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HP Dual Xeon 5160

This is a true story. You can't get this much speed and power at such a low cost anywhere else. This is a Limited offer, act fast.
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Windows Server 2003/2008 Enterprise
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Intel Xeon 5160 Dual Core 3.0GHz
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Superb Internet
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Superb Internet

Superb.NET is a wholly owned division of Superb Internet Corporation, a world-class, award-winning web hosting company founded in 1996. Ever since then, Superb Internet has been consistently rated as one of the very best web hosts by all web host rating agencies, such as Web Hosting Magazine. These awards have been in all areas, especially customer support and reseller services. As the hosting division of Superb Internet; Superb.NET provides a complete range of managed web hosting services, from virtual hosting through to high-volume, mission-critical dedicated service solutions. At the core of Superb.NET is a focus approach to customer service and continuous service improvement, as a part of its commitment to staying "Ahead of the Rest®”
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Superb Hosting
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SuperbHosting.Net is a wholly owned division of Superb Internet Corporation, a world-class, award-winning web hosting company founded in 1996. Since 1996, Superb Internet has been consistently rated as one of the very best web hosts by all web host rating agencies, such as Web Hosting Magazine, in all areas, especially customer support and reseller services. As the hosting division of Superb Internet; SuperbHosting provides a complete range of managed web hosting services, from virtual hosting through to high-volume, mission-critical dedicated service solutions. SuperbHosting's core focus is customer service, and continuous service improvement, as a part of its commitment to staying "Ahead of the Rest."®
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Privately Held
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$1 - 10M ($5,000,000 estimated) Ranked 27 at HostMonk
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25 - 100 (50 estimated) Ranked 23 at HostMonk
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Dedicated server, Web hosting
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Credit card, PayPal
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37 contacts at Jigsaw
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About Us

We are a world-class web hosting company founded in 1996. We've led the industry ever since, because our top priority is meeting the needs of our customers. Most customers who come on board, never look back. Some may leave temporarily to try the competition, seeking lower price-points or taking advantage of short-term promotions, but in almost every case, they come back to Superb. Why? For the sake of quality: our reliable service, reliable network, and reliable solutions.

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3,776 ( Ranked 58 at HostMonk
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1.974 Seconds, 67% of the sites are faster Ranked 55 at HostMonk
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Opportunities, Partners Programs, Amazon Associates Program
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superbinternet (8502 followers)
"Your #1 web host since 1996 - w/ Data Centers across the US - Dedicated Servers, Managed Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, Domains!"
Ranked 8 at HostMonk
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999 Bishop St. #1850, Honolulu, HI 96813-4457, USA
999 Bishop St. #1850, Honolulu, HI 96813-4457, USA
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Blog posts
Recent posts from Superb Internet blog:
House Goes Orwellian in Response to Recent Hacks
Apr 24, 2015
Three perspectives on the PCNA and CISA, which many believe are simply ways to broaden the powers of the government to collect digital information and advance a 1984-ish, Orwellian agenda. PCNA Passes TechCrunch – They had no choice, folks ACLU/Wyden – “Cybersecurity” bills just sneaky ways to expand spying EFF – Not buying the propaganda Prioritizing Security AND Privacy PCNA Passes On April 22, the House of Representatives voted in favor of the Protecting Cyber Networks Act. In fact, Democrats and Republicans supported the bill, which passed by an incredible margin due to bipartisan support: 307-116. The stated intention of the bill is to get pesky laws out of the way, facilitating transfer of security details between American businesses. In turn, the idea goes, we can reduce vulnerabilities and prevent breaches – such as the ones perpetrated against Sony, Anthem, global banks, and the US State Department. The bills are backed by President Obama and some professional organizations, a few of which are IT-specific. Here are some perspectives. TechCrunch – They had no choice, folks “Privacy advocates have criticized information-sharing bills as surveillance bills by another name,” explained TechCrunch. “They worry that sharing cyber threat information with the government will...
“Black Lives Matter” Pushes Forward the Body-Camera Cloud
Apr 23, 2015
Oakland – Building the Body-Camera Cloud Why Body Cameras? Why Cloud Storage? Everyday Compliance with Body Cameras The Obvious Choice Oakland – Building the Body-Camera Cloud Oakland is one of the primary strongholds of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The civil rights project started in response to a pair of grand jury decisions in New York and Missouri to let police officers walk after two black police deaths were captured on video and distributed online. Most recently, 80 to 100 protesters shut down the northbound lanes of Interstate 80 as part of a coordinated, nationwide response to the death of Walter Scott, an unarmed African-American man shot by white police officer Michael Slager in South Carolina. Now, many police officers are good people and aren’t out to get anyone. My cousin is a police officer in Colorado, for instance. I also have family serving in the Ohio State Highway Patrol. But clearly, accountability is needed. One change that many believe could help improve accountability among police officers, as well as exonerate those unfairly accused of wrongdoing, is body cameras. In other words, we have technology that prohibits people from misleading us on either side, so why don’t we use it?...
Survey: Those Who Make Stuff are Using “Cloud Also”
Apr 21, 2015
When manufacturers transition their IT away from traditional mechanisms via “Cloud Also,” IDC argues they must focus on strategic collaboration. Introduction Cloud Prevalent on Various Continents Highlights from the 2014 IDC CloudView Survey Big Data’s Promise for the Industrial Internet’s Third Platform The power of Strategic Collaboration Introduction Manufacturing businesses around the globe are busy – and not just making Charles Dickens action figures and apocalyptic snow globes. They are also changing their information technology models to treat cloud as a complementary option, as indicated by figures released by the International Data Corporation (IDC). To collect the data, IDC surveyed 593 manufacturing companies from the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The majority of respondents (74%) were executives in the IT department, while the remainder (26%) held a line of business (LOB) position. Cloud Prevalent on Various Continents Already, two out of every five American manufacturers (41%) said they are using public cloud. “The advantages of cloud computing for manufacturers are significant, as line of business leaders and their IT organizations increasingly rely on cloud to flexibly deliver IT resources at the cost and speed the business requires,” explained the IDC press release on the survey (released April 2015). Although cloud can...
Ripoff-as-a-Service: Robo-Cons From the Cloud
Apr 20, 2015
The low cost of the cloud attracts some riffraff. Telemarketing companies are signing up for “outbound interactive voice response” plans. In turn, we are entering the brave new world of ripoff-as-a-service (ROaaS). Amy Calls Sean to Talk about Some Money The Sad Truth about Amy Enter Ripoff-as-a-Service (ROaaS) Fighting Back – Also from the Cloud Why Not Nicer-Things-as-a-Service (NTaaS)? Amy Calls Sean to Talk about Some Money When Sean Gallagher’s cell phone lit up one day with a number he’d never seen before, he assumed it was one of his children calling from a buddy’s phone. However, when he picked up, he realized that he was speaking with the newest Prince of Nigeria. From the other end of the line, an eerie voice said, “‘This is Amy! … I’m a senior account representative for American Direct Services!‘” When Gallagher asked Amy if she was a computer, she claimed that she was not. Plus, she had exciting news: she was calling to let him know that he was eligible to win $1 million… just for picking up his phone. Gallagher was intrigued, especially since the company was local and had the word “American” in its name. Always having appreciated ladies who work...
Measuring the Snowden Effect: Edward Snowden’s Impact on Cloud
Apr 17, 2015
How substantially did Edward Snowden damage the cloud computing industry with his NSA leak? Forrester Research says the initial projections were inflated. Actually, Snowden is specifically concerned with popular Internet services – including one used by The New Yorker to deliver an interview with him in 2014. The Snowden Effect American Cloud Industry Still Strong Bye-Bye to Facebook, Google, Dropbox? Cloud with Security Expertise The Snowden Effect Since Edward Snowden has been in the news so much lately – with the best feature documentary prize for Citizenfour and his interview for the New Yorker Festival – industry analysts have been watching the cloud market closely. A massive fallout was expected following Snowden’s revelations about NSA’s Prism spying program, but a Forrester Research report argues that the long-term consequences will be less dramatic than originally imagined. Neelie Kroes, who was the European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda when the Snowden story broke in 2013, was one of the first people to publicly mention the potential downturn in the American cloud market (ComputerWeekly). If firms are concerned about surveillance, Kroes argued, they would likely turn away from cloud services offered by US-based companies. Apparently part of the “digital agenda” of the European...
Reports: Cloud is an Emotional Roller Coaster
Apr 17, 2015
Cloud computing is a mixed bag. I think we all know that. But a couple of reports released in the last 30 days demonstrate the ambivalence IT decision-makers feel toward the technology, by the numbers. Vormetric/Ovum – Cloud Half-Full & Half-Empty Hacking Safeguards are the #1 Concern NTT Communications – Cloud Turbulent at Lunch 2015 Cloud Trends Strategic Use of Cloud Vormetric/Ovum: Cloud Half-Full & Half-Empty Okay, so on-premise hardware is where you keep the important stuff, and the cloud gets all the development data and other low-risk information, right? Wrong. A collaborative 2015 whitepaper by Vormetric and Ovum revealed that three in five American tech executives (60%) and more than half of IT directors worldwide (54%) keep private data (such as user details or trade secrets) on cloud VMs. Although cloud seems to be widely trusted, it was at the top of the list for data vulnerability among the 800 executives polled for the report: Cloud – 47% Databases – 37% File servers – 29% “Cloud and big data concerns remain ‘genuine’ and ‘deep rooted’ according to the study,” explained James Bourne in Cloud Tech. “The numbers revealed worrying findings about why [organizations] were moving data into the cloud.”...
NSA Skips the Oscars to Beef Up its Cloud Storage
Apr 16, 2015
HBO’s Citizenfour Casts Spotlight on Edward Snowden & NSA NSA Building Stronger Cloud Storage to Thwart Whistleblowers GovCloud: Big Brother’s Little Helper A Huge Step Forward HBO’s Citizenfour Casts Spotlight on Edward Snowden & NSA When the Academy Awards were held in February, the National Security Agency was nowhere to be seen, even though it was the subject of an award-winning film. Citizenfour, a movie about the agency’s whistleblower Edward Snowden, took home the prize for best feature-length documentary. “The disclosures of Edward Snowden don’t only expose a threat to our privacy but to our democracy itself,” said director Laura Poitras in her acceptance speech. “When the decisions that rule us are taken in secret we lose the power to control and govern ourselves.” The film really is incredibly well-done. The majority of the footage was collected in Snowden’s Hong Kong hotel room, providing an extraordinarily detailed record of the moments leading up to and following the initial stories about the former NSA contractor that were published in The Guardian. Snowden speaks calmly, clearly, and convincingly to reporters Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill, while Poitras records the entire interaction. Essentially, the movie does exactly what the NSA did not want...
Salesforce CEO Benioff: Capitalism Should Be Compassionate
Apr 10, 2015
Business Versus Government Walmart, RuPaul not Benioff’s Only Allies Hybrid Program Unanticipated It’s Getting Hot in the Kitchen Setting an Example Business Versus Government The inclusive, benevolent approach of Marc Benioff has been known to those in the San Francisco Bay Area for some time. Now that he finds himself under the glare of the national spotlight, many people want to know more about this guy who takes immediate action when anyone tries to discriminate against his employees and friends. In late March, the chief of cloud computing giant Salesforce gathered support from other tech company leaders to stand up against Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act for opening the door to LGBT discrimination and making it difficult for companies to hire people who now feel that the state has an established anti-gay policy. Supporters of the bill, signed into law by Republican Gov. Mike Pence, “sought legal protection for business owners if they denied services to the LGBT community based on religious beliefs,” explains Marco della Cava of USA Today. Benioff asked users of the Salesforce cloud-delivered system not to visit Indiana and gave stipends to Indiana-based workers to move elsewhere. If part of you thinks Benioff is a loopy...
Ridiculous Irresponsibility Facilitated Premera and Anthem Hacks
Apr 09, 2015
Who Cares About Security? Let’s Make Some Money Gaping Security Holes? Okay, Give Us the Better Part of a Year Anthem Doesn’t Need a Big Brother Trust the Experts Who Cares About Security? Let’s Make Some Money As the public gradually gets more information about the breaches of the insurance outfits Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Premera Blue Cross – which involve the data of nearly 90 million people – it has become clear that security fell well behind profit as priorities of both companies. As Dan Bowman of FierceHealthIT puts it, “Perhaps the most disturbing revelation of all is that, in both instances, neither entity appears to truly take security seriously.” Premera was advised three weeks before the original invasion of its infrastructure in May 2014 that its security mechanisms were unacceptably bad (although they might have figured that out themselves beforehand if they had security experts on staff and the corporate accountability to listen to them). At that time, the federal HHS’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) sent a list of numerous weaknesses, including unsafe server setups and the elementary-school-level security snafu of software update delays, to the healthcare payer. The OIG review was not just negative but...
Report: Compliance is the Thorn in the Side of the Cloud
Apr 09, 2015
Compliance the Top Cloud Business Concern Special Considerations for HIPAA Pulling Out That Thorn Compliance the Top Cloud Business Concern Nearly two out of every three companies represented in a CipherCloud poll said that maintaining compliance and meeting auditing standards are the top cloud security concerns. The statistic is from the company’s first-ever Global Cloud Data Security Report, which was generally focused on data protection but also particularly discussed the threat landscape for the world’s biggest public companies. The general issues of data safety and adherence to regulations were the main factors preventing companies from migrating to the cloud. Specific results when respondents were asked for the primary data protection issue were: Compliance – 64% Accessibility of data – 32% Malware – 2% Collaborative environment vulnerabilities – 2% Far and away the most frequently listed hurdle slowing down companies’ transitions to cloud technology “was a regulation that a country imposes upon an industry or organisation,” reports James Bourne of the UK’s Cloud Tech, “often referencing the collection of data on their citizens and utilising cloud apps to process and store the information.” European cloud outfits and divisions are constructing datacenters in close proximity to users, explains Bourne, to address issues...
Survey: Three in Four Experience Cloud SLA Letdown
Apr 08, 2015
Reliability is a Huge Priority Other Cloud Disappointments GE: Stop Slamming the Cloud, You Fools Building the Solutions You Need Reliability is a Huge Priority Three out of four companies (76%) told Illinois-based technology company CDW that they have had providers not fulfill the parameters of their SLAs. The poll results were included in CDW’s Cloud 401 whitepaper. The paper, published in February, also revealed the top concerns of cloud clients: Reliability – 43% Affordability – 28% Interoperability – 27% In other words, the descriptions within the SLA indicate the most critical measurement, since uptime is typically central to the agreement. “Cloud services go down for a variety of reasons,” explains James Bourne of Cloud Tech, “from the preventable, such as a fat finger, to the less preventable, like adverse weather conditions.” It’s rare for a cloud-based company to deliver per the terms of its SLA, says Bourne, as indicated by information from CloudHarmony’s uptime monitoring service. Just about every cloud provider, especially in the case of infrastructure-as-a-service, uses its SLA as a marketing tool. However, it can backfire when companies aren’t able to meet expectations. Email management provider Mimecast experienced an outage in the United Kingdom in 2013, leading...
Study Reveals “Cloud Hangovers” Common But That Alcohol is Tasty
Apr 04, 2015
7 in 8 Have Had at Least One Hangover Surveying the Evidence Enchantment with the Supercomputer Sip Slowly 7 in 8 Have Had at Least One Hangover If you’re anything like me, you have learned the hard way that drinking a lot of cheap alcohol filled with hidden content – impurities – will result in an excruciating hangover. In the morning, the quality of the booze you consumed is immediately evident in the power with which your head is pounding and your stomach is screaming that it is unsettled. However, the night before, the drinks tasted great. No one wants to make their customers ill, but apparently, many cloud service providers are. A poll conducted by SunGard Availability Services found that many companies delivering cloud-based services are blindsiding their clients with unexpected bills. SunGard, a multinational corporation headquartered in Pennsylvania, surveyed 150 IT decision-makers in the United Kingdom to collect the information, determining that 7 in 8 of them (87%) had encountered a hidden fee during their use of cloud technology. “All this improved productivity and efficiency is great, but there are plenty of hidden costs and issues lurking around the corner,” explains CloudTech editor James Bourne, “and it’s not...
Apple, Salesforce & Angie’s List Think New Indiana Law is Bigoted
Apr 02, 2015
What do cloud computing and cultural tolerance have in common? Ask the governor of Indiana and the CEO of Salesforce. Actions, as they say, have consequences. Some are positive, some are negative; some you accept, some you don’t. Many times the ramifications of a drastic measure don’t become clear until everything is established in black-and-white. One recent incident that perhaps falls into this category is the signing of the rosily titled Religious Freedom Restoration Act by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. As Kevin Chupka explained in Yahoo Finance , the law specifies that businesses can turn customers away based on religious preference –which essentially means that a store, restaurant, gas station, or hospital could refuse entry to LGBT individuals. The debate, already a hot topic around the nation, became even more intense as March came to a close, with various top executives expressing their concern and threatening to withdraw their business interests from the state: Tim Cook lashed out against the spirit of the bill in an admonishment he penned for the Washington Post. Saleforce CEO Marc Benioff revoked all events in Indiana. Angie’s List, which is based in Indianapolis, withdrew its plans to invest $40 million into its home office....
Survey Says… Banks Remain Unconvinced About Cloud
Apr 01, 2015
? Banks Just Getting Started with Cloud Stronger Auditing Mechanisms Desired Purpose of the Survey & Background of the Project Step into the Cloud Control Matrix Banks Just Getting Started with Cloud Cloud technology is gaining traction in the finance world. However, banks and other financial companies aren’t moving to the cloud as quickly as many industries are. Fresh data from a trusted industry group, as reported by David Bannister in Banking Technology, reveals that a large amount of banks are only in the beginning stages of cloud development, still unsure about how to manage privacy and security. The survey, conducted by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), asked IT professionals how cloud is used within their organizations, revealing that: Three in five (61%) company cloud plans are still in their infancies. Almost one in five (18%) will incorporate private clouds in some way. Almost half (39-47%) will eventually implement a hybrid system consisting of traditional servers, private clouds, and public VMs. Zero (0%) of the banks and other institutions said they were migrating more than 50% of their software to cloud environments. The findings of the poll also demonstrate that banks are less likely to exhibit extreme caution toward the...
10 Cloud Misunderstandings
Mar 31, 2015
Whenever something gets popular quickly, it’s likely to be surrounded by misconceptions – and perhaps that’s particularly true of technology. Let’s approach the issue head-on and discuss 10 things people get wrong when they consider cloud computing. Cloud as an Established Standard 10 Myths & Misunderstandings About the Cloud Test-Drive Your Own VM Cloud as an Established Standard The cloud is large and growing. On February 18, RightScale released results from the 2015 State of the Cloud Survey conducted in January. The cloud portfolio management company asked 930 IT specialists from a diverse cross-section of business (76% of them non-customers) several questions about their company’s use of cloud technologies. The results demonstrated that cloud has become a standard technology in the business world. “93 percent of organizations surveyed are running applications or experimenting with infrastructure-as-a-service,” explains the press release from RightScale. “82 percent of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy.” 10 Myths & Misunderstandings About the Cloud The cloud is a misunderstood genius. Here are 10 misperceptions people often have about cloud computing, as discussed by AJ Clark in Entrepreneur : 1. The technology you have currently in place will perform preferably using cloud services. That’s not always the case....
Congress Deals Two Blows to Internet Privacy
Mar 30, 2015
March a Bad Month for User Privacy PCNA a Better Bill Committee Chairman: Actually, it’s OK Not all Bad News Here’s the Catch A Company that Cares About Privacy March a Bad Month for User Privacy During March, people who believe in an ordinary user’s fundamental right to data privacy came out swinging against the Senate’s Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) – saying that despite the theme of protection suggested by the title, the actual purpose of the bill is to increase the American government’s ability to spy on its own citizens. Those voices of dissent were unconvincing to members of a Senate committee, who voted 14-1 in its favor. Now a House committee has its own version of CISA. Called the Protecting Cyber Networks Act (PCNA), it passed on March 26. At first glance, these bills seem security-focused. Like PCNA, CISA would allow firms to hand over any hacking details to the federal government, who could then disperse the information to other companies that might be affected. However, proponents argue that the two pieces of legislation make it more likely that for-profit organizations would hand over personal data on their customers to the NSA and other internal US spy...
The Era of Mobile Insecurity
Mar 27, 2015
Mobile Flawed Externally & Internally Speed Prioritized Over Precautions Devices Themselves at Risk Taking on the Security Responsibility Mobile Flawed Externally & Internally Facebook. Yelp. Google Maps. Trulia. Instagram. Drunken Contacts. Do you have a dozen or more mobile applications on your cell phone? A study just released by IBM and the Ponemon Institute notes the surprising lack of security precautions among mobile software, a general consumer data-safety concern and business risk that they label as “mobile insecurity.” Almost two out of every five enterprises, some of which are Fortune 500 corporations, are failing to provide appropriate protections for the phone software they design for their clients. The researchers reviewed over 400 enterprises and determined that it was standard for big business to release mobile apps with “‘major security flaws,”’ according to PCMag. Not protecting the security of customers is one thing. Not safeguarding company-owned phones and tablets, or those within the network under a “bring your own device” policy, is another. While mobile insecurity of customer software is problematic related to liability, public image, and consumer rights, mobile insecurity of the company’s internal technology is a concern related to direct intrusion by cybercriminals – as indicated by CIO Today....
Why Local IT Pros Hate the Cloud
Mar 25, 2015
IT Guy: Cloud is the Devil How Cloud Actually Saves Jobs Cloud with Great Support IT Guy: Cloud is the Devil Ali Mirdamadi, a consultant with San Diego-based Abacus Data Systems, says that he frequently meets locally based IT professionals who argue against cloud, viewing it as a second-rate threat to their one-on-one, in-person expertise. Mirdamadi suggests that while he thinks the concern of local IT is valid, it’s better to recognize how their role might be adapting than to battle against the inevitable. After all, cloud is helping many technologists stay in business, as described by Marc Le Guen of Digital Days – discussed below. Why does local IT get nervous in response to the cloud, though? The reason, according to Mirdamadi, is that private clouds, public virtual machines, and platform-as-a-service “have become more popular and more affordable which allows Law Firms and businesses to outsource their entire IT needs to experts specialized in data management, security and virtualization.” Those who use cloud say it makes sense because of the following benefits: Whereas in-house servers are a capital expense that requires equipment ownership, cloud is an operating expense that can be slotted in as a consistent cost per month. Both...
Donate Your Own Device: Both IT & Employees Agree that BYOD is DUMB (Continued)
Mar 24, 2015
Note: To read Part 1 of this article, please click HERE. No BYOD at Local Government (continued) Private Sector, Revisited Connected Home & Office – The Final Frontier? Bring Your Own Caution with Cloud VMs Wilkinson says that his hesitation with BYOD in a government setting is not that high-quality security systems do not exist; rather, the issue is that they are cost-prohibitive. “But there has to be a middle ground,” he explains, “and at the moment that’s two devices in your pocket.” What about partitioning information, so that only professional content would have to be deleted if the device were lost? Shropshire Council explored the possibility of distinctly separating personal files, but the solutions they surveyed were unconvincing. Although Wilkinson isn’t comfortable with letting every employee integrate whatever personal device they choose with the county’s network, he does believe it’s critical to consistently assess the user-friendliness of phones and tablets provided to employees. Shropshire is a Microsoft-based organization, so it uses Surface tablets and Lumia phones, both based on the Windows OS. Wilkinson says that he is seeing employees resetting their passwords and accessing the government systems from home, suggesting that the company is becoming less firmly rooted in...
Donate Your Own Device: Both IT and Employees Agree that BYOD is DUMB
Mar 20, 2015
IT dislikes it because it’s a security nightmare. Employees dislike it because now yet another organization has its fingers in the pie of its personal electronics. Why is BYOD hailed as such a great idea? BYOD? IT Says Slow Down No BYOD at For-Profit Company No BYOD atLocal Government The Value of Controls & Standards BYOD? IT Says Slow Down Seven out of ten IT decision-makers (70%) want to wait for third-platform technology to mature and to prove its data-protection capabilities rather than immediately incorporating BYOD into the office, says an analysis by UK tech publication Computing . More people have been converted to the cause, though, since eight out of ten (80%) were anti-BYOD in the magazine’s 2012 poll. One in two (50%) think that in 2018, they will still be against an open-access network policy that incorporates whatever smartphone or laptop the employee is using when they walk in the door. Why do just three in ten currently say it’s OK to allow ultimate freedom to the individual user now (and really, who cares about any optimism toward three years from now)? Data protection is fundamental to this debate. Mobility and the immediate concern of on-the-go security have...
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