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3 user reviews for GoDaddy:

Definitely not the best.
by Jacob - Nov 29, 2010
Not the cheapest, not the best features, not the best hosting control panel (maybe the worst?), not the best customer service...
Excellent Services
by Pierre - Nov 09, 2010
I have been a customer of GoDaddy for several years now.
GoDaddy is a well known and respected provider, with excellent support service.
Hosting packages in particular, are quite affordable compared to what they offer.
On the other hand it is more suitable for sites have many visitors and in many cases it would be an overkill for your needs.
I don't like them
by Hayes78 - Sep 28, 2010
Their domain registration service is good. Maybe they have the cheapest plans. Maybe they have a very wide variety of hosting products. Maybe their Super Bowl ads are the best. But I still don't really like them.
Their web site and control panels are awful! So slow, so hard to find your desired link. And when you want to purchase something, they annoy you with so many offers and options until you forgot that you only looked for the 'pay now' link (not mentioning their never ending email spamming...). I also think that their shared web hosting service is slow and not modern enough in comparison to other providers. But still GoDaddy are probably the biggest and most famous provider...