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Ninefold is Australian cloud computing and storage with locally stored data, free local support, self service flexibility and low latency. This allows you to provision virtual servers and cloud storage quickly - scaling up and down when needed – and only paying for the resources you use. But Ninefold is about far more than a bunch of servers linked by technology. Cloud computing doesn't live in a vacuum. its just as much about the relationships between developers and entrepreneurs, startups and large enterprises, vendors and customers. It's the ideas and revelations that happen in those discussions, the brainstorms in the wee hours, the creative solutions of business issues and the innovation that comes from trying new things in partnership that drives us. That is why Ninefold is always ready for a chat - whether at one of the various community meetups around the country or online in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and elsewhere. Ninefold is backed by Macquarie Telecom. This gives us the size
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