22, 2016
The evolution of technology has fundamentally changed the security landscape. The trench warfare style of a static frontline for computer security has given way to guerilla warfare. In the past few weeks alone, we’ve seen the Glibc vulnerability and the DROWN SSL vulnerability. Cybersecurity risks pose increased threat to your business, which can be subjected […]
Protect Your Server against the DROWN SSL Vulnerability
Mar 01, 2016
Today, researchers from a number of universities and organizations around the world announced the DROWN SSL exploit.  DROWN, an acronym standing for Decrypting RSA with Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption, is an exploit that allows for remote decryption of SSL communications even if they’re protected by more advanced cipher suites. DROWN was assigned CVE CVE-2016-0800. Read […]
Where the Highest Performing Cloud Meets Service Excellence
Feb 29, 2016
When it comes to choosing a cloud hosting provider, business owners have two primary concerns: performance and service. Unfortunately, many hosting companies focus on one or the other, succumbing to the “Tyranny of the OR,” making this seemingly simple decision a huge headache—until now. At Codero, we believe in the power of the “AND.” The Genius and Power of […]
#RTIME16 Recap
Feb 29, 2016
Thank you to everyone for a great RTIME conference! With both of our presenters – Chief Executive Officer, Emil Sayegh and Chief Network Officer, Jason Ackley – speaking about the cloud on the RTIME/NTCA certification tracks and an extremely busy booth, we experienced the best RTIME had to offer. View their presentations here and here. […]
Protect Your Server Against Glibc Vulnerability
Feb 19, 2016
The Vulnerability: Recently, security researchers working for Google and Red Hat announced a vulnerability in a library commonly used in Linux environments.  Specifically, Glibc getaddrinfo() is susceptible, under certain conditions, to a stack-based buffer overflow attack while performing DNS queries.  This vulnerability has been designated CVE-2015-7547. Who is Affected? Any server running Linux with glibc 2.9 […]
Finding the Right Home for Cloud Apps
Feb 09, 2016
Finding the right place for your apps to live is like shopping for real estate, with choices between owning, renting, and hybrid models. Owning your own home is like owning your own data center. Alternatively, a hotel lets you use as many rooms as you need without much of a commitment, which is like parking […]
WyWare Switches Custom SaaS Platform to Codero Cloud from AWS, Increases Client Base by 400%
Jan 27, 2016
Overview Running a business SaaS platform is hard enough, but nearly impossible with a hosting partner that doesn’t understand your business. Founded in 2014, WyWare had the vision of empowering businesses to track and control operations based on data, without having to invest in bloated enterprise SaaS systems. Its InCHECK platform enables custom software development […]
Update Your Linux Server to Protect Against Very Serious Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
Jan 22, 2016
If you’re running a server or desktop with Linux Kernel 3.8 or higher, you and your website or application are vulnerable to a very serious 0-day local privilege escalation vulnerability. Millions of Linux systems around the world are vulnerable to compromise and must be patched. What Damage Can the Linux Vulnerability Cause? This bug (referred […]
The System Administrator’s 2016 New Year Resolutions List
Jan 20, 2016
Many of us make resolutions at the beginning of each year, as a matter of tradition and self-improvement. Developers aren’t the only technologists that need resolutions to guide a new year. As a system administrator, you may find a never-ending list of updates, system checks, security patches, and performance benchmarking. Now is a fantastic time […]
Codero Ranks Among Netcraft’s Top 10 Most Reliable Hosting Companies
Jan 15, 2016
Codero Hosting closed out a fantastic 2015 on another high note, ranking seventh in Netcraft’s global hosting reliability rankings for December 2015. Netcraft’s rankings prove Codero is one of the world’s most reliable hosting providers, ahead of many of its direct competitors. Codero earned top spots in Netcraft’s rankings for much of 2015 and anticipates […]
The Developer’s 2016 New Year Resolutions List
Jan 14, 2016
A new year has arrived, and it’s time to decide what big things you want to do this year. I am doing so myself as both a developer and as a manager of developers. I am not talking about day-to-day tasks, but rather the “big picture” stuff. If you could go back a year and […]
Hybrid Hosting: The Third Generation Cloud
Jan 04, 2016
Originally posted on the WHIR.  Perspective is always important when picking technologies to base the future of your company’s IT on. Technologies go through generations of improvements along multiple dimensions before they reach true ubiquity. Take the disk drive as an example. First built in 1953 by IBM, each new generation of disk drives replaced […]
10 Cloud Industry Predictions for 2016
Dec 30, 2015
2015 was a year of transformation and growth for the entire IT industry, and the cloud was the poster child for that transformation. 2016 is sure to be filled with even more new cloud opportunities and advancements. Now that the industry is realizing the customization and control that enterprise needs, we have gotten a peek […]
2015: The Cloud World in Review
Dec 17, 2015
As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time to look back at the extremely busy year for cloud computing. It’s safe to say that cloud computing has become the de facto infrastructure for the IT industry, as we are well into the massive cloud adoption trend. It was also a year of cloud competition as […]
Delta Sigma Pi Builds Lifelong Business Bonds through Codero Hosting
Dec 03, 2015
One of Codero’s favorite cloud customers is the University of Texas at Austin chapter of Delta Sigma Pi (DSP). Delta Sigma Pi is America’s foremost business fraternity, with 284 collegiate chapters and more than 20,000 active members. With a focus on producing community outreach and business projects, DSP needs an integrated system to manage all […]
Happy Holidays from Codero Hosting!
Dec 02, 2015
As the holidays approach, the Codero team is sending you some cheer! We want to thank you for your partnership and trust this past year. It’s been an honor to serve you; day or night, we’re always here. May you and yours have a peaceful and joyful holiday season and a Happy New Year!
A Thanksgiving Message from Codero’s CEO
Nov 24, 2015
Every year has its great moments, but I’m feeling especially thankful as we close out 2015. Codero has been blessed this year with a new office, new investors, and a wave of amazing new customers and employees. Every year around Thanksgiving, I’m reminded how thankful I am to be able to serve Codero’s amazing customers. […]
The 7 Rules of System Administration
Nov 16, 2015
Effective system administrators look for every advantage they can get. The basic skills that make a system administrator successful are tangible, and you can see many of the basic requirements in job postings. What job listings typically don’t cover are the rules that can make or break system administration: careful note taking, attention to detail, […]
Super Heroes Need Super Hosting!
Nov 13, 2015
In an age of digital media, analog comic book collecting is still going strong. A lot of that has to do with top-tier comic book shops offering bestsellers, like Batman, Star Wars, Justice League, and many others. And unlike the music industry, the rise of digital comic distribution has increased demand for hard copy comics. […]
Codero Hosting Honors America’s Veterans
Nov 12, 2015
On behalf of the entire Codero family, we’d like to thank each and every veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, whose sacrifice makes it possible for us to enjoy the freedoms we so cherish. These freedoms are not the norm throughout most of world, and we have our veterans to thank for them. Codero is […]
TCP Windowing 101: Speeding Up the Long Distance Internet
Nov 03, 2015
There’s no disputing that the Internet has had massive effects on international trade, beyond what anyone could have predicted. There was a time when buying a new shovel meant a trip to the local hardware store a few minutes away, but that’s started to change in recent years. These days, people are (arguably) more likely […]
Codero Hosting Gives Back with the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program
Nov 02, 2015
For the third year in a row, Codero Hosting is honored to participate in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, which helps local families that have fallen on hard times by providing toys and clothing to children in Travis and Williamson counties. This year, the Salvation Army of Austin’s goal is to give gifts to more […]
Codero’s Halloween Haunts Continue with More Costumes and SOUPer Friday!
Oct 30, 2015
This has been a very fun week at Codero, filled with delicious foods and amazing costumes! With Halloween just one day away, we wanted to cap our week off with a bang — and I think I can safely say, “Mission accomplished!” (In case you missed out the festivities from earlier in the week, you […]
Codero CEO Emil Sayegh to Talk Big Data at Cloud Expo Silicon Valley
Oct 30, 2015
Codero CEO Emil Sayegh is scheduled to deliver a presentation at the 17th Cloud Expo next month in Santa Clara, California. Sayegh’s presentation, “Big Data: How Will Cloud Computing Evolve?” examines how companies need to shift toward combining dedicated and cloud solutions through hybrid hosting to solve inherent issues in the way we host big data applications. […]
Codero Celebrates Halloween with Halloween Haunts and Costume Contest!
Oct 29, 2015
It may be the end-of-the-month sales push at the Codero offices, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a little fun! With Halloween this week, our offices in Austin and Kansas City are celebrating all week long with some Halloween haunts! Yesterday, we kicked things off with delicious Halloween treats. We had great food […]
Cloudopoly: Why We Need an Alternative to AWS
Oct 28, 2015
Amazon’s recent earnings release is the talk of both the cloud computing world and Wall Street. It tells the amazing story of a company well on its way to the type of monopoly that hasn’t been seen in several decades. After analyzing the numbers, I’m more certain than ever that it is Codero’s duty to […]
Codero Hosts Inaugural Codero Preferred Partner Summit
Oct 19, 2015
This is a very exciting week for Codero as it marks the inaugural Codero Preferred Partner Summit in Dallas, TX! The two-day summit is a great opportunity for Codero’s preferred partners, customers, and vendors from all over the country to meet with the Codero team and learn about the future of the company. Codero’s executive […]
Why Codero Will Not Support Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Oct 12, 2015
One of the most notable events in the cloud world last week was that Rackspace tied the knot with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a reseller of Amazon’s giant cloud services. Rackspace is by no means the first hosting provider to offer AWS services to its customers; it was preceded by other companies such as […]
AntiqueFarmHouse Masters Home Decor Ecommerce with Codero Hosting
Sep 28, 2015
Many small businesses choose to host with Codero for a stable, secure ecommerce platform. Uptime is critical, especially as the holiday season (and Black Friday!) creep ever closer. AntiqueFarmHouse, one of Codero’s modern ecommerce customers, is a hand-picked furniture retailer that empowers normal people to add designer touches to their homes. About AntiqueFarmHouse AntiqueFarmHouse separates itself from […]
Dispelling the Myths of Hybrid Hosting
Sep 24, 2015
When more than 20 services on the Amazon Web Services platform failed on Sunday, many of the internet’s biggest sites and apps, including Netflix, Tinder, and IMDb, suffered outages over a 6-8 hour period. The culprit behind these outages was AWS’s NoSQL database DynamoDB, which was overwhelmed by metadata queries leading to substantial downtime affecting […]
Protect Yourself from Business Email Compromise (BEC) Fraud
Sep 22, 2015
Codero wants to let you know that the FBI has issued two warnings (here is the second) about a sophisticated scam called Business Email Compromise (BEC), which targets businesses working with foreign suppliers and businesses that regularly perform wire transfer payments. The fraudsters compromise legitimate business e-mail accounts through social engineering or phishing, then conduct […]
Codero CEO Emil Sayegh Delivers Keynote Address at Telco Data Center Summit
Sep 21, 2015
Codero CEO Emil Sayegh delivered the keynote address at the Telco Data Center Summit in Dallas, TX, last Wednesday. Sayegh’s keynote looked at hybrid hosting, the future of IT infrastructure, and set out to ask one simple question: Are you ready? IT as Service (ITaaS) has become more prominent recently due to the intense rate […]
Ashley Madison Reminds Us All: Secure Your Data Now
Sep 03, 2015
One of the biggest stories of the past few weeks is the recent breach of affair-oriented dating site Ashley Madison. Hackers released the personal information of more than 37 million users, which has led to embarrassment, blackmail, and government investigations. Regardless of the moral position of a company like this, this kind of breach is […]
USA Kilts Shares its Heritage with Codero Hosting
Aug 20, 2015
As more companies enter the world of ecommerce, it’s increasingly important to separate your business from the crowd. Codero empowers companies with critical ecommerce websites to grow their businesses through a reliable infrastructure, expert support, and the ability to handle increasing ecommerce demands year after year. One of Codero’s many growing ecommerce-focused customers is USA […]
Four Codero Executives Named to Techweek’s ‘Techweek100?
Aug 19, 2015
Techweek, the leading technology conference and festival in the U.S., announced on Tuesday that four Codero executives made its ‘Kansas City Techweek 100?. Codero CEO Emil Sayegh, CTO Chandler Vaughn, CFO Eli Bowman, and CNO Jason Ackley were all named to the list, which identifies leaders that make a significant impact on the worlds of […]
Control is Critical: API, UI, and Hybrid Put YOU in Control
Aug 18, 2015
Having the ability to grow and scale your business is critical. A hosting environment powered by a world-class cloud means your performance is guaranteed, and your business is ready to scale when needed. Having a powerful (yet simple) API helps you scale your business by giving you the ability to manage your hosting environment with […]
How to Choose the Right Cloud Size for Your Needs
Jul 23, 2015
The cloud has caused a revolution in the technology market and has upended the way businesses roll out applications, aggregate and process data, and more. When talking about cloud application, platform development, and adoption, it all comes down to value. Visionary tech leaders are the ones introducing the cloud to their businesses, as they understand […]
The World’s Fastest Cloud Just Got Faster
Jul 17, 2015
Codero is thrilled to announce the launch of the latest installation of the Codero Cloud in our state-of-the-art Dallas data center. This launch marks the next generation of our cloud infrastructure, which is powered by 100% solid-state drives and is the only On-Demand Hybrid Cloud in the world. That means you’ll experience high-end performance for […]
Zespy Goes Global With Codero Hosting
Jul 14, 2015
As a Codero employee, one of my favorite things to do is discover customers of ours that have unique, awesome stories and are helping to transform the world into a better place. I’d like to introduce you to Zespy Programming Services, which is helping to make the world a smaller place by creating a place […]
NETGEAR Connects You to the World with Codero Hosting
Jun 09, 2015
NETGEAR is one of the biggest names in the world of tech. Its networking products connect people to the internet and give businesses the networking, storage, and security solutions to excel. NETGEAR has worked hard to maintain its status as the leader in connecting the world to the internet, and recently started using Codero’s hosting […]
How to Choose the Right Type of Storage Solution for Your Needs
Jun 04, 2015
Moore’s Law states that “over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit has doubled approximately every two years.” While this sentiment mainly applies to the processing power of computers, the same type of pattern can be seen in the world of data growth and storage. The amount of […]
Codero Hosting Secures New Investment to Fuel Next Phase of Transformative Growth
Jun 02, 2015
I am thrilled to announce that BLM Acquisition Corp., a consortium of 32 regional telecom and broadband providers, has acquired Codero. This ushers in a very exciting era for the Codero team, Codero customers, and the new Codero investors. This is a very unique transaction in the hosting space and an instantly transformative acquisition for […]
HostCrusher Thrives as a Reseller With Codero Hosting
May 26, 2015
Hosting resellers play a vital role in providing a value added service to end customers. Resellers buy hosting products and services from larger companies, such as Codero, add their own specialized layer of services onto those products, then re-sell the entire package to their customers. In the early days of hosting, when the market was […]
Be Prepared: Reinforce Your Infrastructure with High Availability
May 14, 2015
Uptime is everything! Today’s users expect their apps and websites to deliver their data fast and reliably, regardless of what’s happening at the data center. Defending against possible single points of failure may not be top-of-mind when you first build your infrastructure, but putting this protection in place is vital to keeping your data available […]
Bongiovi Acoustics Rocks YOUR Audio with Codero Hosting
May 08, 2015
At Codero, one of our main passions is helping companies grow. We love sharing the stories of successful companies’ hosting apps with Codero Hosting. Bongiovi Acoustics, founded by music producer Toni Bongiovi, is the license and patent holder for the Digital Power Station (DPS) audio processing/optimization algorithm. Bongiovi Acoustics makes the music you play on […]
Codero Hosting Continues Expanding in Austin, Opens New Office
May 06, 2015
We are thrilled to announce today our recent move to a new Austin home for the Codero Team! We’ve been busy moving and breaking in our new space this week, and can safely report the impact of an open floor-plan is a real thing. Bigger and Better! Since our CEO Emil Sayegh joined in 2012 […]
Cheap Tricks: AWS Earnings Mean Big Tickets Ahead
Apr 29, 2015
After so many years of intrigue and secrecy, there was one major reason why Amazon released its income and expense figures surrounding its cloud services division last week: to pump up its value to spark more incoming cash and prepare for an AWS spinoff. While AWS is the largest cloud infrastructure player in the business, […]
Codero Ranks #6 in Netcraft’s Global Hosting Company Reliability Ranking
Apr 20, 2015
Call it an obsession with performance or a need to always be striving to be the best: Codero ranks, once again, as one of the top-ten most reliable hosting websites on the internet! There are hundreds of hosting companies out there, but only a handful of these companies have ranked top-ten on the Netcraft ‘most […]
Protect Your Windows Servers Against Critical HTTP.sys Vulnerability
Apr 16, 2015
Codero wants to urgently let you know that a new critical Windows vulnerability affecting 70 million+ websites hosted on Windows servers has been discovered. Microsoft has deemed this a critical security update for all supported editions of Windows. If you are running any affected version of Windows, you are vulnerable to a remote code execution attack […]
How to Choose a Hosting Provider
Apr 09, 2015
So you are building the prototype of your million dollar app, your site is almost ready to launch and you’re ready to go live! Just one problem — you need a hosting environment that will allow you to start lean and grow bigger as you need. Picking the right hosting provider is a crucial decision. […]
CoreOS and the Codero API, Part I: What’s the Big Deal With APIs?
Apr 03, 2015
Just about every major platform and company today has an API that lets other users build on their platform. You can see it in effect all over the web — many sites (like Yelp, Twitter, Google adn Facebook) offer APIs to allow for developers to incorporate functionality within into their page to enhance your experience […]
Welcome to a New Quarter and a New Codero!
Apr 01, 2015
It’s with great pleasure, anticipation and pride to announce Codero has a new name, a new logo and a new purpose! Some Background: First of all, who am I to make this announcement? I’m Jason McVearry, Codero’s new VP of Marketing. I’ve been working at Codero for just over two months now, and I’ve been […]
What is HTTP/2 and Why Should I Care?
Mar 30, 2015
After many years of consideration, the Internet Engineering Task Force finally approved HTTP/2. Why should I care? It’s easy — the internet is about to get much faster! At its core, HTTP/2 will provide a nice speed boost to web browsing. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the way for your browser to communicate with websites, […]
The Mature Cloud Keeps Evolving
Mar 26, 2015
Cloud computing has been around for years, but recently there’s been a new wave of activity as companies adjust their hosting needs. According to a recent study: 44 percent of companies say they’ve moved either infrastructure or applications from one public cloud to another 25 percent moved from a public cloud into a private cloud. […]
Got Big Data? Go Hybrid
Mar 26, 2015
(This content was originally posted at IT Best of Breed.) Big data is big business in 2015. A rapid increase in data technologies and computing power has led to more and more enterprises and small businesses around the world accumulating massive amounts of data. Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data from sensors […]
Introducing Codero’s Raw-Power Bundles
Mar 18, 2015
Picking out the right server configuration for your needs can be tricky. There are many factors you need to take into consideration, and even tech-savvy people may still not know how every aspect of a given configuration will impact their websites or applications. Worry no more! Codero is happy to introduce The Codero Raw-Power Bundles […]
The 4 AWS Facts You Don’t Know That Hurt Your Business
Mar 16, 2015
People think Amazon Web Services is the cloud, and that it’s the first, best and only partner of choice for businesses of all sizes. This type of thinking is all too common, and it’s flat-out wrong. Most of this stems from a lack of understanding, which is important because what you don’t know about AWS […]
Protect Your WordPress Install Against “Yoast” SQL Injection
Mar 13, 2015
If you’re using a version of the popular WordPress SEO plugin Yoast prior to, you and your site are vulnerable to a blind SQL injection attack. What damage can the vulnerability cause? The issue with Yoast can lead to a database breach and exposure of confidential information. “The orderby and order GET parameters are […]
A CFO’s Guide to the ROI of On-Demand Hybrid Cloud
Mar 09, 2015
Cloud ROI tools are everywhere. So are methods meant to approximate the cost benefit ratio of cloud technologies, and what they deliver. A lot of this is possible because, generally speaking, the benefits of the cloud are pretty well-known: Reduced upfront CapEx hardware investments Reduced upfront CapEx software investments Pay-as-you-go flexibility Less OpEx because of […]
It’s SXSW Season! Plan For Success.
Mar 03, 2015
SXSW is one of those events companies plan for every year. From startups to the biggest companies in the world, SXSW brings a level of (overwhelming) exposure that few other events can match. I’ve personally worked for SXSW and attended the last 12 festivals as a sponsor. Here are some tips to making the most […]
Codero Leads Hosting Industry with a NPS Score of 70
Feb 25, 2015
We just received our most recent NPS® survey results at Codero. If we weren’t so committed to providing exceptional service, we’d be popping bottles right now! Our latest NPS customer survey yielded a score of 70. An NPS score of 70 places Codero among the top performing service-driven companies, in the world, and far ahead of […]
DevOps and Cloud – Up for the Challenge
Feb 17, 2015
Every day, IT organizations across the world are looking to implement better management approaches, more consistent IT practices and better processes. The need to leverage IT and development knowledge to improve overall organizational productivity has become critical to compete in the ever-changing data driven economy. Enter DevOps You could say DevOps is a direct response […]
Featured Partner: A Far Site Better
Feb 16, 2015
We work with a lot of talented clients here at Codero. In many ways, listening to, and telling our client stories could be considered the most interesting part of what we do! Steven Laff, principal at A Far Site Better, is a premier web design, security and implementation firm based in Los Angeles. Recently featured […]
Defend Your Server Against ‘GHOST’ Exploit
Jan 29, 2015
Updates 1/30/2015: PHP applications are found to be vulnerable. This includes WordPress and other PHP based applications. Haldaemon and init, common applications, use the glibc library. If you have these running, (and chances are you are) you will need to reboot your server, not just specific services. To be clear, full reboot is more than likely […]
Codero Featured on the “Price of Business” Show
Jan 28, 2015
Kevin Price, the host of “The Price of Business“, featured Codero’s CEO, Emil Sayegh, to chat about the hosting industry and the challenges users face while searching for the right hosting service. Ecommerce, Big Data and SaaS products all require storage and computing power. Listen to this broadcast for critical insight on choosing the right […]
Leadership, Incredible Customers and a Revolution: Why I Joined Codero as the VP of Sales
Jan 20, 2015
As you may have seen from the press release, numerous tweets and LinkedIn posts, Codero Hosting has a new VP of Sales and its me! As that new Sales VP, let me take a moment to say that I couldn’t be happier or more excited to join this fantastic team. The decision to join the […]
Join Codero at ITEXPO 2015 in Miami!
Jan 16, 2015
Get excited! (We sure are.) Why? It’s almost time for the ITEXPO 2015 and Codero is coming to warm and beautiful Miami again! Join us in Miami, FL January 27-30, 2015 for this industry leading annual event where you’ll meet thousands of professionals, attend hundreds of conference sessions, and visit hundreds of exhibiting companies. With this much […]
The Codero Tech Tip Of The Month: How to check and repair MySQL database tables
Jan 13, 2015
Running into errors is never fun, especially when it comes to your MySQL database tables. In case you run across an error like: “Table ‘table_name’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired”, you’ll need to do the following depending on the command line or panel you are using: Linux Command Line Log into the MySQL […]
News Flash: The Coolest CES Gadgets Need Big Data
Jan 12, 2015
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) arrived last week in Las Vegas and with it came a tsunami of wearables, gadgets, high tech backpacks, and tech toys of all kinds.  CES is one of the biggest shows on the tech scene, and though not every product makes it to the general market, it is a leading […]
10 Hosting Industry Predictions for 2015 and Beyond
Dec 30, 2014
This article originally appeared in the WHIR. Around this time of year, a lot of articles crop up predicting what’s going to happen in technology next year. Quite often, the ‘predictions’ are pretty safe and the observations are obvious. For a decade now, Chandler, our Senior VP of Product Development, and I have been getting a […]
Looking Back at the Year in Cloud, 2014
Dec 23, 2014
If 2014 showed us anything, it’s that the cloud is beyond any sort of hype at this point. There’s no denying it: What’s happening out there is that just about every significant emerging technology in the game today is truly best framed around the cloud. Thus 2014 was a big year in the cloud’s ever-evolving […]
An End of Year Holiday Message from Codero CEO Emil Sayegh
Dec 22, 2014
As the holidays approach, I want to take a moment to personally thank you for your business, your partnership and your trust. Since 2009, Codero has been serving our customers through reliable, high-performance and flexible hosting services, proudly backed by our excellent customer support. We are committed to continuing this in 2015 and in the years […]
What is a Load Balancer? And How Does It Work?
Dec 18, 2014
What happens if your websites suddenly draw a lot of traffic? How about if traffic suddenly spikes? Or what if your sites get ‘slashdotted’?  This is where a link to your site pops up on a very popular site. While the additional exposure is great, if your infrastructure isn’t ready to handle a large influx […]
SDN Drives Codero’s Flexible Hybrid Clouds
Dec 10, 2014
This article originally appeared in Light Reading, and is the result of an exclusive interview with Codero CEO, Emil Sayegh. Read it below to get the scoop on what exactly makes Codero, well…Codero, and how we’re primed to take on the future. ——————————— Hosting provider Codero has deployed SDN capabilities, including some of its own […]
The Crystal Ball: Hosting Industry Predictions for 2015 and Beyond
Dec 09, 2014
Around this time of year, a lot of articles crop up predicting what’s going to happen in technology next year. Quite often, the ‘predictions’ are pretty safe and the observations are obvious. For a decade now, Chandler, our Senior VP of Product Development, and I have been getting a kick out of reading these types of […]
Startup Quertle Selects Codero Hosting, Increases Their Search Engine’s Performance by 1600%
Dec 09, 2014
Today, we’d like to announce the addition of another happy customer to the Codero hosting family. Here at Codero, we’re proud to support companies that are pioneers, visionaries, and mavericks in their fields. Startup and search engine, Quertle, is a perfect example of our customers taking their industries by storm. Quertle is reinventing search as […]
3 Major Codero Updates: Complete Automation for Hybrid, CEBS and an Updated Cloud API
Dec 04, 2014
Part of being a true industry leader is always striving to improve and evolve.  At Codero, we take being the leading provider of dedicated, cloud, managed and On-Demand Hybrid hosting very seriously. That’s why we’re proud to announce three major updates to our services: Automated On-Demand Hybrid setup and drag-and-drop functionality Automated Codero Elastic Block […]
Codero Selects R1Soft Server Backup Manager for Highly Reliable Data Protection To Meet Evolving Customer Needs
Dec 02, 2014
Here at Codero, customer feedback drives everything we do. So when we heard the calls for continuous data backup, we knew it was time to partner with the best and the brightest: R1Soft. Check out the full press release on the Codero-R1Soft partnership here, or read it below to learn more about why we chose […]
A Heartfelt Thank You from Codero’s CEO
Nov 25, 2014
I really relish Thanksgiving, not just for the wonderful company and food, but for the time of reflection and gratitude it brings. A time to review the multitudes of blessings we’ve received. For me, many of those blessings are Codero’s customers and employees. When life is going a mile a minute, it’s so easy to […]
Big Data Meets the Internet Of Things – Evolution or Train Wreck?
Nov 13, 2014
As if IT departments weren’t busy enough dealing with security issues, users, BYOD, rapid requests for new applications and everything else, now they have two more worries: the Internet of Things and the rapid rise of big data. The two are connected. After all, the Internet of Things isn’t just expected to bring a whole […]
A Veteran’s Day Note from Codero CEO Emil Sayegh
Nov 11, 2014
Today is Veteran’s Day.  Veteran’s Day is an annual holiday in the US to honor the millions of American who served in our country’s military forces in defense of freedom, liberty and all the great values that our country stands for.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank every one of the men and […]
The 4 Biggest Misconceptions about Firewalls Everyone Believes
Nov 04, 2014
It’s true; the internet really is out to get you.  Everything from compromised hosts to foreign intelligence agencies are probing the internet for weaknesses.  It’s important, especially in light of recent events like the POODLE, Sandworm, Shellshock and Heartbleed exploits, to keep your servers up to date and patched.  However, it is equally important to […]
5 Frightening Features in a Hosting Provider that Will Haunt Your Business
Oct 31, 2014
Searching for the right hosting provider is like going trick or treating. Sure, most houses have what you’re looking for, but you can’t tell which houses have the good stuff until you take a look around and see what everyone has to offer. Of course, there are some differences. When searching for the right hosting […]
You’ve Been Lied to about the Cloud
Oct 27, 2014
There’s a myth going around about the Cloud, luring companies in with promises like “Everything will just work,” “It will be so much cheaper,” “It’s absolutely reliable” and so on. “The Cloud is right for everyone,” it says. However, for every company lured in by that siren song, you’ll hear just as many moving entirely […]
7 Features to Look for in Your Hosting Provider
Oct 21, 2014
No matter who you are, I think we can all agree on one thing: Bad hosting is mind-numbingly frustrating. You depend on these hosted environments to support your lifeblood, your brand, your critical systems, and then an outage occurs. Or a slowdown. Or another technical issue that interrupts your service. Flaws in configuration or a […]
Security Alert: POODLE Vulnerability in SSLv3 Requires Attention
Oct 17, 2014
Researchers at Google recently announced a vulnerability in SSLv3, one of the protocols used for web traffic security.  They have dubbed this exploit ‘POODLE,’ an acronym for Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy. SSLv3 is an older protocol, and has largely been replaced by the newer TLS protocol family.  However, older browsers that do not support […]
Alert: Sandworm Vulnerability Affects All Microsoft Operating Systems
Oct 14, 2014
On Tuesday, October 14, 2014, iSIGHT Partners and Microsoft announced a Zero-Day vulnerability named “Sandworm” found in all versions of Microsoft Windows and Windows Server 2008 and 2012. The vulnerability has been exploited in a small number of cyberespionage attacks against NATO, energy companies, a US academic organization and many others. Microsoft has since created […]
Cloud Analogies – Are They Necessary?
Oct 14, 2014
There are a number of analogies trying to explain how the cloud works. Sure, none of them are perfect, but they do help us understand a band of technologies that are largely metaphors themselves. So to get a better understanding of cloud hosting’s benefits and functionality, let’s sum up some of the most popular analogies, […]
Codero Creates a Rock Solid Network for On-Demand Hybrid Cloud By Partnering with Brocade
Oct 09, 2014
At Codero, we do a lot of things differently. From our use of automation to deliver rock-solid reliability, to our high performance products and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, the status quo has never cut it for us. Our biggest difference, however, is our On-Demand Hybrid Cloud. Part of what makes our On-Demand Hybrid Cloud […]
The Best Kept Secret in Hosting and the Cloud
Oct 07, 2014
The tech industry is notorious for marketing fluff.  From the beginning, cynics dismissed the term “cloud” as marketing hype. Even within the walls of a company where I once worked that now sells themselves as cloud innovators, the term “cloud” was laughed at. Those cynics haven’t gone away; they’ve just adapted because audiences continue to […]
What’s With All This Docker Talk?
Oct 02, 2014
One of the most interesting developments in the cloud industry today is Docker.  If you’re looking to launch the most server application instances possible onto the least amount of hardware without managing a bunch of virtual machines to do it, you’ve probably heard the name “Docker” come up. And for good reason. With Docker, you […]
Alert: Shellshock Bug Requires Immediate Attention
Sep 26, 2014
Recently, the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) issued an alert regarding CVE-2014-6271, or the ‘Shellshock’ bug, a severe flaw in the bash Linux shell.  This flaw allows attackers to gain complete control of a system with relative ease. A second vulnerability, CVE-2014-7169, was spotted while a patch was being […]
The Future of IT Infrastructure: Hybrid and On-Demand
Sep 25, 2014
This article originally appeared on’s Innovation Insights, where experts cover the latest and greatest ideas for the next generation of business tech. A fitting place to start a conversation about our On-Demand Hybrid Cloud. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving a comment below. We have rapidly evolved into an on-demand society. People […]
Buckingham Palace, Monty Python, and Data Center Outsourcing
Sep 24, 2014
The following is a blog post by Rebecca Bergman, Digital Realty’s Director of Corporate Communications, and originally appeared on their blog on Sept 23. When thinking about our fourth Codero data center, we knew we couldn’t settle for anything less than the best. It was great to work with such an out-of-the-box partner, and we […]
5 Signs Your Backup Solution Needs a Major Upgrade
Sep 17, 2014
As your app or business grows, your backup solution needs to grow with it. The availability and the integrity of your data is paramount to your success. That’s why your data needs to be protected and backed up at all times. But in the excitement and rush of company growth, it’s easy to forget to […]
Webinar Replay: Rethink Your Backup Solution with Codero Continuous Data Protection Powered by Idera
Sep 16, 2014
If you think data loss won’t happen to you, think again. 70% of businesses have experienced (or will experience) data loss due to accidental deletion, disk or system failure, viruses, or some other disaster. And for those who don’t have a data backup solution, the consequences are dire. Of the companies that suffer a major […]
Passwords Aren’t Enough
Sep 11, 2014
The look in their eyes, their handshake, the tone of their voice, and all of the messages they’re sending with their body language– these are all part of the incredibly complex picture of recognizing who someone is, and ascertaining their intent. For centuries, business transactions were conducted in person. The intermingling of computers, the internet, […]
As Big Data Grows, Hybrid Hosting Is the Answer
Sep 09, 2014
The age of big data has just given us an accidental insight in the wake of a recent significant earthquake in California.  It turned out that data points from fitness trackers out in the public indicated how many people were awoken during the 3am Bay Area quake. That was a little bit of a peek […]
The Secrets Behind Secure Passwords
Sep 04, 2014
At some point in our lives, we’ve all gone through some online account creation process and created a password.  Frequently, we’re required to choose a password that includes something like at least one capital letter, one number, et cetera.  The stricter the criteria, the more layers of security we think we’ve added to our passwords. […]
The Ultimate Data Center Question for Your Business: Build or Buy?
Sep 02, 2014
Whether you’re an internal IT department for an enterprise, or an internet-enabled business, there’s a good chance that you’ll encounter the classic “build versus buy” decision for your data center services. That is, building-out a facility of your own, or buying services from a leading technology provider instead. When considering whether your operations may require […]
5 Security Best Practices That Could Save Your Data
Aug 28, 2014
Security is hot topic on the internet right now and it’s only getting hotter.  In recent years, attacks ranging from simple “script kiddies” to complex, state-sponsored organizations (here’s a detailed report on one of them) have only increased.  The only way to keep a server or environment completely safe from internet-based attacks is to uncable […]
Developing with the New Codero API
Aug 21, 2014
? Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to release the Codero API. Now that it’s available to the public, developers and DevOps teams can now easily automate their Codero infrastructure with a few API calls. You can scale on the fly when needed, not when it’s too late. You can quickly and […]
The Codero Way: Unparalleled Cloud Access via API and Codelets
Aug 19, 2014
As cloud computing and the hosting industry continue to gain momentum, there are now more use cases for Cloud than ever before. This is especially true with Hybrid Cloud use cases emerging for eCommerce scaling, big data, and batch processing. Integration, access and control have become paramount to managing environments and the ability of developers […]The Codero Way: Unparalleled Cloud Access via API and Codelets is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Codero Doesn’t Just Want Your Business. We Want Your Loyalty.
Aug 14, 2014
At the heart of any company, earning the business of a customer is a very important target to go after.  However, when we get a positive note back from a customer, it is equally important to us. At Codero, a positive review, or a referral is viewed as the highest compliment we can get. It […]Codero Doesn’t Just Want Your Business. We Want Your Loyalty. is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Social Engineering, Your Hosting Provider and Security
Aug 12, 2014
As prevalent and sophisticated as IT security threats are today, one of the most significant threats doesn’t involve writing complex code, spreading a virus, or launching a denial of service attack. As attackers have known for a long time, one of the potentially most effective attacks is social engineering, the art of manipulating people to […]Social Engineering, Your Hosting Provider and Security is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Introducing Codero’s New Proactive Managed Hosting Service
Jul 29, 2014
Customer feedback shapes everything we do at Codero. Delivering the best possible solutions to the web based businesses that depend on us is our team’s top priority- always. It’s what drives us every day, and every hour. That’s why we’re excited to unveil Codero’s Proactive Managed Hosting Service, the newest addition to our portfolio. Proactive […]Introducing Codero’s New Proactive Managed Hosting Service is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Do You Have A Cloud Plan?
Jul 24, 2014
We’re well into 2014 and it’s amazing to me that more organizations don’t have a clear cloud plan. Too many people are still confused or afraid of the “C” word.  But here’s the thing: There are real dangers in not having a cloud strategy, AKA a well-known cloud plan for your IT environment.  Every company […]Do You Have A Cloud Plan? is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
How You Can Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment by 45%
Jul 22, 2014
If you could eliminate 45% of your abandoned carts by making one simple change, would you do it? It depends. If the “one simple change” is a cheap, pop-up gimmick, scamming your customers or breaking your competition’s legs, probably not. But what if it’s as simple as finding better hosting? Statista conducted a study to […]How You Can Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment by 45% is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
To Manage or Not to Manage? That Is the $1 Million Question
Jul 16, 2014
It is time! - It’s time for IT professionals to come to grips with the fact that managing your own servers comes at too high a price. Once you add up costs such as server maintenance, data security, physical security, downtime prevention and backup, it’s far more expensive than what you’d expect. And if you think […]To Manage or Not to Manage? That Is the $1 Million Question is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
APIs 101: What You Need to Know about the Keys to the Kingdom
Jun 19, 2014
APIs have been making the news lately, especially with Apple’s release of Metal API for iOS. But APIs themselves have been around for a long time. They’re a necessity in today’s ever-changing tech landscape, which is why understanding them is key to providing users with the interoperability they now require. What is an API? An […]APIs 101: What You Need to Know about the Keys to the Kingdom is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
The Economics of Flash Storage: Can You Afford It?
Jun 16, 2014
The following is a guest post from Stuart Oliver, Sr. Service Provider Manager at SolidFire. You want flash storage. In fact, you’ve wanted it for a while now. With your application’s need for high performance IO, you know you it’d be a perfect fit. But when the cost comes to mind, you can’t help shaking […]The Economics of Flash Storage: Can You Afford It? is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Enriching Experiences for Patrons of the Arts
Jun 12, 2014
The importance of having an engaged and active web audience is a foregone conclusion in today’s technology driven world. When it comes to hosting a site, reliability is not something to be compromised. Reliability concerns were exactly what the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico’s Museum of Art) was facing before finding Codero. […]Enriching Experiences for Patrons of the Arts is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Webinar Replay: How Elastic Block Storage Can Optimize Your Application
Jun 11, 2014
Finding the right storage for high IO databases can be a real challenge. You don’t just need flexibility, availability or high performance; you need them all (preferably at a price that won’t break the bank). If you’re looking to learn more about your different storage options, we have something that can help. The video of […]Webinar Replay: How Elastic Block Storage Can Optimize Your Application is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Coming out of the Shadows: Shadow IT and Mainstream IT Working “in the Light”
Jun 09, 2014
Two major drivers for the adoption of cloud computing are its agility and ability to bring products in rapid time to market iterations. For the last decade, stretched-thin IT departments have increasingly found themselves in direct competition with “shadow IT” groups within their own company. Departments in the corporation were running their own IT infrastructure […]Coming out of the Shadows: Shadow IT and Mainstream IT Working “in the Light” is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Rebooting Cloud Storage
Jun 02, 2014
The following is a guest post from Stuart Oliver, Sr. Service Provider Manager at SolidFire. By 2017, nearly two-thirds of all workloads will be processed in the cloud. That’s a hefty statistic, but it isn’t too surprising. Hosting providers are now deploying infrastructure that makes it easier than ever for enterprises to move performance-sensitive workloads […]Rebooting Cloud Storage is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
SeriousPayroll Strikes Gold with Codero’s Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
May 12, 2014
Here at Codero, we often get inspired by our customers. Take SaaS app SeriousPayroll for example. Not only are they about to take over the payroll service space, but they’re doing it with the most powerful hybrid hosting infrastructure on their side. (Which we think is pretty darn cool.) Founded in 2012, SeriousPayroll helps meet […]SeriousPayroll Strikes Gold with Codero’s Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
The Road to the New Codero Dallas Data Center
May 06, 2014
At Codero, we’re always working to support our customers’ businesses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. That’s why we’re proud to announce the opening of our flagship world-class data center in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area. Our customers are growing tremendously, and the need for high performance cloud, […]The Road to the New Codero Dallas Data Center is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Register Now for Codero and Solidfire’s Elastic SSD Block Storage Webinar!
Apr 24, 2014
Codero Hosting and SolidFire are pleased to announce our latest webinar: Redefining Application Performance with Elastic SSD Block Storage. Join Chandler Vaughn, Codero’s SVP Product Development, and  Stuart Oliver, SolidFire’s Sr. Service Provider Manager, as they discuss the shortfalls of traditional enterprise storage and the advantages of Elastic SSD Block Storage. In this webinar, you’ll […]Register Now for Codero and Solidfire’s Elastic SSD Block Storage Webinar! is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Hot off the Press (Continued) – Parts 3, 4 & 5 From “One Million by One Million” Blog on Cloud Hosting
Apr 21, 2014
Continued – Here are parts 3, 4 & 5 of Sramana Mitra’s, Silicon Valley tech industry Blog, Codero CEO and President, Emil Sayegh talks trends in cloud hosting. Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Codero CEO, Emil Sayegh (Part 3) Posted on Sunday, April 20th 2014 Sramana Mitra: Give me the number again of where you would […]Hot off the Press (Continued) – Parts 3, 4 & 5 From “One Million by One Million” Blog on Cloud Hosting is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Hot of the Press: Latest from CEO and President Emil Sayegh on The “One Million By One Million” BLOG
Apr 18, 2014
Published in Silicon Valley Sramana Mitra’s tech industry BLOG, Codero CEO and President, Emil Sayegh talks trends in cloud hosting. Have a read to learn some more about the cloud industry’s history and some of the trends he has been tracking. Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Codero CEO, Emil Sayegh (Part 1) Posted on Friday, Apr […]Hot of the Press: Latest from CEO and President Emil Sayegh on The “One Million By One Million” BLOG is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Heartbleed Bug- Are You Vulnerable?
Apr 17, 2014
As a follow up to our recent and immediate action to address the vulnerabilities related to the Heartbleed bug, we wanted to offer our customers and friends an update. As you aware direct contact with us, our blog posts and media outlets, an exploit in OpenSSL known as “ The Heartbleed Bug” has come to […]Heartbleed Bug- Are You Vulnerable? is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Operational Excellence, and the Automation Advantage
Apr 15, 2014
? Why we do it at Codero! Companies compete on various axes. Some compete on Customer Intimacy and Emotion (such as Lexus, or The Four Seasons Hotels), other companies compete on Product Design (such as Apple and Samsung), and still other companies compete on Operational Efficiency (such as Southwest Airlines and Chevron) Automation is the […]Operational Excellence, and the Automation Advantage is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Heartbleed Bug Response
Apr 10, 2014
To our Valued Codero Clients and Friends Here at Codero one of our main concerns is the safety and security of our customers. We understand that there has been a lot of coverage in the media in the past couple days regarding the Heartbleed Bug and would like to address our response. Our Codero team of […]Heartbleed Bug Response is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
AWS, Google, and Microsoft killing each other in another Cloud War
Apr 04, 2014
Get Some Popcorn and watch the war of the giants.  We are betting on AWS and I’ll tell you why… Cloud Price Cut Madness! It’s official; a cloud price war has broken out! In a move to match pricing on Amazon Web Services, resulting from Google’s price cuts a day earlier, Microsoft has also slashed […]AWS, Google, and Microsoft killing each other in another Cloud War is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Apr 02, 2014
It is 25 years already!  Happy birthday to the World Wide Web!  Back in March of 1989, Sir Tim Berners-Lee proposed a system that made it possible to share computer information digitally using nodes and links, forming a “web” that eventually scaled worldwide, becoming what we now know as the internet. We love anniversaries, we […]HAPPY (BELATED) 25th BIRTHDAY TO THE WORLD WIDE WEB AND WHAT’S AHEAD is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Codero Designs New DC To Run on Recycled Fryer Oil
Apr 01, 2014
New Design will be Open Sourced Under the Apache 2.0 Licence Codero Hosting based out of Austin, Texas announced today that they are launching a new data center in Dallas Fort Worth which will feature their new servers designed to run almost entirely on used vegetable oil. The ingredients and process haven’t changed much in […]Codero Designs New DC To Run on Recycled Fryer Oil is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
ITEXPO Miami 2014 Interview with Emil Sayegh of Codero Hosting
Mar 26, 2014
Curious to know more about Cloud and On-demand Hybrid Hosting? Watch this video from ITEXPO Miami 2014 featuring our CEO, Emil Sayegh. The video summarizes many of the topics he covered while speaking during the EXPO this year and highlights various use cases for Hybrid Hosting. ITEXPO Miami 2014 Interview with Emil Sayegh of Codero […]ITEXPO Miami 2014 Interview with Emil Sayegh of Codero Hosting is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
The SXSW Wrap-Up
Mar 20, 2014
As an Austinite who works in technology, is interested in film and of course, is someone who loves  live music, the South by Southwest (SXSW) institution couldn’t be located in a better place.  The buzz and palpable energy which overtakes the capitol city when the show is in full swing is just plain exhilarating. Maybe […]The SXSW Wrap-Up is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Come See Us At SXSW!
Mar 06, 2014
It’s SXSW time again and at Codero, we are getting amp’d up for the 2014 Interactive conference. This is the time here in Austin when over thirty thousand of the best and brightest leaders in technology drop-in on the Texas capital for SXSW Interactive. It is a few days of insightful, forward thinking speakers, panels […]Come See Us At SXSW! is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Introducing Eli Bowman as the New Codero CFO
Feb 27, 2014
It is with tremendous pride that we have formally announced the promotion of Eli Bowman to Chief Financial Officer of Codero today. Eli has been with the company a number of years and is deep with what we like to call “Codero DNA”. A true leader that has exceeded expectations in both his core job […]Introducing Eli Bowman as the New Codero CFO is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Advice on Designing for Accessibility for the Visually Impaired, and How Codero Helped My Business
Feb 24, 2014
- Please Note: the following is a guest blog post by one of our customers Keith Hinton - A little About Me: My name is Keith Hinton, and I am 26 years of age. I am an accomplished musician and have been blind since birth. I started a journey as an entrepreneur online a number […]Advice on Designing for Accessibility for the Visually Impaired, and How Codero Helped My Business is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
The Seven-year Itch! Startups, It’s time to graduate from Amazon.
Feb 20, 2014
Last 7 Years – The Era of “Cloud Inflate-uation”: For about seven years, the IT industry and its pundits have been infatuated with the “cloud” – specifically Amazon Web Services (AWS). Tech startups and their investors have flocked to AWS with inflated expectations on the notion that cloud economics were better than hosting applications themselves. […]The Seven-year Itch! Startups, It’s time to graduate from Amazon. is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Codero Hosting Receives $8 Million in Financing from Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Farnam Street Financial.
Jan 28, 2014
The following is the press release we issued Tuesday, January 28th regarding our recent funding from Silicon Valley Bank and Farnam Street Financial. ________________________________________________________________________________ Codero Hosting announced that it received $8 million in financing from Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Farnam Street Financial. The capital financing enables Codero to deploy new data centers across the U.S. […]Codero Hosting Receives $8 Million in Financing from Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Farnam Street Financial. is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Welcome to Miami Baby! Codero is at ITEXPO East 2014
Jan 24, 2014
Can ya’ll feel that? Aww yeah! It’s Codero Hosting. We’re dressed to kill in Miami at the ITEXPO – the place to get the lowdown on I.T. services and where the heat is on. Are you in the area – or at the IT EXPO Conference? Come chill with us and see what we mean by […]Welcome to Miami Baby! Codero is at ITEXPO East 2014 is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Future-Proof Your IT: The 2020 Game Plan
Jan 20, 2014
I wrote the the following article on January 17th, 2014 for – Innovation Insights Blog. Innovation Insights is a community blog and forum that I belong to, dedicated to new thinking for a new era in technology. The world of IT is changing at an ever-increasing pace. No one can tell in detail what […]Future-Proof Your IT: The 2020 Game Plan is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Tips for a Better Business in 2014: Top 5 Resolutions for the New Year
Jan 06, 2014
2014 is upon us and it’s a great time to evaluate business practices and how they can be improved to bolster your success, as a company, in the coming year. All too often battles are fought that ultimately detract from the mission and growth of your business. It’s important to take stock of where energy […]Tips for a Better Business in 2014: Top 5 Resolutions for the New Year is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Happy Holidays From Codero Hosting
Dec 23, 2013
s another exciting year draws to a close, we at Codero want to take a moment to express our gratitude to you for making us your hosting partner. Our success, this year and always, is due to you and the trust you put in us as your partner in dedicated, cloud, and hybrid hosting solutions. […]Happy Holidays From Codero Hosting is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
A Day in the Life of a Codero Sr. Network Engineer: The Challenge is the Greatest Reward
Dec 19, 2013
One of the complaints I hear most often from folks in network-related roles is that they feel like they’re being crammed into a little box. There’s plenty to learn and do in technical roles, but too frequently people are only allowed to work on a very small subset of tasks with limited responsibilities. Recently, I […]A Day in the Life of a Codero Sr. Network Engineer: The Challenge is the Greatest Reward is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Making Children Smile: Codero Partners with the Salvation Army to Provide Needy Children with Gifts for the Holidays
Dec 13, 2013
At Codero, we live by the slogan “making customers smile”. However, as the holiday season approaches there’s no better way to adapt that slogan than to “making children smile.” We believe that the holidays are a wonderful time for families and loved ones to come together and celebrate—and all families deserve to experience the joy...
Codero Quiets the Noisy Neighbor with Next Generation Flash Storage
Dec 11, 2013
The following is a Guest Post from David Wright, CEO of SolidFire Codero Quiets the Noisy Neighbor with Next Generation Flash Storage After my previous company, Jungle Disk, was acquired by Rackspace in 2008, I had the pleasure of working with Emil Sayegh and Chandler Vaughn for several years. While at Rackspace, Chandler, Emil, and...
Support the Innovation Act of 2013 and Stop Patent Trolls
Dec 06, 2013
For inventors, innovators, and anyone interested in safeguarding the progress of technology, it is important that you know that the US House of Representatives voted and passed the Innovation Act of 2013 (H.R 3309) yesterday. The bill is intended to reform the US patent system that has been plagued by low quality patents and by...
Announcing Codero Elastic Block Storage (CEBS)
Dec 05, 2013
At Codero our mission is simple: to help customers run their businesses as smoothly and efficiently as possible. In order to do so, we have an incredibly aggressive pace of product innovation. Since September we’ve launched Codero Cloud 2.0 and On-Demand Hybrid Cloud™, and today we add another industry standout with the All Enterprise-grade SSD...
Codero Stands Out as a Finalist in Two Up-Start Cloud Awards
Dec 03, 2013
It is with great pleasure that I announce Codero is the only company named as a finalist in not one, but two categories of this year’s UP-START Cloud Awards. The UP-START Awards recognize leaders in cloud computing that are developing disruptive, next-generation technologies. We’re up for “Best Cloud Hosting Solution” for Codero Cloud 2.0, as...
Announcement Regarding Server Deployment for Black Friday Promotion
Nov 30, 2013
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Codero Hosting for your hosting needs. We are excited that you have chosen to do business with us and are looking forward to servicing you now and into the future. Our recent promotion has been a huge success and we have seen an unprecedented...
A Time To Give Thanks
Nov 25, 2013
The time around Thanksgiving provides the perfect chance to take a few moments to look back at the past 12 months and say “thank you” for all of the blessings we have received.  As I take time to reflect on the events of my life, both professionally and personally, I am truly grateful to be...
Understanding the Intricacies of Hosting
Nov 15, 2013
Hosting providers have been making headlines and coming under scrutiny as of late. With the U.S. government publicly implicating Terremark, a Verizon hosting provider subsidiary, as the point of failure for the troubled Affordable Care Act web site, and yet another AWS outage, interest in the industry has greatly increased. I’d like to shed some...
Hybrid Cloud Deployment the Future of the Enterprise
Nov 13, 2013
Codero CEO, Emil Sayegh, and others in the industry give valuable insight into the future of hybrid cloud computing, and the role it will play in the success of business in 2014. According to the experts, 2014 is the year of hybrid cloud computing.  This article is a must read for anyone in IT wanted...
Ready For Duty Sir! Codero’s New On-Demand Hybrid Cloud is Here!
Oct 23, 2013
On the heels of our Cloud 2.0 launch, our new On-Demand Hybrid Cloud(TM) is Here and ready to serve the needs of our customers. Last month we told you that all clouds are not alike and that all cloud providers were not alike. We are always looking towards the future and developing products that help...
Hybrid cloud services model driving new business, new metrics at Codero
Oct 04, 2013
The following article was written by Liam Eagle on October 1, 2013 for 451 Research. 451 Research, a division of The 451 Group, provides syndicated research, data and advisory services focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation. Over 60 publishing 451 Research analysts provide critical and timely insight into the competitive dynamics of innovation in emerging technology segments...
Exceptional Service Delivered…Again!
Sep 20, 2013
Introducing the New Codero Cloud with the BEST Reliability, Performance, and Value! As we look at all the different cloud options and platforms out there, it’s pretty obvious that all clouds are not alike. Well, not all cloud providers are alike either and that’s something we pride ourselves on as we feel we provide a...
The Flight From Amazon?
Aug 27, 2013
I got this email last week, from a customer commenting on a prior blog post I wrote about the high cost of AWS. Here it goes: Great post! Don’t believe the HYPE: Dedicated Hosting is 3x cheaper than AWS I am a disgruntled ex-AWS customer turned happy 5-server Codero customer. Keep it up! Dennis L.,...
Tutor for Good uses Codero Hosting
Aug 15, 2013
Check out this awesome video we received from one of our amazing customers – Lucy Madison from Tutor for Good. Not only are they doing some cool stuff with their tutoring program, but they are doing it using Codero’s Hosting services, which we think is even cooler. “Tutor for Good is a project of Felicity...
Does Open Cloud Really Matter That Much?
Aug 01, 2013
I hear so many people talk about the “open cloud” as if it was some sort of panacea. It seems for some the “open” label matters so much now that it supersedes anything truly meaningful to the customer. Too many hosting vendors are talking about openness on cloud as if it’s the ONLY thing that...
Tech Support: A Two Way Street
Jul 19, 2013
Tips for interacting with your Support Department: Having to contact the support department of a company you have purchased a service from  may sometimes be viewed with a negative connotation, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Especially when you are prepared! I’d like to address a few of these negative stereotypes and offer...
Pass The bread! About Codero’s Culture, Values and Creed
Jul 09, 2013
A company without culture is like a sandwich without bread.  It just isn’t possible.  Whether the culture is implied, in the background, or printed on company letterhead, it is ever-present.  Make no mistake. In the beginning, Codero’s culture was not “codified” – it was relaxed and informal, and implied.  We all knew we were a...
From Dell: Codero can focus on hosting services with Dell technology
Jul 03, 2013
The following article was written by Ingrid Vanderveldt on July 3, 2013 for Dell’s Tech Page One. Dell is an American multinational computer technology corporation based in Round Rock, Texas, that develops, sells, repairs and supports IT hardware and related products and services. Emil Sayegh is the president and CEO of Austin-based Codero Hosting. Launched in 2009, Codero Hosting...
On the Road Again: Codero Visits the Big Apple at Cloud Expo!
Jun 28, 2013
As we highlighted before, we’re traveling around spreading the word not only about Codero and Our Exceptional Hosting Services, but also about the Hybrid Cloud, Dedicated IT infrastructure, and demystifying “Cloud” to the public. To that point, Codero was in the big apple at Cloud Expo New York 2013 recently. It was a great event,...
Codero leads the way (again) – Offering Plesk 11.5 on first day of release!
Jun 25, 2013
Continuing To Offer The Latest And Greatest! Who doesn’t love having the latest and greatest tools to get the job done?  Well, we love putting these tools into the hands of our customers!  Tools always make things so much easier. Codero is proud to be first in the industry to release the latest version of...
From 451 Research: Codero Relaunching Cloud Services Around Hybrid Hosting Environment
Jun 24, 2013
The following article was written by Liam Eagle on June 20, 2013 for 451 Research. 451 Research, a division of The 451 Group, provides syndicated research, data and advisory services focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation. Over 60 publishing 451 Research analysts provide critical and timely insight into the competitive dynamics of innovation in...
High tech idea thieves steal Texas jobs
Jun 18, 2013
The following is a guest post from Emil Sayegh, president and CEO of Codero Hosting, and was published in the Austin American-Statesman, Monday June 17, 2013. The Internet is the fuel that powers our current economy — ever growing, and allowing new industries and ideas to emerge day by day — and a lot of...
Get Out of the Closet!
Jun 06, 2013
I talk to so many Start-ups, as well as Small and Medium Businesses, that are still running servers in their closets. Really? Why would anyone need to run servers on-premise anymore and worse – in the server closet? Sound crazy? Well it really is! A lot can go wrong in the closet It’s time to...
Codero’s Road Trip Highlights: CloudCon Expo 2013 in San Francisco
May 31, 2013
We just got back from our first stop on our summer road trip and we wanted to share some of the highlights with you. Where did we go first? CloudCon Expo SF in San Francisco, CA. There, I shot some video of discussions our CEO, Emil Sayegh, participated in as part of “The Business of...
Oh IT Managers – Please demand more, you deserve better…smarter…faster!
May 29, 2013
The IT Manager Dilemmas: I remember when I was an IT Manager in the late 90’s. Back then I was responsible for of the massive IT infrastructure for a pre-paid phone card processor. It was an environment full of “big iron”. I had a giant storage array bigger than my car, bunches of dedicated servers,...
Better off with Hybrid – Big Data needs cloud and dedicated servers
May 20, 2013
Ladies and gentlemen - It’s big, it’s data, it’s big data. It was the talk of the town at CloudCon Expo in San Francisco this week. CloudCon Expo was a great event. It was great to meet and talk to so many peers, partners, customers and people from across the industry. One of the highlights for...
Codero on the Road (Again) this Summer – Come see us!
May 10, 2013
Summer is the time for travel and the same is true here at Codero. We are hitting the road, coast to coast, from San Francisco to New York and passing by Texas, with a lot of events planned along the way, with even more to come. In fact, the fun begins next week. We’ll be...
Don’t believe the HYPE: Dedicated Hosting is 3x cheaper than AWS
May 09, 2013
AWS – The 10,000-pound gorilla We know that Amazon Web Services (AWS) — Amazon’s Cloud — has its sights set on the enterprise market and is looking to make a splash.  They have a lot of our competitors on the run.  Amazon is a big name, and cloud adoption is good, but I am here...
Codero Hosted Network Attached Storage (NAS) and SAN Storage Offerings Help Customers with Affordable Scale Out
Apr 30, 2013
I’ve heard it from customers before, “When are you going to offer more storage options?” Well, you asked and we delivered. I’m happy to announce our newest offering: Network Area Storage (NAS) & Storage Area Network (iSCSI SAN) storage for your Dedicated Hosting and Managed Hosting services. We always work to offer our customers the...
The fiber is coming! The fiber is coming!
Apr 11, 2013
That’s right. Google has announced its next city for Google fiber and guess where it’s going to be? Why Austin, Texas, of course! That’s something everyone at Codero is happy about. It’s great and all that Google fiber is coming to Austin, but we got to thinking about something. Google has already brought fiber to...
Codero’s Diving Team Helps Fix Undersea Internet Cuts
Apr 01, 2013
A dark storm has come to part of the world. No, not a major hurricane or tidal wave, but something much worse. It brought havoc to those across the African coast. What was it? Something that strikes fear into even the strongest of Internet customers: an undersea fiber cut! According to news reports, numerous teams...
Great Times with Codero at SXSW
Mar 29, 2013
When you think of SXSW you instantly think of all the great music that streams from the local bars.  But for me, it is all the information and technology that flows from the conference center – this is Vegas for the techies.  So many tech companies showing off their goods in a place that most...
Team Codero “Rolling” at SXSW!
Mar 19, 2013
Holy moly! What a week we’ve had! We just finished our very first SXSW experience and we have got to say what a blast we had there! Although it’s over now, you can be sure it won’t be the last time we’re there, now that we have many of Team Codero in Austin. We want...
Team Codero Kicking Up its Heels at SXSW Interactive!
Mar 07, 2013
As the “go to” event for technology and entrepreneurship, SXSW Interactive is the perfect place for Team Codero to hang out with fellow technology-minded folks, and industry thought leaders. From important insights, to cool giveaways, to brainy discussions on cloud technology and services, the Codero booth and the Codero Meet-Up will be the gathering place...
Introducing Enterprise-grade Hosting from Codero with the Dell Server lineup
Mar 05, 2013
Codero Hosting had a great 2012 with many customer successes.  But we are never satisfied with the status quo. We work to constantly improve upon our commitment to reliability and performance for our customers. Our customers deserve an exceptional hosting service and we continuously strive to deliver. Committed to Exceptional Service Codero has taken yet...
Doing the Harlem Shake – Codero Style!
Mar 05, 2013
It had to be done. We had to get in on the latest internet video craze, The Harlem Shake. And why not, it was a blast! For those of you who’ve been following our blog, or are connected with us through Twitter or Facebook, you know Codero is a place where we let loose and have a...
A Valentine’s Day Post: Let’s Spread the Love to Customers, Too!
Feb 14, 2013
February is the month of love and that means people who love each other gather on Valentine’s Day to celebrate with gifts, flowers, candy and romantic dinners. There are many stories of the origin of Valentine’s Day. One tells of Saint Valentine and how he found himself imprisoned helping couples. Before his execution, he healed...
Love is in the Air: How Codero Spreads the Love with Valentine’s Day Reliability
Feb 11, 2013
Flowers! Candy! Romance! No, it’s not opening of a new romantic movie; it’s time for Valentine’s Day and the month of love! Although love is in the air, you will see those in the floral industry busy as bees. This includes online ordering for all the cupids and lovers who want flowers for loved ones!...
Starting 2013 Right…Pingoscope Names Codero one of the Top Hosters of 2012!
Jan 16, 2013
What a way to start the New Year! Just last week a kind person came into our Live Chat system and told one of our best sales managers, Clint, that we won a 100% uptime award. We were skeptical at first, but excited. This is out of the 20 TOP hosting providers in the industry...
Codero Hosting Helps Customers Pursue Truth and Justice by Powering!
Jan 09, 2013
Wildly Successful My-SpyCam Achieves Ambitious Goal of Sub 2-Second Page Load Times with Codero Hosting. Although people buy hidden cameras for a variety of reasons? a nanny cam to protect kids or a security camera at work? you can bet that capturing the truth is on the list. For Kris Kayyal, owner of My-SpyCam, just...
What Do Cloud Services Really Do For You?
Jan 04, 2013
How about making you?the CIO?the hero for once… If I’m a CIO, how do I get to be the good guy for my company? In 2013, I have made a new year’s resolution to no longer be the guy that “always says ‘no.’ How do I get to be the hero again? I want to...
You Spoke. We Listened: New Features and 2nd Generation Smart Servers(TM) in Phoenix
Dec 20, 2012
2nd generation Smart Servers are here! With the flock of customers adopting Codero Smart Servers, I’m proud to announce that we’re adding a wave of 2nd generation features. We’ve heard the wish list and we’ve delivered. Plus, Smart Servers are now available at our flagship Phoenix, Arizona data center. Smart Servers still have all the original features, plus more:...
An Open Holiday Letter to Codero Customers, Employees, and our Network of Family and Friends
Dec 20, 2012
As 2012 rapidly draws to a close, I find myself thinking about the past year, and looking forward to the next.  This is typically a time where we set aside time for friends and family to celebrate and reflect on our many blessings. There is no better group of people I am grateful to, than...
Announcing Codero’s New MicroCloud Product Line!
Dec 12, 2012
As a new member of the Codero team, I’m so proud of the enthusiasm and energy that my team, and Codero as a whole, pours into the development and launch of new products in order to solve customer problems. Our latest launch … The Codero MicroCloud. Why MicroCloud? Many customers struggle with the multi-tenant nature of...
Codero Landed in Austin Y’All! Come Along for the Ride.
Nov 27, 2012
Codero has officially opened its doors in the Lone Star state! I’m excited to announce that we’ve added to our current office in Lenexa, Kansas and office/data center in Phoenix, Arizona with a new office in Austin. The area is home to a vibrant technology community and offers a highly skilled pool of employees and prospective customers....
Wishing You a Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving
Nov 21, 2012
While the Thanksgiving holiday in the states is a time to enjoy wonderful food, football, family traditions and the company of friends and loved ones, it’s also an important time to give thanks. In the spirit of that tradition, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to our many customers around the world. Each of...
Codero – Giving Back and ‘Doing Good’ is in Our DNA!
Nov 19, 2012
Codero is adding to our tradition of giving back to our community with our annual food drive! It was held in our Kansas City office and was a huge success thanks to all of our generous Team Codero members. Winner, winner! Chicken (Noodle Soup) Dinner! The Codero food drive competition is over and the true...
Codero’s App (Pronounced r-bee-o) Wins at the Compute Midwest Hack-a-thon Challenge!
Nov 16, 2012
Codero Developers ROCK 24-hour App-building Challenge, Building a Personal Assistant Robot that Lets Users Send Emails, Texts, Search, and More Codero veteran developers Tom Martin and Stan Antov were more than up for the 24-hour app-building challenge presented at the Compute Midwest Hack-a-thon last week. The event was part of the Compute Midwest conference held...
The Codero Hybrid Cloud Powers Chiron Data Systems to Scale Up its Fight Against Diabetes
Nov 13, 2012
Chiron Data Systems believes diabetes education is a critical part of patients’ success and delivers user-friendly solutions for the cause. No system puts software at the fingertips of educators like Chiron’s DiaMed solution. It assists in tracking patients, their treatment, and outcomes. Data Systems is a true innovator in its field and as result, patients...
Codero Proud Sponsor of the Compute Midwest Conference
Nov 09, 2012
Join Codero at Compute Midwest and Hack-a-Thon this week. Codero is proud to be a sponsor of the 2012 Compute Midwest conference. Earlier this week we started things off with a customer meet-up here in Kansas City, followed by a few of us attending the CMW kick off party. Compute Midwest is a 2 day...
Codero’s Halloween Costume Contest
Nov 02, 2012
Is it strange for adults to celebrate Halloween by dressing in costumes and going in to work? I know I felt a little weird leaving the house dressed as a lumberjack this morning…and again when I walked across the parking lot and into the office building. But, I’ll admit this; I haven’t had this much...
Howdy Partner! Codero Wants to Partner With You!
Oct 24, 2012
Join a Number of Top Industry Channel Partners That Have Already Joined, Including PSwerks, Dialec Solutions, Website Movers International, and WorldTech IT. Codero Hosting delivers world-class dedicated, managed, cloud and hybrid on-demand hosting solutions on-demand for businesses of all sizes worldwide. Codero offers hosting from its SSAE 16 (SAS 70 Type II) data centers located...
Exclusive Interview with Codero Hosting CEO, Emil Sayegh
Oct 12, 2012
The following is an exclusive interview with our CEO and Richard Guzzo from ————————————————————————————— Please tell us a brief history of yourself, and why you joined Codero Hosting. I am Emil Sayegh, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Codero Hosting. I joined Codero in January 2012, after launching and pioneering successful Cloud Computing and...
Scalable Dedicated Servers? Finally!
Oct 11, 2012
The following is an article from Chris Henning at highlighting Codero and our Smart Server offering. Check it out! ————————————————————————————– When it comes to dedicated servers, there has always been a problem with upgrades. Generally, you are stuck with the hard settings you order. RAM, HD, Processing power are all locked down. When you need...
Work Hard/Play Hard at Codero
Sep 27, 2012
You’ve all heard the term work-life balance and know that it is the concept of prioritizing between your career and your preferred lifestyle, aka fun and family. Well, Codero is challenging that concept by making working hard more exciting and enjoyable. Don’t believe me? Challenge accepted! At Codero we love good food and who doesn’t?  So...
A New Vision for Executive Scorecards by ResultsPositive hosted at Codero!
Sep 25, 2012
Experience why ResultsPositive and Codero go well together! For the last 20 years, executives have been struggling to prove the value that their IT solutions bring to the organization. Countless Executives have been frustrated with the numerous scorecard solutions that have continually fallen short of expectations. As a result, many execs, and entire organizations wait days, even...
Day 1: Codero Hosting joins the i2Coalition as founding member to Fight ‘Bad’ Internet Legislation
Sep 17, 2012
There has been plenty of discussion around both the Protect-IP Act (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) legislation. In short, SOPA and PIPA would require web hosting companies, like Codero, to police websites to stop the communication of potentially copyright-infringing information over the Internet. The legislation was so loose and non-specific that it...
Calling all Codero customers! FormLogix – Makes Creating Web Forms Simple and Painless! Check it out!
Sep 13, 2012
Benny Tsabba is a man on a mission. He’s determined to make people’s lives better by changing the way digital web forms are created– from expensive and agonizing to simple and painless. And, for the past seven years he and his team have been doing exactly that. Tsabba launched his company FormLogix in 2005 when...
Codero Offers Windows® Server 2012 on First Day of Availability from Microsoft!
Sep 04, 2012
Codero always ensures the latest and greatest technologies are available to our customers.  With our usual agility, Codero is making Windows® Server 2012 available to our customers, today, simultaneously with Microsoft’s launch. Windows® Server 2012 is the newest installment of the Windows® operating system (OS) and is the successor to Windows® Server 2008. Today, on... Sells Over 230,000 Products and 2000-plus Brands Through their eCommerce Engine Hosted with Codero
Aug 28, 2012 story is the story of so many internet startups.  It was founded in 2008 by a 21-year-old entrepreneur, who had a vision and a dream.  They started with the idea to be different than competitors who were selling to consumers online. This is a hard task as there are many different business concepts and...
Manager of Provisioning Jarrod Smith ‘Rocks Servers to the Racks’ for Codero Customers
Aug 23, 2012
Last week was a Record Number of Codero Dedicated Servers Deployed Jarrod Smith was born and raised in San Diego, CA. He’s a Codero veteran, joining the company as a support technician back in 2003. Since that time, a lot has happened and Codero has grown to be a hosting powerhouse with thousands of customers...
Customer Service is King for Codero Customer – Shade Tree Network
Aug 06, 2012
The Shade Tree Network is a company that provides website design services and site maintenance to customers of all sizes. The company’s website design services include logo design, page layout, creating photo galleries, developing website merchandising strategies, and more. Michael Capps, owner of the Shade Tree Network, prides himself on helping customers define their web...
Codero Unveils New and Innovative Smart Server Hosting Platform!
Jul 19, 2012
At Codero, 1+1 >2.   Dedicated hosting PLUS Cloud features! Team Codero is excited to unveil our newest hosting platform solution: Smart Servers! Smart Servers is an innovative hosting solution from Codero that truly blends the best features from a dedicated server environment with cloud computing attributes. Codero Smart Servers deliver the performance and security of...
New High Performance Xeon E5-2600 Servers from Codero are here!
Jul 18, 2012
At Codero, we are always striving to offer the highest performing hosting solutions, combined with top-notch customer service, at the best possible value to our customers. It is in our DNA and we can’t help it!  That is why we are so excited today to announce the availability of the new Server lineup based on...
Join us in Boston for HostingCon 2012!
Jul 13, 2012
Do you love hosting? If yes, then HostingCon 2012 is a must! It is for Codero’s CEO Emil Sayegh and our COO Ryan Elledge. Along with others at Codero, Emil and Ryan will be in Boston, MA, July 15-18, attending the event and meeting customers and partners. Hopefully you will be there as well, and if you are...
Jason x 2 = Spectacular Results
Jul 02, 2012
As many of you know, the Codero team is growing in leaps and bounds. After announcing last week our new Data Center in Ashburn, I am extremely proud and excited to officially welcome two of our newest employees: Jason and Jason! That’s right, that’s double the Jason power under one roof! Jason Ackely has been...
Codero is Headed East to Virginia! Come Along for the Ride
Jun 26, 2012
Codero is excited to be opening our third US data center in Ashburn, VA. Why Virginia? The answer is why not? Virginia is the “Birthplace of the Nation” and 8 former presidents including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. It is home to some really good seafood (it even has the only oyster museum...
Codero is The BACKBONE of the Rock’n’Roll “Monster” HD Radio Network! – Powered by Codero, HDRN is ranked as the largest metal station, and the second-largest rock station on the internet!
Jun 08, 2012
We recently met up with Philip Foltz, the CEO of the HD Radio Network.  Philip explained to us that the HD Radio Network is one of the biggest Internet-only radio networks. The station’s family includes Hard Drivin’ Radio (a.k.a. HDR), Big 80s Metal, and All HDR Classics. In fact, they are ranked the largest metal...
Mission Possible – Account Security
Jun 05, 2012
Imagine if you will. You are a business owner. You have an e-commerce site, running on servers at a hosting company. This hosting relationship helps put food on your table and the table of each of your employees. You depend on it. Now, imagine a former employee gets access to your servers and compromises your...
Youlian brings the +Value to life
Jun 01, 2012
In our header of our website, you see four words beside our name: Best Reliability+Performance + Value.  These are words we live by at Codero, and today I would like to focus on the word Value and share with you one of the reasons Codero can offer great Value to our customers.  Two words, though...
Why Fast is Good. Get on the Internet Autobahn fast through Codero!
May 30, 2012
Do you rely on dedicated servers to provide the computing power you need to run your business? If the answer is yes, you probably need it up and running quickly as well. How fast do you need a dedicated server?  One Hour?  4 Hours? 2 Days? Or 2 weeks? If you’re like many of our...
Codero + Jessica Alba = A Match Made on Twitter!
May 24, 2012
What a revolutionary communications tool Twitter has become. All at once, it’s put everyone in direct contact with each other. An opportunity to stay in close touch with customers at this level is unheard of — and it’s one that smart companies are quickly seizing. Companies that work at social media and engage their customers more directly soon...
Codero, together with our Customers are Planting over 1,000 Trees!
Apr 20, 2012
In honor of Earth Day, which is Sunday, April 22, Codero will be matching our customers’ donations to plant trees through our Plant-a-Tree program. First off, we wanted to give a big thanks to those of you who donated. This year our customers donated generously to the cause and with our dollar for dollar match (plus...
12 for 12! Codero Named #1 in February and #2 in March on Netcraft’s Most Reliable Web Hosting Sites
Apr 09, 2012
We were happy when we were named #1 on Netcraft’s list in February. The March ratings were announced last week and the excitement continues! We’re #2, so once again we have made it to the top of the list. We’ve maintained a Top #25 position consistently for 12 straight months, too. This is something that...
A Story that Needs to be Told: Why I Joined Codero as CEO
Mar 07, 2012
By Emil Sayegh, President and CEO By now you may have seen Ryan’s blog post, the news release, the Tweets, and some of the articles (Silicon Angle and Cloud Computing Journal) announcing that I have joined Codero Hosting as President and CEO. I wanted to personally let you know how delighted I am to be...
Meet the New Codero CEO, Emil Sayegh
Feb 29, 2012
As I mentioned in a tweet last week, “If busy is good, I am great. Exciting stuff happening at @Codero!” Exciting stuff is most definitely happening at Codero Hosting, and a lot of it is directly related to the newest addition to our family, Emil Sayegh. Emil joined us as our President and Chief Executive...
Domain Registration Spoof E-Mail
Feb 06, 2012
Over the past weekend an individual or group spoofed the e-mail from and sent unauthorized Domain Service Notices to many domain name registrants.  These emails were not sent by or authorized by Codero.  Codero does not offer domain name registration services, and the contact information provided in the emails is not Codero contact information....
Codero Opposes Protect-IP Act (PIPA) And Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Legislation
Jan 13, 2012
I wanted to take a moment to touch on the Protect-IP Act (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) legislation currently being considered in the U.S. Congress. SOPA and PIPA would require web hosting companies, like Codero, to police websites to stop the communication of potentially copyright-infringing information over the internet. We would like...
Upgrade Your Server
Dec 15, 2011
Server Portal has once again been upgraded.  We’ve now made it easier for you to manage your services—all in one place—your services page. Managed your servers Make changes to your current service* Upgrade your ram Upgrade your bandwidth Upgrade the number of IP Address for your service Add additional services* Add an additional Hard Drive...
Codero Named Top Managed Host
Nov 28, 2011 is pleased to announce that Codero was named Top Managed Host. The award was given in recognition of Codero’s dedication to superior reliability, outstanding IT performance and numerous flexible hosting solutions the company offers to its customers. is committed to providing potential web hosting customers with information about the best deals out there...
Web Host Ranking Names Codero Best Managed Host!
Nov 16, 2011
Acknowledging the exceptional features of Codero’s managed hosting, is proud to announce we have given Codero our Best Managed Host Award. Codero was chosen for the top honor for a number of reasons including the levels of support options. Codero offers four dedicated server management support level options with unique services to help reduce...
Giveaways just in time for the holidays
Nov 01, 2011
Starting today and ending on the 23rd of December we’re giving away weekly prizes to lucky Codero Facebook fans.  Entering is easy—just like our Facebook page.  For a list prizes, drawing schedule, and promotion rules visit our specials section on the website. Like us on Facebook now!  The first drawing will be this Friday, the...
Email Archiving Challenges and Benefits.
Oct 24, 2011
Are you archiving your email on a steady basis? If you’re not, you’re not alone. This is the second post in a series of blogs addressing the importance of backing up and archiving. Often, companies do not understand the advantages a proper email archiving system offers. It is different than simply storing email on an...
Backup Is Not Your Archive, Clear Differences.
Oct 05, 2011
The impact of data loss can be devastating as anyone who has ever lost important information can tell you.  At Codero, we advise our customers to be diligent about backing up and archiving your data.  This is the first in a series of blogs addressing backups and archives with advice we hope you find valuable....
Codero Cloud Now Offering cPanel /Plesk.
Sep 29, 2011
Codero Cloud continues to be enhanced with the new features our customers demand.  Our Dev team is launching cPanel and Plesk cloud templates today.   That way, our Cloud customers can get all the great tools and functionality of cPanel and Plesk deployed via the Codero Cloud.  You simply manage your instance just as you would... Has A New Look.
Sep 06, 2011
If you haven’t noticed … our website is undergoing a facelift. Check it out. We hope you like it! We’d love some feedback so use the comments below to tell us what you think. Has A New Look. is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting Has A New Look. is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
Are You a PC or Mac Person?
Aug 23, 2011
He rides a Harley. She prefers a Vespa.  He wants to see the newest Hollywood release. She loves indie films. This is not a description for the latest TV show.  It’s an exploration of the preferences between PC and Mac users. The data was collected from users by Hunch. This is slightly off topic –...
Reseller Program Holds New Additions.
Aug 17, 2011
Codero has made some changes to our Reseller Program and response has already been great! Read all about it in this press release. The full program details with new enhancements and a downloadable reseller data sheet are available here. Reseller Program Holds New Additions. is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blogReseller Program Holds New Additions. is a post from: Codero dedicated hosting blog
20 Years Later … Linux is More Than Just a Hobbyist’s Experiment and a Penguin.
Aug 10, 2011
Once Linux entered the computing scene 20 years ago, nothing was the same again. Linux today is everywhere … it is the largest collaborative development project in the history of computing. You’ll find Linux in your TV, on your desktop, at the movies, powering stock exchanges, in your car, in your phone and at your...
Codero COO Presents to C-level Executives at HostingCon 2011.
Aug 03, 2011
You can learn more about mergers and acquisitions from Codero COO Ryan Elledge if you are attending HostingCon 2011 in San Diego, CA. He will be a presenter along with Francis Stiff, President of Cheval Capital, Inc. Their presentation is on August 8 at 2:00 p.m. and is titled:  “Why Your Company May Be Worth...
Does Your Security Have More Bark Than Bite? Security Tips For System Administrators.
Jul 28, 2011
When it comes to your computers, can you really ever be too secure? Seems there’s always something new to learn that can help you ensure your systems are not threatened. For example, did you know you can make Secure Shell (SSH) even more secure so it works even harder for you? SSH adds a layer...
Not Everything’s Going Down the Toilet.
Jul 21, 2011
The genius behind the personal computer revolution is now putting his muscle behind the toilet. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is pledging $42 million in grants through The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to reinvent the toilet. Gates is turning his talent for inventing cutting-edge products to this unglamorous contraption because his foundation hopes to...
How to Take a Vacation Without The Burden of IT Baggage.
Jul 19, 2011
When you’re responsible for a company’s technology running smoothly 24/7, you may feel so indispensable that even the thought of taking a vacation brings on a rapid heartbeat. If you dare leave, the guilt over the baggage of what could happen in your absence could ruin your trip. Here are a few procedures to implement...
New Dashboard and More Server Portal Improvements.
Jun 29, 2011
We appreciate the trust our customers place in us when it comes to hosting. We realize your desire to know what goes on with the network. The role we take in keeping you informed about your Codero services and products is one we take very seriously. That’s why we continue our efforts to make information...
Linux 3.0 Races Ahead of 2.6.39 To Be Faster.
Jun 27, 2011
The 3.0 version of Linux is going to be noticeably faster than 2.6.39 due to changes made, according to Linus Torvalds.Linus created the 3.0 name for the new release and parted ways with the Linux 2.6 kernel series. The 3.0 will be released close to the 20th anniversary of Linux in August this year. He...
W3C Makes It Easier for You to Define Standards.
Jun 20, 2011
Those developers who want to come up with new Internet standards now have a forum to help them do so. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) wants to make it easier for developers and others to define Web standards. Currently this is done by creating the standard and then presenting it through a W3C working...
Google Ditches Specialized Search Services.
Jun 14, 2011
Did you hear the news yet?  Google has discontinued its specialized Linux and BSD search pages. A Google spokesperson said the services were set up years ago to offer search across a limited index of the web which used to be the best way to find this information. But today, search quality has advanced a...
What’s In A Name? Linux Does It By Numbers.
Jun 08, 2011
Linus Torvalds has said goodbye to the Linux 2.6 kernel series. He has renamed Linux 2.6.40 kernel. It is now Linux 3.0 kernel with a second dot and another zero (3.0.0).  There had already been 39 major releases of the 2.6 kernel series. The kernel name is not the only change. When this release is...
40-year-old Is Still Working Hard for Technology.
Jun 06, 2011
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) celebrated its 40th birthday last month … time flies.  The protocol now known as FTP has come a long way since Abhay Bushan, an MIT student, created the original specifications for it.  The standard has grown from a simple protocol to copy files over a TCP-based network into the integrated model...
Server Portal enhancements improve the user experience for Codero customers
Jun 01, 2011
The Codero Development team recently released some improvements to our customers’ Server Portal. First, Codero now has SMS Service Notifications. You can stay up-to-date with the latest service notifications via text messaging from Codero by signing up with our new SMS service.  The sign-up process is simple and can be accomplished easily from your profile...
This End Could Be For Real … The End of Linux 2.6 releases.
May 24, 2011
The Linux 2.6 kernel series is on its way to its 40th release in seven years. The creator of the Linux operating system,  Linus Torvalds, said this week that since there has already been so many Linux 2.6 releases, he may end up tagging this next version as the Linux 2.8.0 kernel or Linux 3.0....
Codero Cloud Customers Can Upload Personal Templates
May 20, 2011
Customer response to our new Cloud hosting service has been tremendous and we are continuing to refine it to help boost the performance of your computing. That’s why we just added a new enhancement. Today we are happy to announce that Codero Cloud users can now upload their own templates.  Best of all, it’s easy....
What stands between the graduate and the top of the ladder?
May 20, 2011
Question: what stands between the graduate and the top of the ladder? Answer: the ladder. As students graduate this month, I felt compelled to share Seth Godin’s blog here. His advice in this blog seems valuable no matter what your age or stage in life … it’s applicable to start-up businesses as well. Seth is...
Codero’s Cloud Infographic Highlights Green Benefits and Cost-effectiveness.
May 18, 2011
Just how green is Cloud?  We compiled the latest statistics to find proof that Cloud is indeed an energy-saving hosting option. With the debut of Cloud Hosting from Codero, we wanted to let you know all the advantages our new on-demand offering holds. Codero Cloud is offered by the hour or by the month. It...
Business Continuity Is Ensured With Extra Layers of Protection Like Disaster Recovery.
Apr 28, 2011
????The wide open doors of the internet have allowed even more individuals to start businesses and thrive from being so accessible to so many. The most successful businesses have sound plans in place… from growth and sales … to succession plans. Disaster recovery plans are being embraced as well in an organization’s strategy now. A...
Setting up Your Own Webcam Monitoring System
Apr 21, 2011
As some of you may know, and for those of you who don’t (me included), there is an inexpensive way to set up your own webcam monitoring system. Whether you’re looking to keep an eye on your house while on vacation or making sure your place of business is running smoothly on your day off,...
Codero to Sponsor Social Business Summit & Strategy Workshop.
Apr 19, 2011
We’re happy to be participating again in another Social: IRL event right here in the area. Codero is one of the sponsors for the Social Business Summit and Strategy Workshop which will be held April 26, 2011 at the Embassy Suites, Kansas City International Airport. Keynote speaker for the day-long workshop is Jeremiah Owyang. He’s highly acclaimed...
Efficient Tool for Linux System Administrators.
Apr 05, 2011
For those making the same change on multiple servers at the same time, this could be the tool for you. Many Linux system administrators work on a bank of machines, a farm of web servers, which they have to maintain. You might be used to logging into each one with SSH and doing it serially....
Congratulations to Our Neighboring KC KS, Now 100 Times Faster Thanks to Google.
Mar 30, 2011
It’s official…Google just announced Kansas City, Kansas will get the first high-speed broadband network in the country. Just a few short miles away from Codero’s headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas, the city beat out more than 1,100 cities across the U.S. to become a test site for the fiber network. Kansas City, Kansas and area community...
Safeguard the Security of your Transactional and Customer Data.
Mar 28, 2011
Cyber attacks are nothing new but they do seem to be increasing against governments and companies around the world. Google and Amazon have both weathered Internet disruptions, and now, even RSA, the security division of storage giant EMC Corp., suffered what they called an “advanced persistent threat” (APT) recently. RSA was victimized and lost information...
Cloud Beta From Codero Highlighted at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco.
Mar 24, 2011
Codero professionals will be in attendance at the Web 2.0 Expo March 29-30 in San Francisco. We’re looking forward to seeing all the developers, designers and marketers who have the same interest as we do in the next-generation web. Stop by our exhibit at booth # 11 in the Emerging Technologies Pavilion to learn more...
Cloud Public Beta is Here…the Way it Should Be…Affordable.
Mar 22, 2011
We are excited to announce the Cloud beta launch!  Now’s the time to start using it when it is at prices that are even further below market price for those who sign up during the initial beta period. Set-up for both plans is at no charge and no contracts are required. The engineers here at...
Customer Control Panel Streamlined.
Mar 21, 2011
Part of being a customer-focused company is looking for ways to improve upon our services. Our enhanced Server Portal is one of our most recent improvements and it has been well received by our customers. The communications channel allows customers to remotely reboot their servers among other features. It also allows viewing of bandwidth for...
A Quick Glance at HTML5
Mar 16, 2011
Building upon “How HTML5 will change the Web,” Peter Wayner of InfoWorld continues to expand upon HTML5 features throughout his most recent series of articles. The series highlights four areas of the HTML5 standard technologies that most, if not all, modern browsers are supporting in some capacity. The article takes an in-depth look at topics...
Update on 3/8/2011 DDoS Attack
Mar 10, 2011
On March 8, 2011, shortly after 8:10 am Central Time, a very large scale Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attack began that was focused on an IP administered by a DNS service provider, terminating in one of the networks of our Phoenix data center. When the attack began, our network engineering team immediately implemented our...
Yesterday’s DoS Attack – Response from CEO
Mar 09, 2011
As you may already be aware, yesterday morning Codero was hit by a massive Denial of Service (“DoS”) attack that began at approximately 8:00 a.m. CST and impacted a number of our customers.  This was a deliberate coordinated attack from multiple origination points.  The attack appeared to have been politically motivated and three other hosting...
The New Comfort Level with E-Commerce.
Mar 07, 2011
????????Online shopping continues to become more and more convenient so it’s not surprising more customers are turning to the web for purchases. They think they can often find better deals online than in brick-and-mortar stores and prefer shopping on their own time, not when the store happens to be open. As people start accessing the...
Real-time information and social media are changing everything … especially the way we do business.
Mar 03, 2011
Codero was recently featured in a book about social media. The book gave insight about our expertise in using social media for a public relations matter. The NOW Revolution explains how you should retool your organization to make real-time business work for you…rather than against you. A blogger on Fast Company who references the book...
Help for Open Source Projects.
Feb 28, 2011
If you’re wondering how to start an open source software project, you might be happy to know there are several examples out there showing how to do it successfully. Open source software vendor, Black Duck, organized projects into its Top 10 Open Source Rookies of the Year. For developers, system administrators and open source enthusiasts,...
We’re participating in Game Developer Conference March 2-4.
Feb 23, 2011
Codero will be in booth# 1143 at the Game Developers Conference® (GDC) in San Francisco, California. Stop by our exhibit and pick up a free Codero bag…we’ll be there from March 2 through March 4, 2011 in the Moscone Center. Since we provide optimized hosted infrastructure for game developers, and the conference is the world’s largest...
Visit Codero at SCALE in LA.
Feb 16, 2011
If you are going to SCALE, we hope to see you there.  Codero will be at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) 9X-2011. It’s being held February 25 through February 27, 2011 at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel.  SCALE is a community-run Linux and open-source conference.  Codero representatives will be available to discuss how...
Codero Director to be on Partner Advisory Committee at Parallels Summit.
Feb 14, 2011
Codero’s Director of Dedicated Services, Taylor Giddens, will be on the partner advisory committee for Plesk Panel at the Parallels Summit 2011 in Orlando, Florida next week. Parallels is the premier conference for service providers to learn what Cloud services small businesses want. More than 1,500 attendees are expected at Parallels including hosting companies, communication...
Codero Supports The First Web Design Staging Area In A Control Panel.
Feb 09, 2011
Codero now supports the latest in Parallels Plesk Panel 10.1. This most recent update introduces the industry’s first web design staging area in a control panel. You’ll find lots of  new features in this server control panel including role based access, a built-in sitebuilder tool, self-service tools, shared hosting compatibility with Parallels Business Automation Standard,...
CEO Addresses Cloud Infrastructure.
Feb 08, 2011
Our  CEO, Jonathan Ewert, talks about the future of cloud infrastructure in an interview by He gives his projections for infrastructure hosting, including cloud vs. hybrid, serving enterprise’s hosting needs and managing customers’ costs. Jonathan also talks about where Codero is headed with its Cloud offering. Read the interview here. CEO Addresses Cloud Infrastructure....
Majority of SMBs Have No Disaster Recovery Plan.
Feb 02, 2011
With a foot of snow dumped upon us during this blizzard and a state of emergency declared in the area, it made me think about planning for disasters. As someone who has experienced losing data firsthand, I can appreciate the value of having a secure plan in place to prevent it. That is why I...
Meticulous Planning Was Behind Successful Migration.
Feb 01, 2011
Migrations can be tricky. That’s why the engineers here at Codero spent months developing a comprehensive workflow process to make sure our last server migration was seamless. About this time last year, Codero began plans for a migration from its San Diego, California facility to its premier data center in Phoenix, Arizona. The move was...
Spending Too Much on IT? Hammer Down IT Labor Hours with Tools of Our Trade.
Jan 25, 2011
Gartner research predicts by 2015, tools and automation will eliminate 25% of labor hours associated with IT services. That means as industries such as hosting and IT services mature, things will change even faster than they already are. Cloud computing is taking off and we’re seeing the increase in use of tools and automation in...
How to Upgrade Your Server Without Spending Any Money
Jan 25, 2011
Codero customers are starting off the new year with new hardware without spending any money.  Using points earned from the loyalty Rewards Program customers are finding they can add services like bandwidth, extra disk space, backup services and more without the need to invest any money. For more information, you can view the full news...
WebMatrix Now Supported by Codero.
Jan 20, 2011
Codero is now supporting the free web publishing tool from Microsoft® called WebMatrix. It is available in 13 languages and allows you to easily create, customize and publish websites to the Internet. The software is designed for web developers who may be using free open-source software to build websites. WebMatrix includes tools for running a...
Judge a Book By Its Cover, Codero is Profiled In This One.
Jan 18, 2011
This is one book that does exactly what its cover says it will…give you “7 shifts to make your business faster, smarter and more social.”  Codero was asked to be featured in the book because of how we handle crisis management using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The book states: “Just as other...
When It Comes to Protecting Your Server, Why Take a Risk?
Jan 11, 2011
Shingles. Sea shells. Shining suits of armor. What do they all share in common? This is not a tongue twister. These are things that all offer protection. You think about protecting yourself from winter winds by wearing a coat. You prolong the life of your car by having it tuned up now and then. But how...
Elves Jump into Action at Codero.
Jan 04, 2011
Codero employees helped lift the spirits of area children by buying gifts to donate to Toys for Tots. Employees created a new spin on the typical “Secret Santa” gift drawing. Instead of the traditional exchange in which one is assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift, employees bought a gift for the...
What Inspirations Does Your Company Hold for the New Year?
Jan 03, 2011
Mark Twain had this to say about New Year’s Day: “Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.” No matter what you think about resolutions, with every new year, most business owners roll out a new marketing plan. How does...
Social Media Is Not About Return On Investment.
Sep 29, 2010
Social media is about return on engagement. That’s something I learned from the social media boot camp Codero co-sponsored featuring Sarah Evans. Sarah pegs herself as a “social media freak”…she has turned her passion into a career as a public relations and new media consultant of her own Chicago firm, Sevans Strategy. She considers social...
PCI Compliance…Take The Quick Quiz.
Sep 21, 2010
Here at Codero, we’ve found those merchants who conduct business with their customers online, come to us with a lot of questions about PCI Compliance. Compliancy is something the Payment Card Industry (PCI) created. They wanted to set forth standards to help alleviate some of the challenges that go along with the transmission, storage and...
Even Greener: 25-30% Decrease In Power Consumption.
Sep 15, 2010
Are you working to become a greener company? Not only does Codero offer green hosting, we also are buying only 80 PLUS certified power supplies for our data center. To date, a third of our power supply units have been updated, resulting in a 25-30% decrease in power consumption. Codero is putting greener, more energy-conscious...
Social Media Boot Camp Winners
Sep 10, 2010
We are pleased to announce the recipients of the three tickets to the Social:IRL Social Media Marketing Boot Camp with Sarah Evans on Tuesday, September 14, 2010. So many great entries were received, and it is exciting to see so many people who are passionate about expanding their knowledge in social media.  And the winners...
Website Wireframing Within the Browser: Good or Bad Thing?
Sep 09, 2010
I recently found an interesting bookmarklet while reading one of my favorite tech junkie blogs—Liquid Page, a tool that allows you to re-design web pages within your browser.  Apparently the idea for this tool came to the developer because he wanted a way to preview different layout change on his website without having to actually...
Using Smartphones To Pay For In-Store Purchases.
Sep 07, 2010
Could smartphones replace credit cards? Wireless payment solutions are just around the corner. Both Visa and MasterCard announced plans to allow their customers to use their smartphones to pay for in-store purchases. Visa’s test launch program will begin this month while Mastercard closes on a deal in October with its acquisition of European payment service...
Free Passes To Social Media Marketing Boot Camp…From Codero.
Sep 03, 2010
Here’s your chance to attend the Social Media Marketing Boot Camp with Sarah Evans on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 for free. The full day event with 6 hours of actual session time, will be held in Lawrence, KS at Maceli’s Banquet Hall, 1031 New Hampshire Street. Codero is a proud sponsor of the event and...
Codero Adds Quad and Dual Cores to Server Line.
Sep 01, 2010
I’ve already written about one of our new server additions…we’ve also added  2x Xeon Quad Core 2.26 GHz. This multi-processer server is ideal for functioning as a file server, for applications, as a database server, server virtualization and media server. Basic features include: 4 GB of RAM (upgradeable to 32 GB) 250 GB SATA2 hard drive 6 TB bandwidth 100...
Expanded Nehalem Microarchitecture Offering.
Aug 31, 2010
Over the next months, you will not only see changes to our website design, but also changes to our sever line-up. The Core i3 Dual Core 3.07 GHz, the first level of Intel’s new processor family, is a welcome addition to Codero’s Nehalem microarchitecture offering of i5 and i7. Codero is passionate about offering the tools...
Skype Connect, Formerly Skype for SIP, Is Now Out Of Beta.
Aug 30, 2010
The Skype Connect business VoIP offering is officially launched and ready for new business customers. Skype software enables users to make free video and voice calls with other Skype users. How well will it be accepted?  Skype Connect (formerly Skype for SIP) allows employees of a business to make domestic and international calls using regular office...