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Operating system pre-installed on the server.
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Amount of storage space available on the server.
Internet bandwidth transfer limit.
Physical location of the data center.
One-time setup fee the hosting provider charges.
Control panel:
Type of control panel provided.
Money back:
Money back option the hosting provider gives.
45 days
Hosted domains:
Number of domains that can be hosted with this package.
Scripting languages supported by this package.
PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, SSI, Python, CGI
Email accounts:
Number of email accounts you get with this package.
Number of databases you can set up.
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Site builder, Marketing credits, FTP access, SSH access, SSL, Shopping cart, Site statistics
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Host Gator
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A short description of this company.
Offers reseller, shared and dedicated plans.
Company ownership type.
Privately Held
Estimated annual revenue of this company.
$10 - 50M ($30,000,000 estimated) Ranked 25 at HostMonk
Estimated number of employees of this company.
100 - 250 (200 estimated) Ranked 20 at HostMonk
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List of other domain names that are owned by the same owner as this site.
brazzilforum.com, sharewarelaboratory.com, allreciprocal.com, trevorcrookkickasscopyclinic.com, virtualhottie.com, mobilegd.com, fastmsmmessaging.com, forzacentral.com, vmpowerhosting.com, rao-forums.com, garethpaulgates.net, adstockweb.com, ryanadamsonline.com, misshkgallery.com, designgator.com, spanish-town-guides.com, pro-domina.com, shakirarules.com, ladymascarade.com, med-owl.com, online-loan-office.com, dadbit.com
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3 contacts at Jigsaw
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An Intenet Web Hosting Site.  Considered as one of Houston's "Fast Tec 50" companies, as noted in the Houston Business Journal.  Companies are ranked by sales growth percentage from 2006 to 2007.  Hostgator revenues showed $9,466,351 for 2006 and $17,782,085 for 2007, an 87.85% increase.

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October, 2002 Ranked 49 at HostMonk
Alexa traffic rank:
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A measure of the site's popularity in US. The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews from users from US over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1 in US.
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384,603 (Compete.com) Ranked 6 at HostMonk
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1.655 Seconds, 57% of the sites are faster Ranked 40 at HostMonk
Site categories:
Up to 3 DMOZ (Open Directory) categories for the specified site.
Web Design and Development/Hosting
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Twitter profile:
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hostgator (18319 followers)
"The official Twitter account of HostGator.com, a leading provider of web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers."
Ranked 5 at HostMonk
Physical address of this company.
9964 Robins Nest RD, Boca Raton, FL 33496, US
9964 Robins Nest RD, Boca Raton, FL 33496, US
Official phone number of this company.
+1 866 964 2867
Official email:
Official email address of this company.
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There are no user reviews for Hostgator.
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Time Management For Entrepreneurs
Apr 23, 2015
The post Time Management For Entrepreneurs appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. As an entrepreneur your time is sacred. You may marvel at those who seem to accomplish marvelous feats in the same 24 hours each day with which you both have to work. You might even start to believe that by some miracle they’ve been given an extra hour or two a day. There is no secret, it just requires taking an active approach to managing your time and seeing what needs to be changed. In this post we’re going to explore a simple process that will help you get more from your time, so you can do more every single day. ? 1. Understand How You Spend Your Time One of the most important elements of managing your time is understanding how your spend your time. Your time seems to either expand or contact based upon how you spend it, and chances are you waste a lot of your time with aimless activities you aren’t aware that you’re doing. For a week bring around a notebook, or piece of paper and record how you spent the last hour of your time. Over a week this will help to give you a realistic picture of how your time is spent. ? 2. Know The Most Important Activities ... web hosting
How To Create Engaging Content For Your Small Business
Apr 21, 2015
The post How To Create Engaging Content For Your Small Business appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. As a small business owner you might already know about the importance of creating content for your online strategy. You may have tried to blog for a while, or post via social media and saw little to no growth in traffic. There are a variety of reasons this could have occurred, but one of the biggest problems business owners face is having little to no engagement with their content. Creating engaging content is an art in and of itself. I hope that in this post I can illuminate some of the finer points for you to implement today. Engaging content begins with understanding your customer and creating content that excites, educates, and encourages them to come back for more. ? Don’t Think Viral For The Sake Of Going Viral Going viral has its benefits, but a lot of business owners think that going viral will solve all of their traffic problems for the rest of their lives. Sadly, writing an article about the top 50 cat GIFs won’t bring the right kind of traffic to your website. Instead of thinking about massive traffic numbers you’ll want to think about relevant traffic numbers. This means that creating a unique and fresh piece of content for the ... web hosting
Infographic: Small Business Attitudes On Taxes
Apr 14, 2015
The post Infographic: Small Business Attitudes On Taxes appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. HostGator’s parent company, The Endurance International Group, recently surveyed over 800 small businesses and found that a vast majority are in favor of tax reform. The infographic below contains the results of this survey, some of which are quite interesting. To read the entire related press release, please click here: web hosting
Are Distributors Employees Or Customers?
Apr 09, 2015
The post Are Distributors Employees Or Customers? appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Distributors are the companies or individuals that you use in order to get your inventory to your clients. They are designed specifically around the logistics of getting your materials to the people who have ordered your products or services. Your suppliers may even be distributors for other companies. These people and companies have a responsibility to you to make sure that your customers get what they have ordered within the agreed upon time frame. The question becomes how exactly should you treat these companies and individuals. ? Employees Or Customers Distributors may seem like they are your employees, in a sense, as you are paying them to provide a service for your company. On the other hand, your distributors, like your customers, have their own lists of demands. These demands must be met in order for these distributors to do anything for you. If you are a small business, your distributor may simply be the post office, yet even the post office has its own set of demands regarding what and how you must ship certain objects. If you’re shipping lotions, for example, you must declare the lotions and follow specific protocols in order to ensure that they are shipped properly. Any liquid ... web hosting
Does Your Business Really Need A Social Media Presence?
Apr 07, 2015
The post Does Your Business Really Need A Social Media Presence? appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Social media is one of the most talked about topics in the online world today. Soon we may even have children with social media accounts before they even begin to walk. With all the hoopla around social media and all the social media “experts” telling you which strategy you should employ it can be difficult to make a decision. After all, social media is a huge investment of time and spending too much time going in the wrong direction can be deadly for your business. In this post we’re going to explore the benefits of social media to see if you even need to be active on social media for your business to succeed. ? Understanding The Current Social Media Landscape Social media seems to have transcended the trend status and all signs are suggesting it’s going to be around for good. The real reason social media gets confusing is because there are so many different channels to be on and be effective on. The ways of communication across each channel differs greatly, and your core group of customers may not even be using the network that you’re trying to build an audience on. The landscape is very diverse and requires that you pay attention to ... web hosting
Easy to Implement Local SEO Tactics For Small Business Owners
Apr 02, 2015
The post Easy to Implement Local SEO Tactics For Small Business Owners appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. If you operate a local small business that is dependent on sales from customers in close vicinity, then implementing a local SEO campaign is extremely helpful to your business. Benefits include: Increase your local brand awareness Target highly qualified traffic Drives more store visits Less competition than organic SEO All of these factors lead to an increase in sales and have an impact on your bottom line. Here’s a basic checklist for a successful local SEO campaign. ? Your Checklist To Local SEO Success 1. Optimize Your Website Page Title Tags should: Include your business name, keyword, and your city. Not have the same title tag on every page. Not be keyword stuffed. Not be longer than 60 characters. Enhance/Update homepage content. Have separate product and/or service pages. Add a customized location page. One for each location if you have more than one. ? 2. Implement Schema On Your Website Add Schema Mark-Up to your website. Schema code helps search engines understand more quickly what your business does and where it does it. For example, make it easy for search engines to understand that you’re a lawyer in Chicago who deals in criminal law. Chances are you’re indexed faster and show up higher in the results. ? 3. Get a Google+ Local Listing & Optimize it Have you claimed your listing? Great! No ... web hosting
T-Shirt Giveaway & 60% Off, Today Only!
Mar 31, 2015
The post T-Shirt Giveaway & 60% Off, Today Only! appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. .button { display: block; margin: 0 auto; width: 370px; height: 55px; font: 700 24px/50px "Trebuchet MS", Arial; text-align: center; color: #1f1f1f; background: url(http://www.hostgator.com/blog/~/tmp/wp-uploads/2015/02/button.png); } .button:hover { background-position: 0 -55px; } We’ve decided to do a good, ol’ fashioned t-shirt giveaway! Today only, we will randomly choose a handful of new signups that use the coupon code SWAGGY to receive a free HostGator t-shirt. Not only does each signup have a chance to win a t-shirt, but all uses of the coupon code SWAGGY will receive 60% off the hosting package. Winners will be chosen at random and emailed a link to the primary email address on their hosting account that can then be used to redeem their free t-shirt. This offer is valid today only: March 31st, 2015. We will also be choosing some additional winners who share this offer out via their personal networks using the hashtag #SWAGGY …everyone has a chance to win one of these fashionable and comfortable HostGator t-shirts! Good luck!! ? Sign Up Now! web hosting
Determining When To Enact Change
Mar 31, 2015
The post Determining When To Enact Change appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Nothing stays the same forever, and neither should your website. It’s important to constantly work to improve the content and quality of your website, but how do you determine when change is necessary? What changes should you make? These are both valid questions, and while we cannot provide you with all the answers, as some of that will depend on your client base, profit margins, and the like, we can offer you some tips as to when you should start looking to change things up. ? Updates This is huge. When you receive a notification that your site or any of the different programs, applications, widgets, templates, etc. that you use has an update available, do it. These updates are typically designed to address vulnerabilities. Your site needs to stay up to date. Make the change. Update your site. Your customers, your tech support, your staff, and your pocketbook will all thank you. It can be disastrous to fail to do this one simple step. Granted, these changes will likely not bear any visible changes to your site, but they will keep the back-end safe which is just as important. ? What About The Rest of It? If you’re blogging, try to update at least two ... web hosting
Are You Making These 5 Common Website Mistakes?
Mar 24, 2015
The post Are You Making These 5 Common Website Mistakes? appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. As a website owner you’ll want to do everything in your power to ensure your website is doing as much as it can to convert new visitors into subscribers and potential customers. A lot of websites try to do too much and as a result they end up doing nothing at all. Your website should be elegant, purposeful, and directed towards your core group of users. It’s easy to make mistakes. We all do. However, some common website mistakes are avoidable, or can be fixed with a little more hard work. In this we’re going to explore the five most common website mistakes a lot of website owners make. ? 1. Lack Of Direction And No Coherent Focus I’m sure you’ve been to websites in the past that are very confusing and leave you in a frazzled state. On a sad note, most of the web is like this and it leads to information overwhelm and downright confusion. Our minds aren’t meant for the dizzying pace of the web and a lot of websites actually make this worse. There are many ways to do this, but some of the most common mistakes include: Weird or cluttered navigation A site that aims to please everyone in ... web hosting
Equipping Your Business With Google+
Mar 19, 2015
The post Equipping Your Business With Google+ appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. I may be the first blogger to admit it, but I didn’t use Google+ very frequently as my preferred Social Media outlet. Having Facebook, Twitter, and several other mediums for connection felt like enough, right? But when you consider Google+ has only been around for three years, 1 Billion enabled accounts is quite the accomplishment. Like any new and similar service, people are slow to adopt something they already have. What everyone has been missing, including myself, is the unique and powerful features Google+ possesses that many other networks cannot compare with. Even if you’re not on Google+ socially, your business will greatly benefit from all the integral features Google+ provides. Here’s a few reasons to ignite your interest: ? Virtually Everyone Uses Google’s Products Whether it’s Gmail, Maps, Play, Drive, YouTube or just an old fashioned web search, we’re all on Google to one degree or another. Having one account makes it possible to utilize all these amazing services, and before you know it Google+ may just become as popular as Facebook. As of 2014 Google+ boasted 359 million active users, a number that has increased at a rate of 33% annually. What’s more, is that everything you post integrates with every other Google platform under ... web hosting
Uncover The Best Domain Name For Your Business
Mar 17, 2015
The post Uncover The Best Domain Name For Your Business appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Picking the right domain name isn’t a decision you want to rush. In the online space the domain is the first thing people have to remember when they want to work with you or visit your business. If you want your online presence and website to thrive you need a domain name that’s going to keep up. A lot of business owners make the mistake of choosing a domain name that’s too long, too hard to spell, or doesn’t relate to their business. Some domains names are only a few letters long, but can still have a huge impact on your business. ? Most Common Domain Name Mistakes To Avoid As we alluded to above, a lot of business owners make mistakes when choosing their domain names. Of course, you can change your domain name if you already have one that isn’t really doing much for your business, but it’s much less of a hassle to just get it right on the first go. Below you’ll find some of the most common mistakes. 1. Using Too Many Words If you’re trying to stuff a bunch of keywords into your domain name and it’s getting very long and hard to remember it’s important that you shorten it. ... web hosting
Why Your Online Presence Matters
Mar 12, 2015
The post Why Your Online Presence Matters appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. You’ve just setup a new company, and you think it’s going to be big. It’s got everything – all the bells and whistles that you could ever possibly want. It addresses all of the concerns that you’ve ever had in regard to the jobs you’ve held in the past. No questionable benefits for your employees! A great vacation plan! Flexible schedules and a sick day policy that works to address all of the gripes that you’ve had in the past. You’ve got a winning product, one that’s sure to make your company an overnight success, and a marketing plan that’s guaranteed to ensure that the product you’ve created catches the attention of the masses. You’re pleased. It’s taken years of hard work and dedication, but nothing could possibly go wrong, right? ? Your Social Media Over the years you have amassed profiles in a variety of different places. Your long-ago MySpace account hasn’t been touched in almost a decade, though it’s still out there. You’ve got a G+ profile that you don’t use much, a Facebook profile, and a LinkedIn profile, and you even, if you’re old enough, may still have a profile floating about in AOL land somewhere. You may not use any of ... web hosting
Infographic: 2015 Small Business Perspectives On Mobile
Mar 12, 2015
The post Infographic: 2015 Small Business Perspectives On Mobile appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. The Endurance International Group recently surveyed over 900 of its small business customers regarding the state of responsive/mobile websites. It is surprising that over 70% of those surveyed agree that having a mobile website would positively impact there business, but only roughly 20% actually have a mobile app or solution. Take a look at the following infographic for the full story, and read the related press release right here: ? web hosting
Is All Traffic Created Equal?
Mar 10, 2015
The post Is All Traffic Created Equal? appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Face it, if you want your online business to succeed you’re going to need a steady stream of traffic. However, there are crucial differences in the quality of traffic across the internet that could have an even larger effect. Some people believe that driving traffic to your website is purely a numbers game. However, the quality of your traffic matters much more than the quantity. In this article we’re going to explore the differences in quality of web traffic and what it means for your business and success of your website. ? What Is Quality Traffic? Quality traffic is composed of visitors who are actually engaged with what you’re offering, browse multiple pages, and spend a decent amount of time on your website. Essentially, they are going to make up the backbone of your revenue, as these people are also more likely to buy what you’re offering, or at least sign up for your email list. These visitors should be the core focus of your business as your work actually resonates with them. Often, the amount of quality traffic flowing into your website will be low compared to other forms of traffic. However, if your business was built to serve everyone it would probably end up ... web hosting
Pinterest Adopts the Use of Promotional Ads
Mar 05, 2015
The post Pinterest Adopts the Use of Promotional Ads appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. With over half a million businesses on Pinterest, the Social Media platform is becoming a lot more than just recipes and fashion photos. It’s time to prepare yourself to start seeing even more ads now that Pinterest unleashed new tools for businesses back in June. The “do-it-yourself Promoted Pins” feature will allow businesses of any size to promote their pins on a cost-per-click basis in order to reach more people and get more visits back to their homepage. Pinterest has been testing this program since early May with big brands like Old Navy, Target and Shutterfly, and is offering a sign up for any business to try it when they’re ready to get started. ? Competing Against Facebook and Twitter, Subtly By adopting the same principles as Facebook’s ad promotions and Twitter’s promoted Tweets, Pinterest’s Promoted Pins have been touted as “changing the game one pin at a time.” What’s different about their advertisements is that they won’t appear any different than the other posts that interest you. If, for instance, you’re browsing new cocktail recipes you won’t see an ad for JcPenny’s, instead you’ll see pins from companies that deal in mixology or interesting cocktail glasses. Many have reported this as a noticeable benefit ... web hosting
Taking Steps Towards Achieving A Paperless Office
Mar 03, 2015
The post Taking Steps Towards Achieving A Paperless Office appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. As I write this I’m making several observations on the disheveled desk in front of me: unopened bank statements, old and useless receipts, and worst of all offers from credit cards I’m never going to apply for. I’m not unorganized, I just have a lot of paper coming my way, still. The trend over the last decade has steadily pushed towards cutting paper from our overhead and trying to reduce the carbon footprint every business accounts for. According to Matt Peterson of eFilecabinet, by switching from paper to electronic documents you can lower your overhead by 30 to 40 percent. If you’re truly ready to make the transition into digitizing documents here’s how to get started and keep it that way. ? Everyone Has To Buy In For so long paper has been an integral part of how an office functions and communicates. Faxing, copying, and mailing were and still are routine tasks executed by employees that may not yet know about the alternative ways businesses are operating. In order to make paperless a reality your entire staff will have to adapt to the gradual transition into a permanent way of doing business. It won’t be easy. Many people have a strong affection for holding a physical ... web hosting
National Entrepreneurship Week
Feb 26, 2015
The post National Entrepreneurship Week appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. .button { display: block; margin: 0 auto; width: 370px; height: 55px; font: 700 24px/50px "Trebuchet MS", Arial; text-align: center; color: #1f1f1f; background: url(http://www.hostgator.com/blog/~/tmp/wp-uploads/2015/02/button.png); } .button:hover { background-position: 0 -55px; } The entrepreneurial spirit is something that we hold near and dear at HostGator. After all, if not for the aspirations of a young entrepreneur in a Florida dorm room, HostGator would not exist. In recognition of National Entrepreneurship Week, we are offering 50% off all new hosting packages. Our hope is that this opportunity will be seized by those with the entrepreneurial spirit and used to get their business up and running online. Whether your business idea is something destined to revolutionize an existing industry, or springboard humanity into an entirely new era, or even just make the world a slightly better or more convenient place, we would be honored to host your website and help bring your entrepreneurial dream into reality. This offer will expire very soon. Simply click the button below to get started, be sure to enter the coupon code SMALLBIZ at checkout in ... web hosting
Tips for Creating a Successful E-Commerce Website
Feb 24, 2015
The post Tips for Creating a Successful E-Commerce Website appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. Your e-commerce site is flashy; it loads quickly, and you’re selling a decent amount of product. But no matter how good your site is, it can always be better. There is always room for improvement. This is not meant as a criticism of any site, it is simply a fact. Technologies evolve and with them comes room for additional improvement to any site. ? Some Suggestions There are certain tips that that will work to ensure that your e-commerce site stays as good as it is, improves drastically, or will serve to benefit your site in some way. As with any suggestion, please don’t take it personally, and remember, I most likely have not been to your site (though I could have!). These suggestions are more like a compilation of different issues I have seen on the e-commerce sites that I frequent and feel that they need addressing so that others can constantly improve. With that in mind – the suggestions: Keep it Simple – as I have mentioned in a previous post, simple is better. If customers have additional questions about your products and services, they will ask (as long as you have a place for them to do so). Do not ... web hosting
Domain Names Matter
Feb 19, 2015
The post Domain Names Matter appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. It is generally understood these days that a domain name is necessary for brand recognition. Domain names also serve many higher purposes as well, including being a primary contributor to the overall user-friendliness of the Internet. Without domain names, we would have to memorize IP addresses in order to visit websites… instead of “Googling” something, we’d “” it. ? Time To Select A Domain Name! ACK! The truth is that many people fail to consciously think of a domain name that they want, or several alternatives, prior to the signup process. As such, when it comes time to pick a domain name, they panic. This can lead to a host of different issues, as with the case of the now defunct, ill-fated domain name “The pen is mightier” a.k.a. thepenismightier.com. As you can see, while “The pen is mightier” is a pretty nifty name from a very famous quote (and one that worked well for a site that made custom pens, it just doesn’t work so well as a domain name, and can lead to a host of unfortunate situations. The site has long since been taken down. It would be best, however, to learn from their unfortunate mistake. ? How Do I Avoid An ... web hosting
How You May Be Sabotaging Your Small Business
Feb 17, 2015
The post How You May Be Sabotaging Your Small Business appeared first on HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing. You’re running your small business. You’re doing things your way, and you think you have it all under control. The fact of the matter is, the potential for things to spiral out of your control always exists. There are several different things that you may be doing that might actually be hurting your business instead of helping it. We are going to review some of these things. Take a look at whether or not you are actually committing a small business faux pas, and if so, you’ll be able to correct course before they start to negatively affect your business. ? Excessive Focus on Profits While profit is certainly a goal of business, there is such a thing as being too focused on the bottom line. If your only concern is money, you will slowly start to drive employees away, and ultimately drive your customers away as well. Money is important, but losing sight of the human aspect, the fact that your employees have lives, that stuff happens, and that your customers, and even you have a life outside of making money or having someone make money for you is important. If you become lost in the idea of money, you will ... web hosting
Information sources: Alexa Jigsaw Compete.com