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We are on a mission to provide innovative, value-added technology solutions. We provide stable and reliable products with phenomenal customer service. We empower our customers for online success by providing both quality and quantity. We work with our customers, NGOs and local NPOs on social and environmental projects. Our Philosophy Our name and logo are derived from the mathematical number ‘Phi’ or ‘ϕ’ which represents the ‘Golden Ratio’. Phi exists in nature, architecture, engineering and everyday life; in fact, the double helix structure of our DNA follows Phi. Together with 9, the highest single digit integer, we provide innovation, elegance and unlimited possibilities to rocket your business forward in the digital age
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Make your wordpress blog bulletproof.
Mar 27, 2014
Make your wordpress blog bulletproof. Security in WordPress is taken very seriously, but as with any other system there are potential security issues that may arise if some basic security precautions aren’t taken. This article will go through some common forms of vulnerabilities, and the things you can do to help keep your WordPress installation […] The post Make your wordpress blog bulletproof. appeared first on Phi 9 Official Blog.
Cloud Hosting
Apr 01, 2013
Phi 9 is proud to announce the transition of all of our servers to a Cloud Hosting enviornment. Cloud hosting is a groundbreaking emerging technology that allow many machines to act as one unified system. While in the past, web hosting was limited to just one machine, cloud hosting allows a load to be evenly shared […] The post Cloud Hosting appeared first on Phi 9 Official Blog.
Happy Easter / Happy Spring from Phi 9
Mar 31, 2013
We would like to wish a very happy Easter to our customers that celebrate Easter and a very happy Spring time to everyone who doesn’t celebrate! The days are beginning to get longer and we are starting to see many green things growing around our San Diego office. It’s simply beautiful! Instead of buying candy […] The post Happy Easter / Happy Spring from Phi 9 appeared first on Phi 9 Official Blog.
Venti Sized Relationship Marketing
Nov 11, 2012
As someone who has had coffee on three continents and at least 25 states in the US, I like to think I’m a coffee connoisseur. I also worked as a store manager for Starbucks Coffee for over a year. To say I love coffee would be an understatement. During my tenure at Starbucks Coffee, I […] The post Venti Sized Relationship Marketing appeared first on Phi 9 Official Blog.
WordPress editor and its font
Oct 13, 2012
You have to admit, WordPress is a pretty damn serious blogging tool. From start to end it’s just designed for you to make you write. Take a look at its editor, for instance. It goes in full screen mode and hides its tool bar. Though this editor, TinyMCE has everything you need to begin but...
Is The Customer Really Always Right?
Oct 11, 2012
Conventional knowledge says that the customer is always right. Period. But is the customer really always right? Working in the marketing and web design industry, we do not believe the client is always right. In fact, in my experience, the client is often wrong. And usually doesn’t know what they want until you tell them....
Install, publish DNN or other web applications from WebMatrix
Sep 29, 2012
Earlier we wrote a tutorial on how to install and deploy DNN (DotNetNuke) manually via an FTP client. But since WebMatrix is becoming more of a standard for web deployment, it’s the right time to let you guys know how to publish your existing DNN site from WebMatrix to your Phi 9 account. The process...
Install WordPress in just 5 clicks!
Aug 13, 2012
WordPress started as a blogging engine but has rapidly evolved more than that, over out the years. It is now one of the easiest and quickest content management system. Every fifth or so website on the internet uses WordPress — and it doesn’t stop there! It keeps growing every day with thousands of addons and...
How to configure and publish apps from Visual Studio with Web Deploy on Phi 9?
Jun 15, 2012
Whether you just discovered the Web Deploy or if you an experienced developer wanting to publish your application directly to your website without fuss of manual uploads, you likely need to have access to your Web Publishing profile. It’s easier, if you want to deploy from WebMatrix – because all you need to do is to download...
99 Days of Summer Domain Promotion
Jun 10, 2012
Celebrate summer with your friends at Phi 9! To help you maximize your online presence, we are offering phenomenal prices on domains through the end of summer! .IN (India) domains for only $4.99 per year until June 29, 2012 .MOBI (Mobile) domains for only $9.99 per year until July 31, 2012 .ORG (Organization) domains for...
Publishing through Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer
May 16, 2012
WebDeploy has made a lot of things easier in development and configuration. But if you are using either Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer, you’ll notice unlike WebMatrix it doesn’t support importing publishSettings directly — which means you have to input the setting manually before you publish any applications. When you are inputting the publish...
How do I install DNN?
May 11, 2012
So the time comes when you have played with the, you need a content management system and you are interested in the DotNetNuke — the infamous ‘DNN’. At Phi9, you can install DNN by one of the three methods. Either through WebMatrix, one-click installer or manually. To demonstrate the full process, let’s go with the last...
Don’t Sleep – Drink Coffee
May 02, 2012
We don’t get much sleep around Phi 9. Some customers have even commented on this when our support answers their inquiries in the wee hours of the morning. Our motto is “don’t sleep, drink coffee”. And according to this article published by Newsweek / The Daily Beast, coffee is not just good for you, but...
WebMatrix, permissions and DotNetNuke!
Apr 30, 2012
WebMatrix has revolutionized the way the web applications are configured and deployed. But there still is a missing piece to the puzzle — application pool identity permissions. Because the way user trust level works in IIS, some applications need special permission sets. Coupled with WebMatrix this can increase the confusion for users...
I Have A Snazzy New Website: Now What?
Apr 09, 2012
Being in the Web Hosting business, we hear comments like this on a daily basis: “I just paid $3000 for a new website and it is really pretty! But it’s not producing any sales.” In other words, it is a $3000 interactive business card. The goal of a business website is to communicate with consumers,...
.org Domain Sale
Apr 05, 2012
? We have reduced the price of all .Org domains to $7.25 until May 31, 2012. .Org domains are usually $11.99 a year, so now is a great time to take advantage of this amazing price to register a new .org domain or extend your existing .org domain. You can register or renew a .Org...
The Eagle has finally landed! Phi 9 is officially live.
Mar 10, 2012
Its been a while since we started working on the Phi 9 project and today I think we are mostly done with, from what started as a draft on small piece of paper. The reason why Phi 9 came into existence is pretty eccentric. There are a lot of hosts out there so why one more?...
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