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If you are looking for a VPS hosting provider that knows how to deliver reliable uptime, the Linux operating systems you want, and the tools every superuser needs, welcome to VPSLink. We have made a name for ourselves in the world of web hosting by combining the quality service that smaller hosts strive to provide with prices our competition isn't ready to match. Delivering the greatest value for your web hosting and reseller hosting dollars is just one more of VPSLink's uncompromising standards. We offer prices so low that we're not afraid to call them cheap - we have found that providing unmanaged VPS hosting allows us to focus on maintaining server uptime and responsiveness with the lowest overhead. If you are comfortable administering your own server, you will be hard-pressed to find a less-expensive hosting provider. Try VPS hosting with us for a month and experience the quality that has defined our business since we began in 2002. Our customers are sticking with us for the long term; we hope you'
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Cheap VPS Hosting at VPSLink
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Credit card, PayPal
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January, 2006 Ranked 69 at HostMonk
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7,963 (Compete.com) Ranked 45 at HostMonk
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1.43 Seconds, 49% of the sites are faster Ranked 28 at HostMonk
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1800 NE 44th, Renton, WA 98056, US
1800 NE 44th, Renton, WA 98056, US
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+1 206 838 9025
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+1 206 838 9025
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Social Shopping
May 14, 2010
Bing has recently enabled social sharing on the Bing Shopping section of the website to allow shoppers to share items in the search results easily with their friends of Facebook and Twitter according to an article on SearchEngineLand.com. With just the click of a button users can tweet or post the item, description and link...
Clouded Computing
Jan 12, 2010
STREPSIADES: … I thought the Clouds were only fog, dew and vapour. SOCRATES: But what you certainly do not know is that they are the support of a crowd of quacks, the diviners, who were sent to Thurium, the notorious physicians, the well-combed fops, who load their fingers with rings down to the nails, and the...
Outage Report: November 23rd, 2009 18:40 PDT
Nov 25, 2009
On November 23rd, 2009 at approximately 18:40 Pacific Daylight Savings Time our Seattle datacenter experienced a failure in our upstream power supply. Another customer in the same facility as ours plugged in a defective 208v 3phase 60amp PDU – this caused a short in their circuit which tripped the breaker and created a voltage surge...
VPSLink Load Balancing Beta Discontinued
Nov 05, 2009
We had high hopes for a useful addition to our services when we announced the VPSLink Load Balancing Beta in August, however, it appears as though load balancing was not the best fit for the services we offer at VPSLink. Due to low demand for the service, we will discontinue load balancing on November 15th. It does...
AJAXTerm Console Beta: Now Available at VPSLink
Oct 02, 2009
AJAXTerm The AJAXTerm application provides a web-based interface to SSH and, all in all, we believe it will be a welcome alternative to the Java applet at the My.VPSLink.com Control Center. You are welcome to continue using the legacy Java applet if you prefer it, however, we will be transitioning web-based console support to the new interface...
Now Available: Xen VPS Hosting in NYC
Sep 15, 2009
The long-awaited release of Xen at our New York facility has arrived and, if you’re of the opinion that your virtual private server would be happier in the Big Apple, now is the time to get things started. Log in at My.VPSLink.com, go to Services ? Add Services and plug in coupon code NYC50 to...
State of the Network Address: September 11th, 2009
Sep 11, 2009
Xen Virtual Private Servers at New York City Datacenter Our development team has reached the testing phase for Xen VPS hosting at our New York City datacenter, however, we do not have a set date for availability at this time – you can still consider this good news, though, as we have extended the expiration date...
State of the Network Address: August 24th, 2009
Aug 26, 2009
Does your web application require high availability and failover capabilities? Get a comprehensive solution to the problem of constant availability with our new load balancing service: free to all VPSLink accounts which activate during our Load Balancing Beta. (Yes, that means free load balancing for the life of your VPSLink account when you participate in beta testing) What...
State Of The Network Address: August 4th, 2009
Aug 04, 2009
This week has some big news in store for VPSLink subscribers – we’re changing what it means to have service at VPSLink with our new New York City datacenter and an exciting new feature which will give you the ability to host your high-availability, high-traffic sites with minimal stress. New York Datacenter Online Checklist: Find a datacenter Rack the...
State of the Network Address: July 17th, 2009
Jul 17, 2009
As it turns out, the amount of blogging we do is inversely proportional to the amount of work that is done to deliver new features and services… hopefully you don’t mind and we’re fairly certain that you’ll be pleased to see what will be available soon. New York Datacenter Progress: Checklist: Find a datacenter Rack the servers Test provisioning Implement backup...
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