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Linux Basic Hosting

Free set up, and no long-term commitment. Order one of our affordable easy-to-use hosting plans, and get started on your new website today.
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Amount of storage space available on the server.
Internet bandwidth transfer limit.
Physical location of the data center.
One-time setup fee the hosting provider charges.
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Type of control panel provided.
Money back:
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PHP, Perl, Python
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Free domain, Site builder, FTP access, SSL, Shopping cart
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Shared hosting, free site builder, domain registration and auctions. Located in Vancouver, WA.
Company ownership type.
Privately Held
Estimated annual revenue of this company.
$10 - 50M ($30,000,000 estimated) Ranked 23 at HostMonk
Estimated number of employees of this company.
250 - 1000 (500 estimated) Ranked 3 at HostMonk
Owned domains:
List of other domain names that are owned by the same owner as this site.
namewinner.com, registerapi.com, dotsterhost.com, quannhala.com, hostlane.com, onring.com, cahnerstracom.com, robinhobbonline.com, puredns.com, privacypost.com, yourcompanynamesite.com, eroticoazione.com, scoteconsoc.org, legacyrecording.com, whoisall.com, kathygriffin.com, tiensi.com, voim.com, localfuck.com, sugarsteps.com, yugiohcard.net, kendog.com, bajanet.com, babymusic.com, weregisternames.com, tamerhosni.com, mecca.net, searchfound.com
Number of public contacts listed at Jigsaw.com.
29 contacts at Jigsaw
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Description of this company available at Jigsaw.com.

From about page: "

Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, Dotster has established itself among the world's largest domain name registrars with more than 3 million domain holdings under management and servicing hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

At Dotster, our mission is to provide a range of innovative, reliable and easy-to-use Internet solutions to our customers and to support them with unprecedented, personalized support.

Leveraging a strong market position within the domain name registration industry, Dotster has carefully nurtured relationships with its customer base and built a feature-rich line of value-added services around its core domain name product offering. By bundling services and providing one-stop shopping, Dotster has successfully grown and enjoyed increased breadth and loyalty of its customer base."

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Online since:
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December, 1999 Ranked 32 at HostMonk
Alexa traffic rank:
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The Unique Visitors metric only counts a person once no matter how many times they visit a site in a given month. Unique Visitors are typically used to determine how popular a site is.
24,392 (Compete.com) Ranked 28 at HostMonk
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Average load time:
Median website load time and percent of known sites that are slower.
1.888 Seconds, 64% of the sites are faster Ranked 54 at HostMonk
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List of top keywords of this website.
Domain Names, Name Search
Site categories:
Up to 3 DMOZ (Open Directory) categories for the specified site.
Web Design and Development/Hosting, Domain Names/Name Search
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Twitter profile:
Name and description of the official Twitter profile of this company.
Dotster (1170 followers)
"Ask us about domains, hosting and more. We've been helping businesses get online since 2000. We're experts and here to help."
Ranked 40 at HostMonk
Physical address of this company.
8100 NE Parkway Drive, Vancouver, WA 98684, US
8100 NE Parkway Drive, Vancouver, WA 98684, US
Official phone number of this company.
Official email:
Official email address of this company.
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There are no user reviews for Dotster.
Blog posts
Recent posts from Dotster blog:
Email Server Emergency Maintenance
May 11, 2011
As you may be aware, some email customers have experienced email downtime in the last 24 hours. We had to restart many mail servers, and it took longer for some mail servers to come back online than others due to load on the servers varying, but as of approximately 10AM Pacific time this morning we...
Should We Sell .XXX Domains?
Apr 20, 2011
We want your opinions and feedback. Should we sell the new .XXX TLD offered by ICM Registry intended for use with adult-content sites? There has been some discussion here at Dotster but no real conclusion yet, so we figured we’d ask our customers for their thoughts. Background on the .XXX TLD ICANN has been debating...
New Dotster TV Commercials
Aug 23, 2010
Here’s an exclusive first look at two new Dotster TV commercials before they begin to air later in the week! The first features Dotster small business customer Sweetpea Bikes based out of Portland, OR. Owner Natalie Ramsland was a blast to work with to produce this visually stunning 30 second spot. The second commercial is...
Why Wait? .CO Landrush Happening Now.
Jun 21, 2010
The trademark-securing Sunrise phases of the .CO launch have passed, and now it’s time for everyone to have a shot at securing the premium .CO domains they’re interested in. Landrush for .CO Domains started today and will continue until July 10th on Dotster.com. This period allows individuals who have their eye on a premium .CO...
Graduates – Get your Entrepreneurial Idea off the Ground with a Website
May 26, 2010
Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2010. Next comes the real world and with it the harsh reality that the economy still has a long way to go in recovering. It’s not easy to find a job when competition is stiff and few companies are hiring. If you haven’t managed to find a job, there’s...
Celebrate Earth Day and Save at Dotster
Apr 20, 2010
Now through April 25th, save 15% on your entire order on Dotster.com.* Use coupon EARTHDAY during checkout. Save on Domain Names, Web Hosting with SiteBuilder, and more! *LIMITED TIME OFFER. EARTHDAY coupon and offer expires April 25, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. EARTHDAY coupon is good for 15% off new products and services. No minimum...
Selling .CN Domains?
Mar 30, 2010
You may have noticed articles recently about several of our competitors choosing to stop selling .CN domain names. The analysis about why this is the case has been varied, ranging from “they’re doing it for the publicity to ride the media wave surrounding Google’s decision to stop censoring search results in China” to “it was...
What’s the Difference Between the WordPress.com and WordPress.org sites?
Feb 18, 2010
What exactly is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org? To many people there is no immediate difference, but when it comes down to it there’s a very important distinction between the two sites. Read on to learm more. WordPress.com WordPress.com allows you to create a blog for free that is hosted by wordpress. There are...
When Naming, always be Thinking Domains
Jan 27, 2010
There has been a lot of coverage of Apple’s newest product announcement today, the iPad. However, shortly after the keynote ended, Robin Wauters wrote an article on TechCrunch titled Apple Doesn’t Own A Single iPad Related Domain Name pointing out that Apple currently doesn’t own any iPad domain names. None of them. Not the .net,...
Dotster Sponsoring SearchFest 2010
Jan 19, 2010
We’re sponsoring SearchFest 2010 hosted by SEMpdx on March 9th, 2010. Searchfest is Portland’s largest search marketing conference, and draws excellent speakers and networking opportunities for all.  This year, SearchFest offers three different and equally interesting tracks: Search Engine Optimization, PPC, and Social Media.  Whether you’re new to search marketing, need a refresher course, or...
Donate to Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief
Jan 15, 2010
Today, Dotster made a $1,500 donation to the American Red Cross following the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  This comes in addition to the numerous personal contributions our employees have given and an overwhelming outpouring of aid from across the country. However, more is still needed to help Haiti heal, rebuild, and flourish, so please do...
Where to Put a Blog on (or off) Your Domain
Dec 01, 2009
Where to Put a Blog on (or off) Your Domain So you already have a website up at your domain, but now you want to add a blog. Where should it go? You’ve got a number of options: 1) Replace your current website with a multi-functional blog that includes pages 2) Create the blog on...
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