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Basic Two

Cost Optimization: Well-suited for for non-compute intensive applications, development environments.
Operating system pre-installed on the server.
CPU brand and type of the server.
Dual-Core Processor
Disk space:
Amount of storage space available on the server.
Available RAM size on the server.
Internet bandwidth transfer limit.
Physical location of the data center.
One-time setup fee the hosting provider charges.
Whether the hosting provider can manage the server for you.
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Rackspace Hosting is the world’s leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry. The San Antonio-based company provides Fanatical Support® to its customers, across a portfolio of IT services, including Managed Hosting and Cloud Computing. For more information, visit
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Rackspace Managed Hosting
Company description:
A short description of this company.
Provides hosted exchange and secure web-based email hosting services with anti-spam and virus protection for small business.
Company ownership type.
Publicly Traded
Estimated annual revenue of this company.
$500M - 1B ($750,000,000 estimated) Ranked 1 at HostMonk
Estimated number of employees of this company.
1K - 10K (5000 estimated) Ranked 1 at HostMonk
Stock symbol:
Stock symbol
Number of public contacts listed at
718 contacts at Jigsaw
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Description of this company available at

from the company's web site: Fanatical Support® has made Rackspace the world's leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry. We deliver enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world. We got started in 1998 and since have grown to serve more than 130,000 customers, including over 110,000 cloud computing customers. Rackspace integrates the industry's best technologies for each customer's specific need and delivers it as a service via the company's commitment to Fanatical Support. Our core products include Managed Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Email & Apps. There are currently over 3,200 Rackers around the world serving our customers.

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Online since:
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August, 1998 Ranked 20 at HostMonk
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267,612 ( Ranked 9 at HostMonk
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1.668 Seconds, 58% of the sites are faster Ranked 42 at HostMonk
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Messaging/E-mail, Web Design and Development/Hosting
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Rackspace (14982 followers)
"Fanatical Support™. Have questions? Need help? E-mail or call us toll-free or internationally:"
Ranked 6 at HostMonk
Physical address of this company.
112 E Pecan, San Antonio, TX 78205, US
112 E Pecan, San Antonio, TX 78205, US
Official phone number of this company.
+1 210 892 4000
Official fax number of this company.
+1 210 892 4329
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Official email address of this company.
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There are no user reviews for rackspace.
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