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AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+

Operating system pre-installed on the server.
Windows 2003 Standard R2
CPU brand and type of the server.
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+
Disk space:
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Available RAM size on the server.
Internet bandwidth transfer limit.
Physical location of the data center.
Texas, USA
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Limestone Networks
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Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks (LSN) is a dedicated server provider in Dallas, TX. LSN supplies enterprise-grade servers to resellers, VPS and shared hosts, gamers, and other clients. With an international presence and multilingual sales and support capabilities, Limestone Networks can cater to the dynamic needs of the hosting industry.
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Limestone Networks - Dedicated Servers Hosting
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Limestone Networks is an unmanaged provider of dedicated servers located in Dallas, Texas. Limestone Networks' datacenter includes N+1 redundancy, advanced security, consistent and precise HVAC cooling and premium bandwidth carriers including Level3, Global Crossing, NTT / Verio, Internap and Time Warner.
Company ownership type.
Privately Held
Estimated annual revenue of this company.
$1 - 10M ($5,000,000 estimated) Ranked 46 at HostMonk
Estimated number of employees of this company.
25 - 100 (50 estimated) Ranked 37 at HostMonk
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Hosting package types supported by this provider.
Dedicated server
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6 contacts at Jigsaw
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4,974 ( Ranked 53 at HostMonk
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2.411 Seconds, 75% of the sites are faster Ranked 74 at HostMonk
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LimestoneInc (470 followers)
"Dedicated Servers"
Ranked 58 at HostMonk
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400 S Akard St., Ste. #200, Dallas, TX 75202, USA
400 S Akard St., Ste. #200, Dallas, TX 75202, USA
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Blog posts
Recent posts from Limestone Networks blog:
From Magento to Minecraft, Limestone Networks brings high performance application hosting to the cloud with OnApp
Jun 10, 2014
Combines enterprise-grade infrastructure with pre-configured cloud application instances, customizable cloud servers and cloud reseller services running on OnApp ? LONDON – June 10, 2014 – OnApp today announced that Limestone Networks has launched a new range of pre-configured cloud instances for popular business, e-commerce and gaming applications, as well as customizable cloud servers and cloud reseller services running on the […]
DDoS Attacks are Getting Larger and More Frequent
May 12, 2014
Guest Writer : Debbie Fletcher DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are the bane of online businesses around the world. Are you vulnerable? This article will teach you where and why these attacks occur, and how you can stop them.  The Battle for Cyberspace ? The Villains So what are you up against? There are […]
Limestone Networks announces upgrade to standard NAS offering
Apr 07, 2014
Limestone Networks, a leading IaaS provider of on-demand, cloud, dedicated and enterprise hosting services, announces upgraded NAS offering. Dallas, Texas April 3, 2014. Protecting your critical data with secure backups has never been easier or cheaper. Limestone Networks has upgraded their complimentary NAS storage offering from 5GB to 20GB for their dedicated servers. The Limestone […]
The Latest in High Performance Cloud Computing: Limestone Networks Announces LSN Cloud
Mar 24, 2014
Limestone Networks, a leading IaaS provider of on-demand, dedicated and enterprise hosting services, announces their new high performance cloud service – LSN Cloud. Dallas, Texas / March 24, 2014 High Performance Designed with enterprise customers in mind, LSN Cloud was built to provide high availability, performance and scalability. Using technologically advanced network equipment and hardware, […]
Most Important Dedicated Server Features
Mar 07, 2014
How to be proactive with your dedicated server.
Limestone Networks Doubles Bandwidth offering on all Dedicated Servers
Jan 16, 2014
Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, is pleased to announce they have upgraded their standard bandwidth offer for all dedicated servers to 10TB. Dallas, Texas January 15, 2014 Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, is known for offering premium services at affordable prices, and now with greater bandwidth allowances on base […]
Automated Migration Tools – Do They Really Work? (WSM)
Dec 09, 2013
The following article, from the brilliant minds over at WSM, offers great insight regarding the effectiveness of auto-migration tools.  WSM – Website Movers International provides a ‘real world’ assessment of automated server migration tools. If you’re considering automated server migration, you will want to read this first. There’s been some recent buzz about automated migration tools like […]
Limestone Networks adds CenturyLink to list of Carriers
Oct 30, 2013
Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, is pleased to announce the recent addition of CenturyLink to their list of premium carriers. Dallas, TX. October 30, 2013 Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, has added a 10Gbps transit connection from CenturyLink, America’s third largest telecommunications company and fastest growing Ethernet provider. Since […]
Professional Support
Oct 22, 2013
“We have servers at 11 datacenters. You guys beat out everyone in response time and quality of support.” LSN Client. A  world-class support team doesn’t come into existence haphazardly. It calls for a platform built to satisfy the complex demands of a global client base. It requires experienced technicians who are passionate about customer service. It takes managers […]
Mid October Sale
Oct 17, 2013
Intel Xeon E3-1270v2 Sale Are you looking for a powerful server, but do not want to break the bank? If you order a new Xeon E3-1270v2 server today, you will save $20 instantly on your configuration! $135 $115 when you include the discount! Start configuring your Xeon E3-1270v2 today with coupon code RPRPOCT1270V2. *Offer available […]
Newsletter Signup
Oct 08, 2013
Thanks for the visit!  Our monthly newsletter campaigns typically represent the best offers available among our many advertising mediums and properties.  These deals are exclusive to our newsletter subscribers.  We have been steadily modifying and improving these campaigns in order to provide extraordinary value to our clients.  So don’t delay…  Subscribe to our newsletter today […]
cPanel Conference ’13: In the Big Easy
Oct 07, 2013
After spending three days (and three nights!) in the Big Easy, aka NOLA, or New Orleans for the layman, the term exhausted is hardly scratching the surface.  That may be a slight dramatization, but none the less – this year’s cPanel Conference ’13 was a jam packed experience for Limestone Networks and without a doubt […]
Fast Provisioning
Sep 04, 2013
It’s one thing for a dedicated server provider to brag about the average speed of their monthly provisioning times, but what about a provider that has been historically fast year after year? Limestone Networks has a sustained track record of fast provisioning. Since we migrated our build & support departments from the corporate office to […]
Limestone Networks attending cPanel Conference ’13
Aug 29, 2013
Limestone Networks will be attending cPanel Conference ’13 in New Orleans, LA. The conference will be held September 30th – October 2nd, 2013. Come visit us in booth 307 to catch up with the LSN team. Meet upper management, marketing folks and some of our friendly sales staff. We will also have our famous robot […]
Free Kingston SSDs added to order form
Aug 22, 2013
SSD technology has arrived. Prices are down, quality is up, and speeds are faster than ever. While solid state drives were formerly a costly indulgence better suited for consumer use, they’ve become a fundamental tool in the server room of most administrators. Accordingly, Limestone Networks, a veteran in SSD equipped dedicated servers, is now offering […]
You can offer DDoS Protected Web Hosting
Aug 15, 2013
With the release of our new Enterprise DDoS Protection my mind started sparking with ideas of how this service could be used to set our resellers ahead of their competitors. Just this last month Google picked up on a trend of people looking for “DDoS Protected Hosting“. A previously unregistered search term in Google is […]
Limestone Networks now offering Enterprise DDoS Protection
Aug 12, 2013
In an age where distributed denial of service attacks have become common-place, it’s crucial to have access to advanced technologies that effectively neutralize these crippling activities. While simple filtering has historically achieved some degree of success, the present-day scale and sophistication of attacks has necessitated a superior solution.  An important component of DDoS protection is...
Hot Summer Sale!
Aug 01, 2013
$15 off v3 sale* Get $15 off any Intel Xeon E3-12** v3 CPU Coupon Code: RPV3SALE15 Order now: Xeon E3-1230v3 Order now: Xeon E3-1270v3 Order now: Xeon E3-1280v3 Half Off Special Upgrades* 1000 mbps uplink Normal price: $50/month Sale price: $25/month cPanel License Normal price: $25/month Sale price: $12.50/month  1TB  SATA Drives Normal price: $17/month Sale...
Kris Anderson representing Limestone Networks at CIO Symposium
Jul 30, 2013
Kris Anderson, Director for Limestone Networks, is representing us at a local CIO Symposium today. The event will be moderated by host Sanjog Aul. Some of the subject matter the panel and audience of CIOs and IT leaders will be discussing are successes, directions, but more importantly failures and lessons learned while on their paths. Others in...
Cash, Clouds & Conferences Propelling Limestone Networks
Jul 29, 2013
Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, is pleased to report on company progress and innovation. Dallas, Texas.  July 26, 2013. Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, is thrilled to report that recent company developments are accelerating growth on several fronts. In May, Limestone Networks and Silicon Valley Bank, the California bank...
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