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Operating system pre-installed on the server.
Disk space:
Amount of storage space available on the server.
Internet bandwidth transfer limit.
Physical location of the data center.
One-time setup fee the hosting provider charges.
Control panel:
Type of control panel provided.
Money back:
Money back option the hosting provider gives.
45 days
Hosted domains:
Number of domains that can be hosted with this package.
Scripting languages supported by this package.
PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, SSI, Python, CGI
Email accounts:
Number of email accounts you get with this package.
Number of databases you can set up.
Extra features:
Additional features available for this package.
Site builder, Marketing credits, FTP access, SSH access, SSL, Shopping cart, Site statistics
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Host Gator
Company description:
A short description of this company.
Offers reseller, shared and dedicated plans.
Company ownership type.
Privately Held
Estimated annual revenue of this company.
$10 - 50M ($30,000,000 estimated) Ranked 25 at HostMonk
Estimated number of employees of this company.
100 - 250 (200 estimated) Ranked 20 at HostMonk
Owned domains:
List of other domain names that are owned by the same owner as this site.
brazzilforum.com, sharewarelaboratory.com, allreciprocal.com, trevorcrookkickasscopyclinic.com, virtualhottie.com, mobilegd.com, fastmsmmessaging.com, forzacentral.com, vmpowerhosting.com, rao-forums.com, garethpaulgates.net, adstockweb.com, ryanadamsonline.com, misshkgallery.com, designgator.com, spanish-town-guides.com, pro-domina.com, shakirarules.com, ladymascarade.com, med-owl.com, online-loan-office.com, dadbit.com
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3 contacts at Jigsaw
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An Intenet Web Hosting Site.  Considered as one of Houston's "Fast Tec 50" companies, as noted in the Houston Business Journal.  Companies are ranked by sales growth percentage from 2006 to 2007.  Hostgator revenues showed $9,466,351 for 2006 and $17,782,085 for 2007, an 87.85% increase.

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October, 2002 Ranked 49 at HostMonk
Alexa traffic rank:
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A measure of the site's popularity in US. The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews from users from US over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1 in US.
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384,603 (Compete.com) Ranked 6 at HostMonk
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Median website load time and percent of known sites that are slower.
1.655 Seconds, 57% of the sites are faster Ranked 40 at HostMonk
Site categories:
Up to 3 DMOZ (Open Directory) categories for the specified site.
Web Design and Development/Hosting
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Twitter profile:
Name and description of the official Twitter profile of this company.
hostgator (18319 followers)
"The official Twitter account of HostGator.com, a leading provider of web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers."
Ranked 5 at HostMonk
Physical address of this company.
9964 Robins Nest RD, Boca Raton, FL 33496, US
9964 Robins Nest RD, Boca Raton, FL 33496, US
Official phone number of this company.
+1 866 964 2867
Official email:
Official email address of this company.
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There are no user reviews for Hostgator.
Blog posts
Recent posts from Hostgator blog:
How You’re Doing Branding Wrong, And What To Do About It
Aug 20, 2015
The post How You’re Doing Branding Wrong, And What To Do About It appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Having a consistent and clear brand will help you build a business that lasts for the long-term. At the core of your branding should be a connection between you and your customer. The role of your brand is to communicate your value to your customer in the clearest manner possible. Only by understanding your customer can you truly create a brand that lasts. Most companies go about branding from the opposite approach and end up with a brand that speaks to no one. Below you’ll find some of the most common branding mistakes and what you can do to fix them. ? 1. Trusting Instinct Alone It’s easy to fall in love with your business idea. But, if it isn’t serving anyone, or no one is going to buy what you’re offering. Then it’s better left as a hobby than an actual business. Instead of focusing on building your brand identity and other activities to solidify your brand you should be talking with actual customers to verify your idea and uncover their needs. Only then does it make sense to invest more time into your project. After all, by going of instinct alone you’re essentially flying blind and will have no idea if anyone even wants ... web hosting
4 Tasks That Will Save Your Email Marketing Campaigns
Aug 18, 2015
The post 4 Tasks That Will Save Your Email Marketing Campaigns appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. On the internet, email is like having a mobile phone, with the difference that on the internet — you can almost always get anyone’s phone number, at any given time. Sometimes, you create something and ask users to enter their phone number (email) in for you, so that they can be notified when you share and publish more of the amazing stuff that got the interested in the first place. We now it by the name of email marketing. The reasons for creating an email list have long been known and understood by expert marketers, and we recently published a post ourselves, about the reasons why a small business should invest in an email marketing strategy, and how rewarding it can be. It’s without question the leading way of staying in touch with your customers and peers of interest. If you’r new to email marketing, or have done it a few times before, you will be familiar with email marketing campaigns — in simpler words, it simply means to send out a carefully crafted message and/or announcement to everyone who has signed up to be on your email list. And more often than not, we want these emails to be of highest ... web hosting
How To Use Split-Testing To Improve Your Website
Aug 12, 2015
The post How To Use Split-Testing To Improve Your Website appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Optimizing your website could be the missing factor in making your website a success. Split-testing allows you to truly unlock the power of your website. Imagine being able to test every aspect of your website, so it’s perfectly catered to your ideal visitor. When you’re building your website right out of the gate you’re actually making an educated guess about what you think your visitors are going to like. Split-testing allows you to morph your website into something that speaks to the heart of your visitors. To get started with the split testing process you’re going to need to install a split-testing tool, such as, Visual Website Optimizer, Google Analytics, Optimizely, Unbounce, or Crazy Egg. Once you have the tool installed, begin by testing some of the page elements we highlight below. ? Headlines If your headlines are too complex, or not clear, they’re not going to do a good job at conveying to the user what your page is actually about. Changing and simplifying your headlines can have a huge impact on your conversion rates. Common elements to test include: your value proposition, headline length, and the color and size of the headline. ? Call-To-Action Your call-to-action is one of the most important elements of your landing page. ... web hosting
The Power Of Native Advertising With Instagram
Aug 11, 2015
The post The Power Of Native Advertising With Instagram appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. The term ‘native advertising’ has been criticized in some ways as unethical, due to the disguise in which businesses and corporations present their products. Most recently, Al Jazeera America highlighted a questionable innovation by CNN, under which they’ll be broadcasting corporate propaganda disguised as news, a move that looks very bad for the integrity of journalism. However, the good news within this article is that native advertising doesn’t have to be deceptive, nor does it require your business buy editorial content from CNN. Nowadays we have unlimited reach and marketing potential right at our finger tips, the tool of choice here being Instagram. Instagram is currently the fastest growing Social Media platform in the United States, with a user base that increased by nearly 60% in 2014. The go-to strategy with online marketing has always been to get it while it’s good. Here’s why Instagram is currently one of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet, completely free of charge. ? Visibility Algorithms are basically a fancy word for saying “we filter everything how we see fit.” Naturally, algorithms are put in place to level the playing field based on valuable and quality content, but it doesn’t always seem that way. For instance, anything that ... web hosting
Top Productivity Apps For Small Business Owners
Aug 06, 2015
The post Top Productivity Apps For Small Business Owners appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. As a small business owner you’re going to have a ton of tasks to manage and keep track of every single day. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and this is where the power of apps can come in. By managing your workflow and reducing the time spent doing aimless things you’ll be better able to advance your business. In this post we’re going to cover the top productivity apps for small business owners, and how they can be used to transform your business. Most of the apps below will work across any smartphone or tablet-like device. ? Asana Asana is shared task-management software that helps you track every moving piece of large-scale projects. When working on projects with multiple people it’s easy for emails, conversations and ideas to get lost in the shuffle. Asana makes sure every piece is accounted for, and you can track the progress of each project. You can set due dates and assign tasks to specific team members as well. ? Dropbox Dropbox is an extremely popular could storage app. It allows you to store backups of your website, copies of documents and anything you need really. It makes it easy to share documents with multiple team members, and syncs easily across multiple devices. Whether ... web hosting
Why You Should Regularly Backup Your WordPress Site
Aug 04, 2015
The post Why You Should Regularly Backup Your WordPress Site appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Editor’s Note: the information in this post, while incredibly valuable, is simply non-applicable to those who use owr web hosting
Small Business Tips For Improving Customer Loyalty
Jul 30, 2015
The post Small Business Tips For Improving Customer Loyalty appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Living in a city built around a tourism based economy has shown me the businesses who survive aren’t those with the best marketing strategy, but those who have managed to retain loyal customers, both local and returning visitors, throughout every season of the year. The feeling a customer gets coming back to the business often means more than the quality of the service being offered. For instance, one of the most popular coffee shops in my town thrives due largely in part to offering a location in which people want to be seen. As a self-proclaimed coffee critique I can tell you the difference in product would not be enough to create this much separation in popularity. The trick is in the x-factor, in this case providing a hub in which people can see friends, come to get work done, and really gain a secondary experience through visiting the business altogether. However, earning the adoration of customers is easier said than done. Like any metric in business it involves a variety of factors, a lot of which boil down to good customer service and unique products of high quality. Small businesses are making a come back, and if yours is to contend ... web hosting
How To Use Landing Pages To Increase Your Website’s Conversions
Jul 28, 2015
The post How To Use Landing Pages To Increase Your Website’s Conversions appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Creating a landing page that works is easy, but creating a landing page that converts is going to take a little bit more work. In this post we’re going to examine what a landing page actually is, and how to build one that speaks to your customers and converts. ? What Is A Landing Page? A landing page is a page that your users are going to land on from some traffic source across the internet. This could either be from a social media post, a guest blog, or an ad. Landing pages are specialized pages that are designed to get your users to take action. Most unnecessary elements are cut out and the focus is appealing to the user so they’ll act on your call-to-action. Landing pages will help to educate your customers and turn them from window-shoppers to potentially paying customers. ? Building A High Converting Landing Page Creating a landing page is simple. Most website templates have the ability to select a ‘landing page’ layout which will create a very simple page for you. The layout is easy; the real work comes from the copy, the media, and any other page elements. ? 1. Enticing Headline Right from the get go, you need to capture the essence ... web hosting
3 Ways To Acquire Funding For Your Next Business Idea
Jul 23, 2015
The post 3 Ways To Acquire Funding For Your Next Business Idea appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Starting a business based on an idea that you think could improve the lives of others is a very exciting, yet difficult, task to embark on. With several hundred million companies already built by enthusiastic people such as yourself, the question of whether my idea is good enough is definitely a burning one. All questions aside, there is still the need to decide upon the business strategy, and more importantly — how the new business is going to be funded. Will you have to sell your car? Get a mortgage loan? Invest all your life’s savings? None of these would be a first for many other people, but thanks to the rapid growth of industries such as startups, small business, and crowdfunding — there’s now an opportunity for anyone to become a business owner, given that their ideas is good, and could potentially stick. It certainly can save you from a potential disaster, and there are several other advantages of reaching out to other establishments for an investment plan that could get your idea off from the paper and out in the real world. ? 1. Bootstrapping This is a classic technique for raising money for a new business idea, and is considered one of ... web hosting
The One Thing You Should Do to Get More Out of Your Email List
Jul 22, 2015
The post The One Thing You Should Do to Get More Out of Your Email List appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Let’s start off with a tough reality — most business owners aren’t getting as much as they could be from their email list. It’s not that they’re not working hard or seeing good results. In fact, for many, email is already their biggest driver of new and repeat business. But there’s one thing that many small businesses aren’t doing that could help take things to the next level. Luckily, adding that one thing to your email marketing strategy is a lot easier than you might think. It starts with understanding a term you may have heard before — segmentation. Segmentation is the process of organizing your contacts into different groups, so you can target them with content or offers that are relevant to their needs or interests. Rather than sending the same message to your entire list and hoping the right people see it, segmentation makes it easy to create emails that you know specific groups of contacts will be interested in — improving the chances of them opening, clicking, and acting on the content and offers you send out. ? Why Is Segmentation Important? One of the biggest reasons people ignore emails or unsubscribe from email lists is because the content they receive isn’t relevant to them. While you ... web hosting
How To Make Your Brand Matter
Jul 21, 2015
The post How To Make Your Brand Matter appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. You can either look at branding as a buzzword, or something very valuable for the continued success of your business. For the sake of this post we’re going to investigate the latter definition. Every company has a brand whether they’re aware of it or not. However, not every company has a brand that matters. In this post we’re going to examine what makes brands matter and how to transform your brand from boring to brilliant. ? What Is A Brand? The moment a person thinks about your brand the feelings they feel, or the thoughts they think are the backbone of your brand. Your brand extends way beyond your logo and what font you use on your website. Think of Apple. The moment you think about their company, or hold on of their devices in your hand you automatically think about simplicity, sleek design, attention to detail and beauty. What kind of feelings do you make your customers feel? Sadly, most brands aren’t making their customers feel anything. Most brand are bland and don’t inspire action in one direction or another. The worst feeling your customers can feel when interacting with you is ambivalence. In another way you can think of your brand as the ... web hosting
Why Small Businesses Need To Have (and Grow) An Email List
Jul 15, 2015
The post Why Small Businesses Need To Have (and Grow) An Email List appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. You already have an audience for your business. When you have events, people show up. When you hold a sale or introduce a new product, people are there to buy. And when you open your doors each morning, you know you won’t be spending the day alone. Your phone rings, your website gets traffic, and over time your business grows. But if you’re not giving this audience a way to stay connected with you when they’re away from your business — you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to build relationships with these customers and accelerate the growth your business can achieve by driving action around the things you’re already doing. ? Social Media Alone Isn’t Enough Sure, you could set up a Facebook Page or get started on Twitter but at the end of the day you don’t really own those contacts — you’re renting them. You can put days, weeks, and months into building a fanbase, but if one day Facebook decides to limit your ability to deliver your message, you’ll be no better off than when you started. On the flipside, by growing your email list, you’ll be able to take control of your message and communicate with your audience on your own terms. You’ll be giving the people who ... web hosting
Top 4 Free WordPress Plugins For Bloggers
Jul 13, 2015
The post Top 4 Free WordPress Plugins For Bloggers appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. How many plugins are available to WordPress users? A recent count put the number at nearly 40,000 plugins, most of them free. That places an astounding array of functionality at the fingertips of WordPress users. But not all plugins are created equal. Some are of more universal value than others. And while value is in the eye of the user, the Huffington Post recently published their take on the top 5 free WordPress plugins: ? #1: Pretty Link Pretty Link helps you to “shrink, beautify, track, manage and share any URL on or off of your WordPress website.” It’s an elegant method of directing traffic to other sites as desired, or to other pages within your site. Both free versions and paid versions of the Pretty Link plugin are available. ? #2: Google Analytics Google Analytics is an invaluable, free tool for measuring, tracking, and tweaking the performance of your website. And the Google Analytics plugin by Yoast makes it super simple to install GA on your WordPress site. This free plugin will deliver all of the benefits of GA, and has been installed on more than one million sites. And if you want some help with making the most of Google Analytics, there’s also a premium version of this ... web hosting
How To Use Email Marketing To Create And Grow Customer Relationships
Jul 08, 2015
The post How To Use Email Marketing To Create And Grow Customer Relationships appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. When you’re a small business, you have one distinct advantage over the big guys: customer relationships. Every time you’re talking with a customer in-store, emailing someone who has a question, or answering the phone, you’re building a relationship. It’s almost impossible for bigger companies to establish the same connection with customers (that’s why those that do really stand out). ? Want The Really Good News? It’s never been easier to grow the relationships that are so crucial to your business’s success. Email marketing is a cost-effective solution that gives you the power to reach customers in a place most people visit every day — their inbox. Email makes it easy to build customer relationships because you’re able to stay top-of-mind and build trust and loyalty with the people who matter most to your business. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that 66 percent of consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message (Direct Marketing Association, 2013). Or that email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new customers (McKinsey, 2014). With a little bit of planning, you can use email to deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time. ... web hosting
Presenting Optimized WordPress!
Jul 07, 2015
The post Presenting Optimized WordPress! appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. .button { display: block; margin: 0 auto; width: 370px; height: 55px; font: 700 24px/50px "Trebuchet MS", Arial; text-align: center; color: #1f1f1f; background: url(http://www.hostgator.com/blog/~/tmp/wp-uploads/2015/02/button.png); } .button:hover { background-position: 0 -55px; } We are extremely happy to announce the launch of our Optimized WordPress hosting platform! WordPress is, quite frankly, one of the best back-ends for your website, period. This very blog you are reading runs on WordPress, and so do the websites for CNN, Forbes, and even Justin Beiber. We are experts on WordPress, and we’ve created a hosting package that we believe will actually simplify your life and allow you to focus on your business instead of on the management of your website. Optimized WordPress begins with a custom caching and global content delivery network (CDN), which allows for blazing fast page loads from anywhere int he world. You have access to premium WP themes in order to customize the look and feel of your site. We then pre-configure your WordPress install with the ideal suite of plugins to provide the perfect mix ... web hosting
6 Steps to Making Your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly
Jul 01, 2015
The post 6 Steps to Making Your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. The world is going mobile. And quickly. In 2014, for the first time ever, mobile devices were used to access the Internet more often than PCs. It was a landmark occurrence. A game changer. And yet many businesses continue to pay little attention to the mobile-friendliness of their websites. But Google is paying very close attention. In fact, if your business website isn’t mobile-friendly, you can expect Google to be giving you the cold shoulder in search engine rankings. As recently reported in the Wall Street Journal, Google has begun favoring mobile-friendly sites, and penalizing sites that are less mobile-friendly. So if your business WordPress site isn’t mobile-friendly, making it so should probably be bumped up in priority on your to-do list. Tech.co recently published a 6-step process for making your site mobile-friendly. ? Step 1: Choose Your Hosting Service Carefully Any mobile-friendly changes you make to your site could be for naught if your hosting company provides slow and unreliable service. Pennies saved in choosing the cheapest hosting services available may turn out to be quite expensive in the long run. ? Step 2: Choose a Mobile-Friendly WordPress Theme The WordPress theme you choose serves as both the foundation and framework of your website. What type of theme ... web hosting
How To Find The Right WordPress Theme
Jun 30, 2015
The post How To Find The Right WordPress Theme appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Having been a blogger for over a decade now, it has been a first-hand experience of how difficult it can be to maintain a WordPress theme to keep up with the latest standards and demands. Sometimes I would find myself switching styles as frequently as every few weeks, but time has taught me an invaluable lesson — stick to what works for everyone, not just you. A good WordPress theme is one that serves the purpose of the website flawlessly, and the most important thing being the readability and accessibility of the content that you’re presenting. In my own experience, sometimes going through a hundred different designs might actually prove to be more rewarding than settling for a single theme you enjoy, since seeing more of what is out there — gives you an idea of which direction to take. ? Free or Premium The most important decision you’re going to make about your WordPress theme is whether you wish for it to be free or premium. The difference in overall design can be pretty staggering. And the biggest advantages premium has over free are: It’s easier to switch styles and colors since most premium themes come with multiple styles. Features such as related posts and ... web hosting
5 Common Beginner WordPress Mistakes
Jun 24, 2015
The post 5 Common Beginner WordPress Mistakes appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. WordPress can be a great framework to build your first website with. However, since it’s a platform that has a relatively low barrier to entry a lot of beginners make the same mistakes. In order to avoid frustration in the early stages of your online career it’s important that you avoid these beginner mistakes. In this post I’ll dive into the five most common WordPress mistakes you’ll want to avoid, so you can have a beautiful functioning site, instead of one that screams amateur. ? 1. Choosing A Poorly Coded Theme When you’re trying to find the perfect theme for your website you’ll notice there are thousands of themes to choose from. How do you choose the correct theme? Sometimes you might come across a beautiful theme from an unknown developer that has very little reviews. Even if the theme looks great it’s not recommended to use the theme. If you want to use a free theme it’s recommend to choose one from the WordPress approved list of developers. However, the best course of action is to go with a premium theme. These themes might cost you a little money up front. But, with that cost you’ll also receive dedicated support in case anything goes wrong, ... web hosting
Why WordPress Is The Best Choice For Non-Technical Business Owners
Jun 23, 2015
The post Why WordPress Is The Best Choice For Non-Technical Business Owners appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. When the time comes to create your website, you’re going to have no shortage of options to choose from. In fact, the decision-making process can be very overwhelming. It’s hard to cut though all of the marketing messaging to truly find a platform that works for you. Luckily, there’s one platform that outshines most other platforms when it comes to an intuitive platform, that will help you build a beautiful website in no time at all. In this post we’re going to dive into why WordPress is the best choice for business owners with little to no technical know-how. WordPress began as simple blogging software, but it has now grown into a full-fledged website builder with a massive and interactive community. ? 1. Easy To Use Backend WordPress has a very easy to use backend. They’ve had the same backend for a number of years, which means there are a number of tutorials to guide you through anything you may be unsure of. The backend is straightforward and doesn’t require any knowledge of code to actually customize the look of the theme as well as implement many additional features. ? 2. Small Learning Curve Customizing your WordPress theme couldn’t be easier. Most themes also come with easy to ... web hosting
The Hottest Web Design Trends Of 2015
Jun 18, 2015
The post The Hottest Web Design Trends Of 2015 appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Now that we’ve made it half way through the year, now is a good time to look at the hottest web design trends of the year so far. The web is a constantly evolving place. By staying on top of the latest trends you can ensure your website will always be up-to-date. In this post we’re going to take a look at the most popular trends of the year and what they mean for your website. ? 1. Focus On Simplicity The web is a crowded and noisy place. You can see a lot of sites getting rid of everything that’s non-essential in order to have the cleanest and easiest-to-read site possible. This can include eliminating elements, such as, background images, complex layouts, full-page sliders and much more. Removing these elements not only provides a much more relaxed environment for the reader, but it can improve loading speeds as well. ? 2. All About Scrolling If you’ve been browsing the web at all this year, I’m sure you have, then you’ve probably noticed the trend of sites getting longer and longer. This has to do with more fluid scrolling, and the way users actually read across the web. It’s much easier for users to scroll through web pages ... web hosting
Information sources: Alexa Jigsaw Compete.com