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Formed in 2010, Host Atom is a company providing quality, fully-managed web hosting solutions to individuals in the market for high-performance shared, Cloud vps, XEN vps and dedicated solutions and industry-leading technical support offered at a reasonable price point. Our knowledge and understanding of the industry has enabled us to offer our services without charging our clients at absurd rates simultaneously. We care about our clients, and truly believe in providing each and every one with only the best service, support, and customer care possible.
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Credit card, PayPal
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CloudFlare Certified Hosting Provider Partner
Aug 08, 2011
As a fairly new provider opening up shop in the web hosting industry, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a service that is both innovative, reliable, and refreshing. With such a saturated, competitive market, we believe that building solid relationships with some of the industry’s leading cutting-edge technology start-ups is a crucial move when it comes to ensuring our growth and, more importantly, the satisfaction of our loyal customers. With this, we are proud to announce that Host Atom is now a CloudFlare Certified Hosting Provider Partner.CloudFlare has developed a unique service that allows both web hosting customers and providers alike to enhance the speed of the website(s) by utilizing CloudFlare’s high-performance, globally-distributed network. The end result is faster loading speeds, consistent protection against a multitude of Internet threats, and less overall bandwidth consumption. By reducing the amount of bandwidth consumed due to the use of large amounts of data, CloudFlare can cut overall costs for website owners and hosting providers drastically. We firmly believe in CloudFlare’s product and their ultimate goal, which is why we are more than thrilled to announce that we are one of the founding members participating in their recently launched Certified Hosting Provider Partner program.CloudFlare is available to all of our clients, both new and existing, for no additional charge. If you wish to learn more about our offerings or our partnership with CloudFlare, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
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