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Stay away!
by Sigi Eisenreich - Jan 11, 2011
At the beginning was quite ok, support was then already not the fastest. By now it's just a horror trip!
We have about 15 large VPS running in London by All the time the server crash due to issues and today all of our servers suddenly are on a READ-ONLY Filesystem and offline since 6h counting... The longest downtime we had to suffer was almost 10h! I'm in the business since over 15 years, this has never happened by any provider we had before.
We switched some already to another provider and the complete same server image runs just fine!
In the last 2 months we issued over 80 support tickets! The average response time is about 30min for a high-alert ticket!
The support team consists mostly of russian technicians with bad english skills and they are only eager to make a quick fix and not completely resolve the issue.