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Power - Triple Core

ServerPronto sets industry standards for powerful, affordable self-managed dedicated servers.
Operating system pre-installed on the server.
RedHat Enterprise Linux 5
CPU brand and type of the server.
Triple Core AMD X3 450
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Amount of storage space available on the server.
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Internet bandwidth transfer limit.
Physical location of the data center.
One-time setup fee the hosting provider charges.
Whether the hosting provider can manage the server for you.
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ServerPronto is a dedicated hosting subsidiary of Infolink, one of a few profitable Data Center Corporations in the world. From it's beginning in January 1999, Infolink served the "Value Orientated" segment of the Internet market. Not by offering a sub-standard product at a low price, but by offering a top-quality, feature rich product at an incredible price. Since the beginning Infolink has enjoyed dramatic growth while other's in the industry have suffered. We operate our own network in the USA and maintain redundant Fiber Optic Rings which allow us to directly peer with Tier 1 Internet Backbones.
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Dedicated server, Cloud hosting
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Credit card
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3,045 ( Ranked 61 at HostMonk
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1.413 Seconds, 49% of the sites are faster Ranked 27 at HostMonk
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serverpronto (564 followers)
"Fast, Reliable Dedicated Hosting."
Ranked 53 at HostMonk
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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, US
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, US
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+ 305 324 1616
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Email, Phone
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There are no user reviews for ServerPronto.
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